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Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Gakuen Alice © Higuchi Tachibana

Chapter 3: Awakened

Run. All she did was run. The fog left her unable to see so she just stumbled around aimlessly in the corridors of the school. But the fog did not block out the sounds that echoed in the empty halls.

"What are you doing?!"

"Shut up kid and stay still!"

She could hear Naruto's muffled shouts for help as well as another person's attempts to keep him quiet.

Her breathing was becoming labored and already she was panting. The thick air did not help in helping her catch her breath. Arms about and flailing, she felt for a nearby wall, post, anything to lean on to. Dark spots were obstructing her vision and a feeling of lightheadedness was making her woozy.

"Get away from me, dattebayo!"

The sound was loud and clear and very nearby. It shook Tenten awake and allowed her to focus her vision.

"Naruto," she whispered. Bracing an arm on the wall, Tenten pushed herself off and started to run again.

"Naruto!" She screamed and called out. "Where are you?!"

"Tente-!" His scream was muffled again and the sounds of a struggle between at least five men started to brew.


It was a minute or two of frantic calling and running when someone took notice of her.

"Kid!" Someone hissed from behind. Tenten stopped and panted with her small hands on her knees before turning around.

The fog made way for Tenten to see a figure, two figures, running towards her.


"Shhh," the janitor hissed and as he came closer, Tenten saw who the other person was.

Hurriedly, she ran towards her and buried her face on the person's stomach.

"Ms. Ho! S-something happened t-to Naruto! I-I can't find him!" She said in hiccups, teary eyed but she did not cry.

"Shhh, it's fine." Ms. Ho said and a shaky hand made its way to hug her close, the other rubbing her back for comfort.

"Zabuza-san will take care of it, won't you?"

Tenten looked up from her position to see the janitor give a firm nod.

"You two, go out through the main entrance. I'll handle this."

"B-but we can't see anything through this fog!" Tenten exclaimed. Besides the small area they're occupying, the entire place was undiscernable.

Zabuza looked to be hesitating for a moment, only staring at the empty space behind them.

As if his vision just cleared, he gestured behind them.

"T-the fog! Y-you...y-you're one of those..." Ms. Ho stuttered.

Tenten looked back and gasped. The fog had cleared behind them showing that they were just a corner away from the main entrance but when she faced the front, the entire area behind Zabuza-san was still filled with fog.

"No matter what you do, stay clear of other people, you hear me?" Zabuza-san's rough voice warned them before turning around to run on the opposite direction.

But before he could get two steps in, he looked back at them with a light glare. "And would you two stop it with the 'fog' shit. This is called a fucking mist."

Horrified, Ms. Ho gasped and covered Tenten's ears. "Language, you are in the presence of a child!"

A heartbeat later, "And it's just the same thing, there's no difference between the two!"

Zabuza rolled his eyes before running towards the playground.

"What did he say?" Tenten asked but was cut off by Ms. Ho hurriedly pulling her by the hand towards the main entrance.

"Don't mind what he said Tenten. We need to rush."

Before she knew it, Tenten was already outside, trodding down the steps of the main entrance.

"Come on. Two at a time!"

"My legs are too short!"

Not stopping for breath, the ten-year old was dragged towards the gates.

As they reached the guard house, the Uncle that was supposed to be there was absent and someone else was keeping watch.

As soon as she saw who it was, Tenten gripped at Ms. Ho's hand and pulled, urging her to just leave.

"She's...she's bad. Let's go!" Tenten whisper-yelled. But the teacher was stubborn and did not listen.

"What're you doing here? The school is under attack, we must leave!" Ms. Ho asked, worried.

The person smirked, a wrinkled hand reaching out to Ms. Ho's shoulder.

"I'm afraid we can't dearie."

"Why not?" Ms. Ho asked, indignant. Her snooty tone returning.

"Well," the lunch lady started, a maniacal gleam in her eye. "We can't have you blabbing to the authorities, now can we?"

"What -" before Ms. Ho could even finish her sentence, the lunch lady grabbed her by the shoulder and at the same time, she managed to push Tenten onto her back on the ground.

Surprised, Tenten only stared wide-eyed as the lunch lady manhandled Ms. Ho into the guard house.

Although obviously overpowered, Ms. Ho kept struggling. Grabbing anything within her reach to throw as a weapon. Mug, gum, staplers, log books, went sailing towards the lunch lady but all was blocked by a single forearm and she did not look happy.

With a murderous look on her face, the lunch lady forcibly sat Ms. Ho on the monoblock chair and grabbed a belt hanging on the wall to tie her up.

"What are you doing there Tenten? Run!" Ms. Ho screamed as she continued to struggle from the lunch lady's abnormal strength.

Scrambling to her knees, Tenten ran with all her might past the gate and in the direction of her home.

"Oh no you don't," the lunch lady said, procuring a whistle from her apron and gave it a long blow.

The shrill sound was followed by the humming of motorcycles and it only urged Tenten to run faster.

One of the motorcycles skidded to a stop in front of her, she tried to run on another direction but another motorcycle blocked her path. Soon, she was boxed in and one by one, the drivers approached her with smirks on their faces.

One of them stopped right in front of her and took off their helmet.

For the first time since the whole debacle started, Tenten felt like crying.

The lunch lady before her barked a harsh laugh and shrugged. "Just a job kid," she gave a smirk. "You should've just stayed in that bathroom. To think I went through all that to put something in your lunch to keep you away."

"What?" Tenten asked, inching away from her but only a few feet behind her, the other drivers stood.

"I mean," the lunch lady said, her voice deepening a few notches.

The lunch lady inched towards her and as the distance between them shrunk, before Tenten's eyes, the lunch lady's brown eyes turned blue, her height shortening, the white hair turning a sunshine yellow and as she (he?) came to a stop a mere feet in front of her, she was faced by a mirror image of Naruto.

"Seriously!" The Naruto in front of her barked a laugh as if he just witnessed the best prank ever. "Weren't you even suspicious about those chocolates?"

'Naruto' turned on his heel as he shook his head.

He glanced at her over his shoulder and mocked a surprised look at her stricken face.

"Why do you look so shocked?" 'Naruto' said with a smirk on his face. Sweat had started to form on her forehead and all she could do was gulp in fear.

"Oh you mean this?" He gestured to his body. "It's just a special ability you see - an Alice. It allows me to transform into anyone I want," as 'Naruto' was talking, his hair started to lengthen and change color. His clothes as well were transforming according to his will.

"Nice right?" The rhetorical question was asked with a high-pitched voice and by the time the last syllable was spoken, Tenten was looking at herself.

The Tenten before her was smirking at her trembling form. The other men in black taking glee on her fear.

"Hey now, don't look so scared. Tell you what," her image smiled at her. "Since I wouldn't have found out about that Uzumaki without your meddling the other day, I'll give you a little treat."

It was unnerving to see her own face smile so maliciously. A sadistic look had clouded her eyes and from where she stood, Tenten could see that whoever was in front of her was transforming once again.

"Oh wow," a husky voice exclaimed. Standing before her was a man. Sharp brown eyes smirked at her and a hand came up to scratch at the back of his brunette head as he cracked his neck into place.

"It's been a while since I've been in my original form," he muttered, even going so far as to hug himself.

Even though she was scared to the bone, she felt her eye twitch at the narcissistic display. It was not unlike her classmate Yui.

"Mizuki-sama," one of the men called and whispered something into Mizuki's ear, making him drop his arms and stiffen his back.

He gave a sharp exhale as he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"Your friend is really getting on my nerves, kid," he said.

But the frown on his face did not last long as his face brightened and a smirk curled in his lips.

"You know what," he started, walking towards her, placing a hand on her shoulder and curled his fist around it, making her wince.

"You might have some use still, girl. Come on," he pushed her towards one of the motorcycles and forcibly made her seat in one before slinging a leg over and riding it himself.

Tenten closed her eyes shut as the engine roared to life and accelerated at an unbelievable speed.

Before she knew it, she was being pushed down the vehicle and was dragged by the shoulder back to the school's premises.

Raucous fighting echoed in the halls. Tenten could hear Naruto's voice still, screaming and thrashing. Goosebumps invaded the length of her arms and she bit her lip to keep her wits about her.

The skin where Mizuki's hand is clasped was already throbbing in pain.

"So the mist is finally out, huh." Mizuki said with a smirk, thumbing his nose.

"It seems Momochi Zabuza had been taken out, Mizuki-sama." One of the men said from behind them.

'T-taken out?' Tenten thought, dread washing over her but the men paid her no heed.

Mizuki made a 'tsk' sound and said, "Good riddance. That damned man had been giving us trouble for a while now. Him and that stupid academy."

"Who is he anyway?" One of them boldly asked.

Mizuki lightly glared at the man fpr speaking so casually but answered him still, "Listen noob, that Zabuza is a wrench in our plans and that is all you need to know."

"That demon deserves to rot in hell," he muttered under his breath.

"No!" Tenten yelled, surprising them.

Mizuki's grip had loosened on her shoulder and Tenten took the chance to run.

"What're you doing? Go after her, you idiots!"

'Zabuza-san is not dead!' The thought went around in her mind even as she ran without a destination. Tears were sliding out of her face as terror overtook her whole body. Her hands kept trembling and her legs were weakening with the strain. Breathing was becoming a chore, her sobs not making it any more easier.

Footsteps reached her ears and in her panic, she tripped on her own two feet and fell face first on the ground.


Tenten looked up at the sound of her name to see Naruto on his knees and in a headlock. She had unknowingly ran towards the playground.

"Naruto!" She immediately stood up on her feet but as she did so, the man behind Naruto gave him a sharp smack at the back of his head.

She screamed.

His ten-year-old head was no match for the adult male's beefy hand, his head lolled to the side, unconscious.

"Damn it," the man cursed.

Tenten watched as he threw Naruto's body aside but, her eyes widened.


The body disappeared before it even met the ground.

"Another copy."

She stood frigid. What was going on? Fog inside the school, the lunch lady turned into a man, Naruto disappearing into a puff of smoke?

'What are they?'

"I'm starting to get annoyed, kid. Don't test me." Then, she was captured once again. Two of Mizuki's men held her by the shoulders while the man himself was glancing around the secluded play ground.

"Listen up Uzumaki!" Mizuki called out to the Naruto-less playground. "We know you're still in here, so tell you what; you come out and we won't kill this friend of yours."

Tenten found a gun pointed straight between her wet eyes.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw movement at the table where she usually sat.

"I'll come out but let her go first!" The sound came from multiple directions.

"Heh," Mizuki chuckled "I'll be the judge of that."

The click of the safety was deafening. Tenten's heart stopped at the sight of a gun pointed at her temple.

"One," Mizuki's voice rang clearly. No one moved and a dead silence permeated in the playground.

"Two," Tenten swallowed, her tears had dried leaving tracks on her cheeks. The stare of the gun immobilizing her completely until the only thing she could do was breathe. There was rustling in the bushes, near the stone tables she frequented.

A pressure was added on the trigger and Mizuki gave her a cruel smirk, "Three."

'No, stop!'

"Wait!" Naruto's voice rang out in the clearing, along with the sound of a gunshot and a body dropping to the ground.

"Too late," Mizuki said, cruel and merciless.


Naruto's voice echoed in the deafening silence of the playground.

Everybody went stock-still.

Tenten was on the ground, on her knees, arms covering her face and her eyes were scrunched closed.

The guard that held her lay on the ground, a bullet on his head, dead.

A sob was heard, Tenten was trembling.

A shift in the air was felt and no one dared to move.

The sound of something clanging against each other resonated in the play ground.

Mizuki glanced around to see the play ground's equipment, the swing set, the slide, the jungle gym and even the garbage bins shake uncontrollably, all with the same intensity of the girl's trembling.

A whistling sound was left unheard in the clanging noises and the next thing Mizuki knew was a prick on his neck before tumbling to the ground, unconscious, along with the rest of his men, long needles on their necks.

From the building and through the playground's only entrance, came out Genma, worry covered his usually passive face as he neared the trembling girl.

He glanced around and saw that the surrounding equipment still trembled and Tenten still had her eyes covered.

Extending a hand, he reached out for her only to stop short when a tuft of blonde hair made itself known and beat him to it.

"Tenten!" Naruto shook her by the shoulders but no response was made. The girl only trembled more.

"Hey! Snap out of it, we're okay!" He nearly cried out, his guilt eating him. Tenten could have died because of him. Because of him.

He tried his hardest to ignore the dead body that lay just a few feet in front of him, a bullet on his head and blood slowly pooling the grass. That body could've been Tenten. That body could have been his friend.

He nearly killed his only friend.

"Come on! It's over Tenten!" He shook her harder, begging, praying to just make her to look at him.

"Naruto," Genma laid a hand on his shoulder. "I think you should stop."

Naruto opened his eyes, not knowing he closed them in the first place. He looked at Genma and

saw his expression shift and his skin pale.


He snapped his head to the side and saw the jungle gym collapse abruptly to the ground.


The swings were thrown out of their hinges.

All around them, everything violently trembled and shook as if an earthquake was taking place.

Naruto looked at what he thought is to be the source and dull, painfully blank hazel eyes stared back at him.

"T-Tenten?" He said in a whisper.

Eyes still blank, she opened her mouth to speak but in a blink of an eye she collapsed on him, a needle on her nape.

Before he could turn around and accuse Genma, he felt something prick his neck and everything went black.

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