The streets of Tokyo were a normally busy place to be, and today was no exception.  People of all sizes, shapes, and hair colors went about their everyday business, not paying much attention to anyone else.

The alleyways of Tokyo were an entirely different story.  Although you could hear the noise of the street, the sound was muted and seemed far away.  And though light poured in the mouth of the alley, farther in, it seemed dark and scary.  No one liked to be in there, alone and frightened, feeling boxed in by the tall buildings on either side.

Behind a dumpster, something uncurled.  On closer look, it was a young boy, his brown eyes sleepy and his spiky, light brown hair falling over a red sweatband.  He was wearing a red, long-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans.  Around his neck was a pair of dusty goggles.  He rubbed his eyes with the back of a gloved hand and yawned.

Mid-yawn, a burst of light flashed above him.  Something heavy landed on his back, and then the light filled his vision again before everything went black.


We look to the past                                   (Camera swirls past four

As we head for the future                         kids; what looks like three

To reclaim the Digital World                    boys and one girl)

With faith in ourselves                              (Close up of one boy that looks

And trust in each other                              like Takuya with goggles and gloves,

We live by the lessons we've learned       and then the others tackle him playfully)

As we work towards one solution           (We see the four human spirits,

Through a spirit evolution                       probably of the four kids [duh!])

Digimon!                                                       (Spirit of Ice: A white bunny rabbit

Forever united as one!                                   wearing a lavender parka; Spirit of

Digimon!                                                       Lightning: A green beetle-type thing;

Together the battles are won!                       Spirit of Light: a tall girl wearing scanty

Digimon!                                                       gold armor [think Fairymon in yellow];

Through us let your spirits evolve!               Spirit of Fire: a dog-like human with red

If we're all for one world there's a world     armor [kind of like Agunimon except

For us all                                                      more slender and with dog features])

If we're all for one world there's a world    (The Spirits use their attacks

For us all                                                       [yeah, I'm just so creative])

Digimon!                                                    (Shot of the four kids w/ D-Tectors)


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