Episode Two – Enter the Warrior of Light; Saisho's a WHAT?!

Saisho walked through the forest, blue eyes clouded over in thought.  Something had happened after he had left the other kids, and he wanted to know what.  Sky-high pillars of fire weren't everyday occurrences, not even in the Digital World.  Half-forgotten memories tugged at his mind.  Could it be that one of them had actually found a Spirit?  It was an extremely unlikely possibility, but he wasn't about to rule it out.

For now, his one purpose was to find out what was calling to him through the forest.  It had an almost familiar feel to him, like the sounds of his mother in the kitchen, or the smell of his dad's car.  It had an air of truth and possibility, and Saisho wanted to know what was going on before it got out of hand.


"...As a Legendary Warrior, there are responsibilities that will be required of you.  You must be the savior of the oppressed, the defender of the weak, and the protector of the small!  Digimon everywhere will look up to you for guidance and you must be ready to give it to them.  Seikyuu, are you listening to me?"

"Hm?  Oh, what was that, Bokomon?  I wasn't listening," Seikyuu said nonchalantly.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!  You have to get rid of that arrogant attitude!"  At this point, Bokomon was jumping up and down with steam pouring out of his pointy ears.

"Now, you two, don't start a fight," Chibiko said.  "First we have to figure out how we got here and how we get back."

Inazuma replied, "I still think that kid, Saisho, knows something that we don't.  And what was that about it being his fault?  We should find him and question him."

"Great idea, Inazuma!"  Seikyuu jumped up energetically.  "Let's go find him!"  He started walking off.

"Seikyuu, how do you expect to find him?  He went that way."  Inazuma jerked his thumb at the forest, which was in the opposite direction from where Seikyuu was heading.

Seikyuu froze.  "Uh, I knew that!" he lied as he turned on his heel and marched off in that direction.  Chibiko followed him, giggling.  Inazuma and Bokomon brought up the rear, both thinking about how much they would like to throttle the goggle-boy.  Seikyuu walked along, oblivious to any negative thoughts concerning him.

It was Chibiko who first noticed that something was wrong.  "There aren't any birds singing in this forest; there aren't any animals at all," she said in a hushed whisper that they all heard.

"You're right," Inazuma murmured back, equally as soft.  The foursome unconsciously moved closer together.  The trees around them seemed to grow taller and close in all around them, enclosing them in a stuffy and dark cage of green and brown.  Eyes seemed to blink at them from the tree's black and ominous shadows, only to disappear on closer look.  Chibiko gulped nervously as the boys stepped out protectively, keeping her and Bokomon between them.

A silhouette jumped out of the darkness, lunging at the children.

Saisho spun with a muttered curse as Chibiko's scream pierced the woods.  'Didn't I tell them to stay where they were?' he thought irritably as he turned from his path and ran back to where the scream had come from.

Boy and shadow rolled around in a blur on the ground, Inazuma's bright green clothes a stark contrast to the darkness of whatever had attacked him.  It was strong, having knocked the breath out of him when it slammed him into a tree, but Inazuma was smart, and he was going to impress Chibiko if it killed him.

Seikyuu didn't Spirit Evolve, not because he didn't know how to, but because he didn't want to accidentally hurt Inazuma in the process.  He'd also grown a respect for the lanky boy, and he wanted to give him a chance to be the hero.

Speaking of Junpei's son, Inazuma pulled up his long legs and kicked out with all his strength, hurling the shadow into a tree.  Whatever-it-was grunted with the impact, but flipped shakily to its feet.  It was a black two-legged Digimon with burning orange eyes in a lean, hungry face.  It had two jagged fangs that they could see and probably more that they couldn't.  Its arms ended in three-fingered talons with long, sharp, curved claws on the ends of each.

Bokomon cried, "Oh, no!  It's Tsumemon!  This dark Digimon strikes with its Rapid Slash attacks, relentlessly pushing at its foes until they drop their guard and then it finishes them off with Poison Claws!"

"Got that right!" said Tsumemon in a low, gravelly voice.  "Now, I know one of you human kids got a Spirit.  So, I'm askin' nicely.  Hand it over, or suffer the consequences."  It raised one talon and pointed it menacingly at Chibiko.  "Don't make me get serious."

"Hey, don't you threaten her like that, you jerk!" yelled Seikyuu.  "I'm the one with the Spirit, so back off!"

"Deal," answered the Digimon.  He promptly lunged at the goggle-head, claws extended.

Seikyuu smirked and got out his D-Tector.  "Execute Spirit Evolution!"  A ring of shining Fractal Code encircled his hand and he scanned it.  The red silk of his clothes and the brightly polished shine of his armor matched the small threads of flame that flared around his body.  The flares danced through his flowing hair and over his dog ears.  "Hiinumon!"

He raised his sword just in time to block Tsumemon's attack.  Both Digimon strained against the other, until the force of each one's power caused a sonic boom, blowing both of them back.  They rolled gracefully to their feet and circled each other, probing for weaknesses.

"Get him, Seikyuu-san!"

"Yeah, you can do it, kid!"

Hiinumon smiled inwardly at the cheers of his friends, but his attention didn't waver from the battle at hand.  Tsumemon was tricky, and he couldn't afford to let his guard down.  Of course, he started thinking about what would happen if he let his guard down, so he let his guard down precisely by not letting his guard down. (A/N: Confused?  I am.)

Tsumemon didn't waste a second to exploit Hiinumon's open defenses.  "Rapid Slash!"  The slicing attacks ripped Hiinumon's kimono to ribbons.  Shreds of crimson silk flew everywhere as Hiinumon backed away from the unrelenting assault.  He managed to block some of the attacks with his katana, but far more got through and caused some serious damage.  It finished its devastating move with a right uppercut, which connected solidly with Hiinumon's jaw and caused him to fly through the air until his progress was cut short by a tree colliding with the back of his head.

Tsumemon raised his claws and was about to finish off the dog-eared Digimon when a cold voice stopped it in its tracks.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

Five pairs of eyes turned on the chestnut-haired boy standing in the center of the clearing, who wasn't even close to Tsumemon's height.  His arms were folded across his chest and he stood with an air of cool confidence.  His sapphire eyes flashed with angry contempt at Tsumemon, who shrank back a little from his silent scorn.  Hiinumon picked himself up and Saisho glanced at him.  Hiinumon noticed with a taste of chagrin that not all of the blue eyed boy's disdain was directed at Tsumemon.

"Can I borrow your sword?" Saisho asked Hiinumon calmly, his attention fixed again on Tsumemon.

He was completely taken aback by the question.  "Well, uh, no!  It's bigger than you are, and what will you do with it?"

Saisho rolled his eyes.  "I'll take good care of it, all right?  It would just be nice if I had a weapon to fight this guy with."

"Well you should think of that before you go challenge strange Digimon!"

"Hey, I just saved your life, all right?  Couldn't you be a little unselfish and lend me your stupid sword already?!"

"You saved my life?!  Yeah, right.  I could take this guy blindfolded and with both hands tied be—"

"Enough talk."  Tsumemon had had enough of their pointless arguing.  "Rapid Slash!"

Saisho did a neat roll out of Tsumemon's path.  The dark Digimon followed, pressing the boy with a series of quick but powerful attacks that would rip him apart...if they could touch him.  Saisho was amazingly agile, dodging all of Tsumemon's attacks almost without breaking a sweat.

'Hey, that isn't fair!' Hiinumon thought to himself.  'So far, the humans are doing better than the Digimon in this battle!'

Of course, things aren't always what they seem.  Saisho saw that Tsumemon was just toying with him; it was written all over its smirking face.  That was when Tsumemon sprung his trap.

"Poison Claws!" he shouted and his outstretched claws released a spray of green venom.  The initial blast missed Saisho, but the ground under his feet crumbled as the toxins created a deep crater where he had stood.  He fell in, his body jarring roughly against some of the rocks that jutted out of the wall before finally landing at the bottom, about twelve feet down.

"No...It's not going to end like this..." he said, fighting off unconsciousness with sheer willpower.  He began to rise to his feet, his blue eyes shut against the pain.  "I'm not going to let anyone stop me from getting back home..."  His azure eyes snapped open, a new determination lit in them.  "...especially not you!"

...A young man sat casually on the faded green couch, his cerulean eyes thoughtful under his rich brown hair.  He snapped to attention when the blue and white gadget flew off the side table.  He ran after it as it soared up a flight of stairs and through the open door to what seemed to be your average junior high student's bedroom.  It hovered there, the symbol for light shining on the square screen.  His eyes widened as a portal opened and someone's left hand reached out to grasp the D-Tector firmly.  The silver watch, its LCD screen gone static, was the final identifying mark.  "Saisho..." he whispered as both hand and Digivice disappeared, leaving him alone in his younger sibling's bedroom.

...Saisho looked with awe at the D-Tector that had suddenly appeared in his left hand.  "But this is my dad's..."

Tsumemon was visibly shaken.  "Another Spirit is near?  I won't allow these unworthy humans to have it!  Poison Claw!"

The attack went wide, hitting the side of the cavernous hole.  Saisho shielded himself from the flying debris as best as he could, but nothing could have prepared anyone there for the explosion of light that burst from the wall.

When Saisho's sapphire eyes cleared, he almost fell over in shock.  A Spirit had been uncovered when Tsumemon blasted the crater.  It seemed almost...made for him.  It shone with the inner light that Saisho kept hidden inside himself, the power of being righteous.  After a second more of awe-induced hesitation, he pointed the D-Tector at it.  "Spirit!"

"Execute...Spirit Evolution!"  The ring of Fractal Code appeared around Saisho's left hand, and, eyes resolute, he scanned it.  Light spilled out of the mouth of the chasm, causing everyone to throw hands over eyes.

Hiinumon was the first to recover, since his helmet had blocked most of the light.  He looked, slack-jawed, at the being before him.  She had an amazing female figure under yellow-gold leotard-like armor, long golden hair pulled into a thick braid down to her waist, a very nice female figure, a helmet over the upper half of her face, a beautiful female figure, gold boots that went past her knees, a lovely female figure, a yellow glove that reached her shoulder and had a complex cannon-like device on it, and did I mention the stunning female figure?  That was certainly all Hiinumon noticed, as well as all the other males in the area, Digimon and human alike.  She cried out in a strong, clear alto voice, "Chromomon!"

Chromomon: Spirit of Light; she attacks with her Spectra Kicks and Photon Shot Ophanimon was probably the only one unfazed by Saisho's transformation.  Not even Bokomon could focus enough to write down his observations in his book.

Chromomon didn't waste a second of the shocked stillness.  She jumped out of the hole in one powerful leap, making a beeline for the dazed Tsumemon.  It didn't even have a split second to react before she was in its face.  "Spectra Kicks!"  She lashed out with a blitz of front, side, roundhouse, and flip kicks.  Such was her speed that they all seemed to be part of one fluid movement.  She finished with a powerful flip kick that left a light residue on everyone's eyesight and that sent Tsumemon flying.

Chromomon planted her feet in a steadying stance and aimed the light cannon on her arm carefully.  Before Tsumemon could even land on the ground, she fired her final attack.  "Photon Shot!"  She let loose with the weapon, discharging a blast of light at the shadowy Digimon.  He was defeated before he even knew what hit him, revealing a ring of Fractal Code.

"It's time to purify you from the darkness!  Fractal Code Digitize!"  She scanned his code, revealing him to be nothing more than an overgrown Gazimon.  Chromomon also de-digivolved to Saisho, who leant back against a tree, breathing heavily.  He stared at the D-Tector in his hand, it was completely different.  It had once been blue and white, but now it was yellow with a silver edge.  The Fractal Code option popped up and he released it.  It filled in the hole that Tsumemon had made and restored some missing ground elsewhere.

Seikyuu, also now de-digivolved, walked up to Saisho.  "Y-you turned into a girl Digimon," he said bluntly.

Saisho blinked at him.  "…And?"

"Oh, I just thought that it was kinda weird that a boy could turn into a—"

Saisho, suddenly angry, stamped hard on Seikyuu's foot.  "I'm a girl!"  He…she then turned and stomped crossly deeper into the forest, ignoring Seikyuu's pathetic hopping up and down.

Inazuma looked more than shocked.  "Saisho's a girl?"

Chibiko shrugged expressively.  "Well, at least I'm not the only one now."

Seikyuu just hopped up and down in the background, paid no attention to at all.

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