Author's Note: Here is a new story as promised. It's about my other favorite thing (the other being Bratva Oliver which was my most recently concluded Fic), angsty Oliver and his self-deprivation of the one thing he loved to keep her safe.

Set sometime S1-S2 period, which was when Olicity hit all of us in the heart and changed the landscape of our shipper ways. This will also include appearances by my and your (hopefully) favorites Tommy Merlyn, John Diggle and yes Moira & Thea Queen.

A very obvious AU since this deviates from the main storyline that was the TV show. But it's positioned as a 'what if', if only Oliver and had been right-minded enough earlier in the series so we could have had happy times as early as S2.

So we don't get confused, Felicity and John as well as Tommy are all in on Oliver's secret as the Arrow. The story plot is all about an undercover Team Arrow mission and where the twists and unexpected turns take Oliver. I will try to write this from Oliver's POV but I may deviate from time to time so that we also have insights on our other characters.

The usual disclaimers apply.

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Chapter 1 – Just Married


Oliver looked at Felicity with an unreadable expression as she turned to him wearing that goofy smile he found so adorable proudly boasting about her success hacking the records to create a perfect but fake marriage certificate for them that was necessary for an undercover job they were to undertaking tomorrow night.

It wasn't really his first choice nor his second. In fact it wasn't even on the table as a choice until Felicity had volunteered herself and John Diggle, traitorous John had seconded the suggestion.

If he was honest with himself, and he couldn't afford to be, it really was the best option they had given the type of undercover work they had to undertake as team arrow.

They were after a crooked public official in Starling City that Felicity had cyber back-traced to be spearheading a thriving prostitution business responsible for the disappearance of several young women not only within Starling City but also along Coast City, Bludhaven, Central City and other nearby thriving cities.

The crook official, Jason Johns was also part owner of a chain of mid-end casinos operating across the areas where the girls had mysteriously disappeared. They all concluded that it was such an undeniable coincidence since the casinos had sleazy reputation that it could be a front for covert prostitution. Hence, the plan was to infiltrate one of the casinos.

Coast City was the chosen casino for the undercover mission particularly because it was near enough Starling City for the Queen name to carry weight, if needed they had un-unanimously decided that using the Queen name was the best option for the mission, the adverse vote belonging to Oliver who was completely onboard with using his name until he realized it meant he and Felicity would have to 'be' a newly married couple.

Why the cover story had somehow evolved to them being on a honeymoon after a spur of the moment wedding Oliver couldn't really recall anymore, he had been stunted as soon as he heard the words 'married to Felicity' uttered by John Diggle.

Oliver Queen and a spontaneous wedding to his "long-time" rumored but unconfirmed girlfriend Felicity Smoak had left him feeling uneven. He wasn't blind to the dirty insinuations and speculation about his love life or lack of it being linked to an assumption that he was in a long-term not so secret relationship with his executive assistant. The fact that his wild ways had been 'tamed' by one unassuming woman was still fodder for the paparazzi to this day.

But bringing their supposed relationship to the next level, a more permanent level, the most permanent of them all, marriage, that had somehow made Oliver sense that everything was about to change, even if it was just a "fake" one. In the back of his mind a feeling of both dread and excitement consumed him.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when Felicity's palm touched his chest for a second because he had been so deep in his thoughts and not sensed that anyone was near. Though it was just a maybe too long second before she lifted her palm off his chest, the sensation he had been left with was clouding his thoughts even more that he had to shake his head several times to right himself realizing that Felicity had actually slapped his chest because she left a single piece of paper that was now making its way in agonizing slow fashion on the floor. And it would have reached the floor had it not been for his reflex to grab at it before it did.

He had been staring at the document for maybe close to thirty minutes now and had just noticed both Felicity and John giving him guarded looks because it was just uncharacteristic of him to be that quiet, broody yes, eerily quiet just blankly staring at a white sheet of paper, no.

But that piece of paper was something that had really thrown him the moment he had read the content.

When he allowed himself a moment to let his thoughts wander, he imagined another life where this would all be possible, this could be real. Deep down inside he knew he harbored very strong emotions for his executive assistant. But he also knew this could never be a reality. Not with the life he had chosen. Not with the fate he was dealt with.

She deserved better. She deserved someone who wasn't him. So he had been justified to box whatever feelings he had and throw away that key forever.

He could never give her the life she deserved. A picture perfect one that included a version of a picket fenced house with a garden where her children, no their children could run around, a miniature version of Felicity and a son who hopefully took after her too. No child deserved to be pegged after him.

As much as in pained him to see her with someone else, to imagine her living the life he wanted to with her, he had to push her away. He had pushed her away. There was no choice to be made.

But then again, this piece of paper was making every pore in his being crave it to be real. Want it to be real. Felicity Meghan Queen, how he wished he could.

In the next instant he violently crumpled the paper and threw it on top of his work table with it landing somewhere between the row of arrows he had been sharpening earlier before Felicity had worked her magic fingers and produced a Marriage Certificate.

At that point John had walked toward him his arms folded and had quietly but firmly told him to find someplace else for his tantrum as Felicity was deeply at work with her computers trying to plug all holes in their cover story and his drama was distracting her work.

So without even a look in her direction, Oliver did as he was told by John and gathered his things and made his exit. He should be getting ready anyway for the early morning journey to Coast City but first he needed to make an appearance back at QC because as Felicity had reminded him earlier, he had to finish all of his pending work which as a dutiful executive assistant, Felicity had already organized on his desk.

Felicity for her part remained at the lair to finish up some loose ends for Team Arrow.

"What do you want Tommy?" Oliver answered his phone obviously a little pissed.

"Well don't be too happy I called," Tommy called him out on his attitude. "I just thought you'd be up for a night out tonight just like old times. It's been awhile, at least since….you know, you revealed yourself to me as the batman wannabe. Now I've had time to think about it, maybe I overacted. Truce?"

Oliver slowed his step and sighed. His raptured relationship with Tommy was one of the things he wanted to mend. He just didn't know where to start. Now with Tommy the one reaching out, he saw this as his chance. But team arrow had a mission tonight.

In fact, they were about the leave in an hour he just had to pick up this one last thing inside the bank at the Queen family vault.

"Tommy….," Oliver hesitated which Tommy took to mean something else.

"No pressure. I mean, if you're not ready, if you think it's too soon…"

"No Tommy, it isn't that," Oliver quickly answered and was about to continue but a man interrupted his next words.

"Excuse me Mr. Queen, anytime you're ready we could proceed to the vault," the man said keeping a respectful distance from Oliver.

Oliver nodded to the man and lifted a finger gesturing for him to wait while he continued his phone conversation with Tommy but Tommy forestalled him.

"The vault? What the hell is so important that you're at the bank this early?"

"It's a long story, one that I really can't get into right now. And I can't make it tonight. The…gang" Oliver struggled to find the right everyday word to describe team arrow conscious that he was in a very public setting, "has a…."

"Mission? Your going on some kind of undercover operation? Does it involve exposing another shady chap that isn't my father? Drugs? Women? Does it entail you dressing up in the kermit costume or as your dashing, debonair self, or wait for it….maybe some undercover mission that requires you to play a newlywed to say….the beautiful and superior intellectual as well as slightly scary, don't ever tell her I said that, Felicity Meghan Smoak?"

"Damn it Tommy, you already knew!"

His best friend gave our a hearty laugh before he answered, "even the part were you brooded about a certain piece of paper before you were unceremoniously thrown out of your own bunker by your own bodyguard. Wait…..," it was all just catching up with him why Oliver was actually at the bank at this hour, "you're fucking getting Felicity the Queen family engagement ring aren't you! Fucking happening!"

"Keep your voice down Tommy!" Oliver whispered loudly into the phone paranoid that the man beside him, since he and the man from early had already started to make it for the vault.

"Why should I? I'm still at home and unfortunately alone. No one here to overhear."

Oliver huffed relieved to be nearing the entrance of the vault that required him to end the phone conversation since phones were not allowed inside, "I have to go."

"You know you didn't have to get her the actual Queen ancestral ring if this is all just dress up. This conversation isn't over Queen! You're fucking getting married to the woman I picked out for you in the first place."

Tommy's last statement made Oliver stop. He was, actually. In fact he already was based on the piece of paper that he held in his hand yesterday. Wait did Tommy just say he approved of him 'marrying' Felicity? Why were Tommy and Felicity in talking terms, were they close. What had he missed?

He could feel her reaction to his hand firmly on the small of her back but they needed to not break cover.

Hell he too was trying to push whatever emotions had surfaced down given the current scenario. Jason Johns their target was standing right in front of them and they were all currently having a slightly uncomfortable conversation.

Maybe slightly wasn't exactly the correct word since Johns was heavily hitting on his wife in front of him, the newly minted Mrs. Felicity Queen. Johns was really testing his limits by grabbing Felicity's hand, the one that contained the jeweled ancestral engagement ring Oliver had personally withdrawn from the Queen family vault the night he had been banished by John from the lair and her wedding band, the one that had a twin that he was wearing on his ring finger announcing to anyone who cared that they were very definitely and definitively married.

"Would you care to dance, Ms. Smoak?"

"Oh," Felicity's mouth formed an oh but she was cut-off from answering by Oliver's next words.

"It's Mrs. Queen to you, Johns. You're forgetting that Felicity and I are on our honeymoon and you are getting in the way." Oliver grunted his words low and measured.

"Am I? Am I really?" Johns said daring to give Oliver the side eye. "Of course like everyone else in Starling I speculated that there was a lot more between you and the beautiful Ms. Smoak here," turning to give Felicity another leering glance before he continued. "You never really protested to sharing before Oliver, I don't really get why now would be a little different."

"The difference is she is my wife." Oliver was started to take a step toward Johns but was waylaid by Felicity pushing herself toward his chest and just the physical contact calmed him immeasurably.

Johns held up his hands in mock surrender and just smirked, "another time then. Until we meet again Ms. Smoak," he continued to rile Oliver by insisting on calling Felicity by her "maiden" name. "Although," Johns turned back to Oliver, "if Ms. Smoak is really your one true love, it's quite a damper to be honeymooning in a place like this. Of course I would never turn away customers, especially billionaires with money to throw around but really, I would have taken the woman of my wet dreams to some exotic island or at least Paris or Greece."

With that parting shade, Jason Johns walked away leaving them with nothing but awkward silence.

"Felicity, how much longer?" Oliver asked her while standing guard outside the door of the office they concluded belonged to Johns or one of his partners.

"There was an unanticipated additional firewall that they had in place. I'm working as fast as I can."

"Two guards coming your way," John Diggle said over the comms link.

"I just need a minute," Felicity said.

"We don't have a minute," Oliver answered her in an unusual tone.

"Oliver, they're turning the corner, Oliver!" John said.

Oliver acted. Or at least his subconscious self did.

All of a sudden his senses hit nirvana. The first touch of her lips on his sent a spiral of electricity that coursed throughout his whole being sending shockwaves of heat that quickly gathered south. Never had he been exposed to such a mind-blowing experience. But then again, never had he allowed himself the pleasure of Felicity's lips.

How could he have deprived himself of this sweet nectar for so long, he could not fathom. He could smell her shampoo as his lips travelled toward a spot behind her ear and his teeth couldn't resist biting the piece of soft skin at the edge of her earlobe.

That moan, her goddamn moan, it was the most erotic sound he had ever heard egging him to continue his exploration.

Their bodies joined of their own accord. He could feel her heat even if both of them were fully clothed.

Fully clothed. Something, voices were penetrating his sanity.

"What the hell is happening here!" An angry roar interrupted what looked like a couple in the middle of a very passionate kiss.

Oliver's ears were ringing. His heart was beating faster than he ever thought was possible. The combination of the softness of her lips and the way her body naturally curved into his while he all but was on top of her over the table was drowning him.

It took several more seconds before Oliver finally had the strength to tear himself away from her even if it was only her lips, their bodies still locked together making it almost a chore for him to turn his head in the direction of the angry guards.

He had to blink more than once. Surveying his surroundings as he realized Felicity was seated on the edge of the table, her legs spread apart breathing hard, lips swollen…his doing. He did this and she looked totally aroused.

He needed a moment. He needed several moments actually but again the guards where upon them.

He stepped in front of her, blocking the guards line of sight. He and only he had the right to look at her the way she was right now.

"Fix yourself," he commanded Felicity gruffly before he faced the guards putting his tried and tested Oliver Queen playboy persona while his hand stayed connected to her leg of its own volition or that's what he continued to tell himself.

"Newlyweds, sorry. Aren't we allowed in here?" Oliver smiled as he adapted the carefree attitude while conscious of Felicity's movements as she tried to compose herself. He heard an almost indiscernible click that meant Felicity had been alert enough to unplug whatever it was that she plugged in. It was time to wrap up his act.

"How did you get in here? This area is off limits." The guard answered still partially in the dark since none of them bothered to turn on the light.

Oliver easily solved this dilemma. He had been in this exact scenario before although his former company would never compare to his present one.

In the next instant, he turned on the expensive looking desk light that clearly identified him and he could tell exactly when the guards had finally recognized him.

"Oh, Mr. Queen." Guard number one said.

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