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Chapter 8 – Drop in a Bucket

"Well, most girls loved jewelry, flowers and chocolates as gifts, not for me."

"He knows you that well huh? These do it for you?"

She was already tearing the package of a table open because the last time she checked this model wasn't in the market yet. Her glee getting to Tommy as he could just smile at the glow of happiness she exuded.

"So I take it the satellite Ollie is thinking of purchasing isn't really bordering on the extreme?"

The roundness of her eyes and that O her mouth made as she dropped the tablet was exactly the reaction Tommy was going for when he shared that little tidbit.

After all the tragedy that happened in the life of his friend, he deserved happiness. He was more than relieved that Oliver had finally gotten his head out of his butt cheeks and seen what was in front of him.

Oliver rubbed his hand over his face. He was having a long day even if it was only all of four hours.

He felt uneven. Incomplete. That was what accepting Felicity whole-heartedly in his life had done to him. Everytime he was distanced from her, he felt as if a part of him was missing.

It had been necessary for him to come to work.

His mother had stepped in and taken a lot of his responsibility on herself while he himself was recovering from minor injuries. She had started to give him her best unimpressed look when he took more days-off because he didn't want to leave Felicity's side.

His mother had finally cornered him and demanded he put his life back in order by not skirting away from his responsibilities making her winning argument by reminding him he was also putting his wife's future on the line by being irresponsible. This was not just about the present generation. It was ensuring that there was a legacy for the next generation, his and Felicity's future children.

Like a goof, he had smiled at that future, imagining miniature versions of her prancing around the Mansion much to the chagrin of his mother who just huffed away.

But it had definitely done the trick. He gone to work that day although his heart had heavily protested.

Thankfully Tommy had been more than willing to keep his Felicity company.

He and Tommy had really gone a long way. In a roundabout way, the accident had brought them closer than ever together. He suspected it had been easier for his best friend to let go of a lot of his residue anger because of her, Felicity.

She really brought nothing but goodness and happiness in his life.

"You know those documents wouldn't just signed themselves if you never made an effort to even try to lift a pen. Felicity would be using her loud voice right about now knowing that you didn't even bother to at least pretend to read through those papers."

He leaned back on his chair with a sigh. Diggle was right. He was off his game as CEO of QC and he knew she would be scolding him right now for procrastinating.

He really did rely on her a lot not just in his Arrow activities but also in his CEO obligations.

Usually she would also have outlined pencil notes and comments, cliff notes really which highlighted the meat of each documents in a way that made everything more lay man and understandable to him. Yeah, he wasn't ashamed to admit his girlfriend was the intellectual one.

Unfortunately, no one aside from John and him really appreciated her true worth in the company. He made it is life's mission to change that very soon. Never mind is he would be accused of thinking with his dick. They would all know soon enough who were the real brains in QC, who had constantly been his unofficial mentor and consultant. Who was really responsible for all the positive changes within QC.

His phone blinked, signaling an incoming text and he welcomed the break grabbing his phone from the corner of his desk.

He smiled, his first for the day since he left the mansion. It was a text from her swiping it open to read what she had typed in, his smile more pronounced now.

He shook his head, Tommy could not keep a secret to save is life, at least not from Felicity apparently in his desire to impress her.

His best friend had ratted him out.

He had told Tommy about maybe a new satellite that he was toying with purchasing for 'official business' that was, and that Felicity would probably faint at the prospect because she could reprogram it to her hearts content without anyone's knowledge for their night time activities. Not that he would object to it.

Leave it to her to be more excited about a satellite than diamonds. In both cases, it was just a drop in the bucket considering the Queen fortune.

Besides, anyone who questioned the investment would soon realize it was a good one with the new plans Oliver had for expanding QC.

He pulled open his office drawer, running his fingers through the long velvet case. Yeah, he planned to give it to her tonight, part of his wooing plan.

While she would probably like it, he knew a huge part of that was because it was he who gave it to her. He after all slaved at the type of design and pattern. But it would pale in comparison to anything tech related. Oh he knew his girl well.

But then again maybe it would at least be worthy of a tear of emotion.

While he had purchased it as a ready-made bracelet, he had added a few bits to make it more personal for both of them. Toiling in the lair to carve out tiny pieces of arrows that hanged from the chain. He also redid the lock so that a bow was on one end and an arrow was on the other, when twined together served as a customized lock for the piece of jewelry.

He sighed again reigning in his thoughts. He needed to get at least half of the documents out of his table if he would be able to leave for home in the next two hours.

He missed her already.

Two weeks.

That was the amount of time she had allowed him to run her life.

Now they were in the middle of a stare down, in front of their mothers in the middle of a family dinner.


Felicity decided she would be back at work on Monday, tomorrow. Back on her desk and earning her keep.

Except that he had miscalculated when he had announced her transfer as his EA to a newly created position as Applied Sciences and Special Projects Analyst attached to the Office of the CEO.

In his defense, it was unanimously approved by the Board and seconded by his mother of all people. Even that had surprised him, not anticipating the show of support in public.

His mother was nothing if not a stickler for keeping up a united front in public. He should have anticipated that.

"Felicity, that is a welcome development, one recommendation by Oliver that I was more than willing to support. You are a Queen by marriage now. With the skills you have you are expected to take a more active role like I did when Oliver's father was at the helm of QC. It should have been something you anticipated."

"Whoa!" Felicity dropped her head and he could see a definitely blush rise from her neck to her cheeks. Yeah, it was moments like this that he truly loved his mother and her roundabout way of supporting him.

"Moira's right, cupcake. You were destined for something like this. Don't let all your hard work at school go to waste. Not that working along side Oliver here was in any way detrimental, it just didn't give you enough challenges."

This time he was the one who tucked his head taking Donna's words to heart. He was a dick, he knew. Never gave a thought to how her move as his EA had stymied her career.

He deserved the reproach by his sort of mother-in-law.

This oversight would be corrected, with or without his Felicity's consent. Of course, he was just saying that. While it looked like his mother, her mother and he had her cornered, he would continue to make her understand that this was for her.

"I can't do this!"

Felicity was nervously burning a whole in the floor from all the back and forth walking.

"Yes you can. You did it the first time and you wowed the board. I've never seen my mother smile that much when I was presenting to the board."

Felicity paused in her stride and looked at him because he was right. She was equally shocked and thrilled to finally earn Moira's approval because there really was no other way to put it, Moira used words, words that she thought she would never hear coming from the woman. Of course she made it sound like she all along she never doubted Felicity's capability. That she believed in her potential. But she wouldn't nitpick the details. Instead she lapped at the praise.

She had finally earned the approval of her mother-in-law.

But the shareholders were something else all together. One hundred and eight of them showed up today for the Annual stockholders and shareholders meeting.

While Moira and Oliver together with some other senior officers in QC would have their roles, she had been tasked by no less than the board upon the recommendation of surprisingly Moira herself to spearhead a capsule presentation about the expected 5-year direction of QC.


She, Felicity Meghan Smoak-Queen, well that was what was written on the invite at least, was listed on the program as presenter and no less than Moira Queen, as the Chairman of the Board would be introducing her not Oliver Queen who would come after her, talking about bottom-line numbers.

It was hard for her to grasp that just two months ago, she was at the bottom of the pole within QC and now she was up there, side by side with the Queens. That she was indeed a Queen.


"Hey, you can do this." Oliver, ever supportive Oliver of late squeezed her hand. "Mom is about to speak, you're up next."

"God Oliver, don't remind me! We can still make a run for it. Your mother can just takeover everything. I mean, you did say you'd do anything for me, right?"


"Let's go then. Leave. Right Now."

He smiled, because this was typical of her. Have a mini panic attack one moment and in the next one make a full recovery and wow everyone away. This had happened before, it had happened right before the Board presentation and it was happening again.

It was very Felicity.

The Felicity that he loved and would continue to love for the rest of his life.

"It's about time Oliver dear that you and Felicity wed." Moira said out of the blue while they were having a celebratory dinner after the very successful shareholders meeting.

"We are!" Oliver said at the same time Felicity blurted, "Whoa!" Both of them looking at the other in surprise because he had been 100% sure that his mother had believed they were genuinely married based on what they talked about a few weeks back in the hospital.

In the next instant all became clearer.

"I know son. I do. But it never sat right with me that you had to hide it not only from your family but also from the people who would have wanted to share this momentous event with you. You are a Queen after all. It's expected."


His natural instinct was to reach for Felicity's hand currently on top of her lap and entwine them together this was about them after all, tilting his head to the side so he could look at her, his eyebrows lifted in question.

"I…..I don't…..," still looking at him.

He in turn gave her a sneaky smile making her narrow her eyes at him before he turned back to face his mother, "we'll do it."

Moira clapped her hands in triumph, "I'll take care of everything."

"And I'll help." Donna chimed in.

Moira gave her a tired smile before responding, "of course. Wouldn't have it any other way."

This is really happening.

He smirked as he heard Felicity mutter under her breath. Oh believe it, he said to himself. It is happening. It will happen. This time with a real minister or judge, or whatever his mother thought fit. Yeah, both mothers were definitely on his side and they didn't even know how easy they were making it for him.

He sneaked a glance back at Felicity noting that despite the blush that was creeping up, she wasn't exactly doing any violent protesting. Ever since his first day back to his regular chores as CEO of QC and that half-day she had spent with Tommy, he had noticed a change in her.

A sign that she wasn't exactly opposed to this being real, to her becoming Mrs. Queen for real, his wife. Yeah, he loved calling her his wife. He even loved it more when someone overheard it, much to her chagrin.

"Can I at least choose my cake?" Felicity mumbled in frustration.

Donna waved her hand, "oh you would be lost in all the mumbo jumbo of wedding particulars it's best to leave it to those who've been on that merry-go-round."

"But you got married in a Vegas wedding chapel!" She said this time with noticeable frustration.

"It was still a wedding and we had cake, and the usual wedding fanfare."

Donna waved a hand in dismissal, "between Donna and I, we'll be able to put something passable together. Besides Felicity dear, you'll be busy in that new project the board had just approved. I'll make sure you're appraised on the details of your wedding. We'll give you regular updates during dinner. That's if you and Oliver bother to show up for these family dinners at all."

Oliver knew a rebuke from his mother when he heard one. It really wasn't intentional. It's just that Felicity and him had thought it prudent to get back into the groove with their night time activities which together with their responsibilities at QC, left them no time at all to spend with something trivial like family dinners.

"And you will be consulted on significant matters." Moira rejoined.

"We'll make a conscious effort to be home for family dinners Mom, I promise."

"Ahem, well we will if that happens." Moira answered her son looking at him pointedly.

"In the meantime, both of you have to work on your vows, your wedding vows," Donna added cheerfully.

His breath hitched and he was sure she heard his action because he heard her gulp in return because yeah she was right, they were going to recite vows to one another this time. Vows that he was more than ready to commit too.

"Oh don't start with me," this time he was the one her ire had targeted and no matter her mood, nothing, nothing could burst his bubble as he just grinned at her like the deranged man he felt around her.