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Against all Odds I

I must say that I imagined all of this to be a little easier. I decided to try to heal my uncles Kol and Elijah first; they were bidden by Marcel and would probably die within a few hours if we would wake them up. So I had to find a way to cure them without waking them up.
The problem was that I couldn't just give them my blood to have a happy ending because it wasn't as simple as that. Dad told me about of friend of him called Camille who died from this kind of bite, and that they tried to heal her with my blood as well.

I can see in his eyes that this 'Cami' must have been someone really special. Every time he tells me something about her, there is a light in him which only disappears when he talks about her death. Mum told me one evening that he loved this woman very much, and that he was suffering ever since her death. I wish that I could meet her, because she seemed to know my Dad very well.

Well, they did feed Cami my blood, but it didn't work. But my hope is, that there is a way that my blood could be the cure to save Elijah and Kol since we were all blood related.

The serum Marcel drank was made with magic, just as well as the spell my grandmother used to turn her children into vampires, so it was clear for me that I had to create a spell for the cure as well.

But it took me weeks to find a spell which would bond my blood to that of my uncles, and now, there is still something missing.
While Mum went to work every day until the late evening, Dad stayed at home with me, reading his mothers grimoire again and again. I guess he tried to find something useful that could help me, but after a while I realized that it was just a way to keep him busy. He couldn't stand the fact that his siblings were as good as dead if I wouldn't be successful.
I only know him for a very short time now, but I can imagine how lonely he must feel these days, even if Mum and I are around.
One evening, when Mum was still at work, I can hear him murmur something in the living room. When I decide to go to him and offer him company, I hear his loud scream and something crashing loudly on the floor. I stop in the doorway, shocked of his outburst, and he looks at me, just as surprised as me.
"Hope", he says quietly. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to ..."
"It's okay, Dad.", I answer and pick the book up he threw to the floor. "I can understand that this is frustrating for you. And I'm doing my best to cure them soon, I promise -"
"No.", he interrupts me. "No. Don't think that you have to do something for me what could kill you in the end. Please. You're my daughter. And the last thing I want is that you get hurt in any way, even if it means to wait for my siblings a little bit longer."
His smile is honest, but I'm not convinced. I go to him, without a word, and hug him.
"I know that you want to be strong for me.", I whisper and feel his arms strong around my body. "But you don't have to. I've waited for you my whole life, and I know that this feeling sucks. And I know that there is a lot of anger and anxiety something deep inside of you, but you have me and Mum. We stand by you. You don't have to face your demons alone. Never again."

While Dad is still hiding in our apartment (and failing at the attempt to be a help in the household), I decide to pay Marcel a visit. Mum and Dad would be absolutely against it, so I decide to just leave without telling them. They think that Marcel would kill me, but I know the stories Mum told me about him. He might be the bastard who poisoned my whole family, but he would never harm a child. And I have no other idea who else I could ask my questions since Mum and Dad are totally out of the race.

"You know", I say as I sit in front of him. "I always wondered what you are like."
He grins. "Am I as you imagined?" His grin fades away as I say: "No. You disappointed me."
"'Cause I always imagined someone who has no hurt. Who would kill anyone who stands in his way, and doesn't care about anyone. I thought you were a person who I could truly hate, because he deserves it. But you're not like that, and I can't hate you that easily, even after what you did to my family. But I need your help"

It took long enough to convince Marcel to tell me all he knew, but it was worth it. He told me how they gave Cami my blood so it would heal her, but it didn't. I guess there has to be some spell through which my blood will become the cure for Elijah and Kol.
Marcel told me that my Dad was able to create his own hybrids, but only for a short time. He needed the blood of the doppelganger after the hybrid was in transition, otherwise they would die. I, on the other hand, can create hybrids myself, without any help of others. That would make a difference between Dad and me, and I hope that this difference is the key to the cure.

But Marcel told me something else. To find the spell which could save my family, I needed help of the ancestors. I am a New Orleans witch since I was born in this city, but I still needed help from someone else. Marcel send me to someone he once knew, and he told me to not be disappointed if he wouldn't want to talk to me, but there was still a chance that he would.

So after our conversation, I go to the French Quartier, the part where the witches live.
Always only one question on my lips: "Do you know where I can find Vincent Griffith?"