*Hey guys, I just want to explain this fic a bit. You can read this now or later, but I promise you it will help. As beautiful as Joe Gilgun is, I'm going with more of the comic book Cassidy- huge fan of a ginger with an earring. And I think I want it to take place in '96, but I'll probably stick to the TV show's plot just because it's simplified. Might turn into a mash up of the two. We'll see how this goes.

Spring nights always felt magical, no matter how old Anna got. This one was supposed to be more magical than others, but now she only felt fear. She was surrounded by a crowd of people and even as they moved around her, Anna's feet were rooted to the spot. She made sure to keep her eyes shut tight, but she could still admit that the air up here was crisper, cleaner than on the city streets below. It felt as though she was in a different world. In a way she was, 102 stories up, but she couldn't bring herself to look.

"Anna! Anna, open your eyes!" Lily pleaded.

Anna shook her head, refusing to look out on the view of the city below. "I'm up here with you. Isn't that enough?"

"No! You need to experience it." Lily tried tugging Anna's hands away from her face.

Cassidy couldn't believe it. He and the other guys had made it to the top of the Empire State Building. At first he didn't believe it when they said they were opening it to the public. The same way he didn't believe they could make buildings this tall when he arrived on that boat in 1918. It was amazing. He felt like he was on top of the world. He moved through the crowd easily at six feet tall and what some people would call scrawny, though Cassidy liked to think of himself as handsomely-skinny. He nearly ran into the poor girl on his way to look over the edge. She wasn't moving, her eyes shut tight while her friend begged for her to open them.

"'Ey- ey, sweetheart, yeh doin' alright?" he asked.

"Fucking fabulous," she snarled at him.

He gave it to her; it was a stupid question. "Do ye mind?" he asked a new question before putting his arms around her. She didn't answer, but she didn't fight his him either. "Alright, now listen, sweetheart, yeh've got two feet on the ground, yeh? And I'm holding onto yeh. Yeh're not gonna fall." He tightened his hug.

Anna nodded only to acknowledge that he had spoken, but she didn't feel any less scared.

"Now, I want yeh to open your eyes. But yeh're gonna look straight out in front of ye- like this is the ground floor-okay? One. Two. Three." Cassidy counted slowly for her.

Anna's heart was pounding, but she was just as frightened of keeping her eyes shut as opening them. On three, she looked out, just as the Irishman had told her to. The view was amazing- like something out of a dream. Magnificent was the only word that came to mind, but Anna felt it didn't do the view justice. She peeled her eyes away from the cityscape and looked at the man who was holding her. He had a mop of orange hair and a lopsided grin.

"Proinsais Cassidy," he said. He wasn't sure why he had said it. He hadn't used the name Proinsais in thirteen years. But something about this girl made him think things could be good again, like before when he still had his older brother Billy. He wanted to tell her everything from the Easter Uprising to ripping out people's throats with this teeth- someday.

"Abrianna," she replied. "Friends call me Anna and that's Lily."

"Nice to meet ye," he grinned over Anna's head at her friend.

"You can let go over her now," Lily told Cassidy. Her fatal flaw wasn't hubris like in the Greek legends; it was jealousy and she had no problem acting on it.

"You don't have to." Anna placed her hand on Cassidy's.

"Hey, Cass! Cass! We're going to the Coach House! Let's go!" A couple of rough looking guys tried to break the pair up.

Cassidy didn't bother to introduce his friends. "Are ye comin?" he asked Anna.

Anna looked over towards Lily, but the older girl was gone. "Yes. I just need to get Lily…" Anna stood on her tiptoes to kiss Cassidy's cheek.

"Fuck Lily," he thought. "Fuck the Coach House." He just wanted to take Anna home. But he let her go anyway, her fingers slipping through his. His friends pulled him away, but he didn't turn around until he lost sight of Anna in the sea of bodies atop the skyscraper.

Anna couldn't figure out why it hurt to let go of his hand. She was more concerned with pushing through the crowd and finding the demon than the height so it wasn't the comfort that she missed. Anna didn't believe in true love, in love at first sight, or any love at all for that matter so why did she regret leaving him to find Lily? They were going to meet up for a drink later anyway.