"Albus, it was never my intention to be your lover." Gellert protested, "I wanted us to rule as friends, compatriots, or even partners in a business sense. Not as lovers. I just have no interest in sexual relationships."

"But I thought…" Albus was caught off guard and didn't know what he wanted to say.

"It was all in your mind." Gellert shook his head, "I don't think us ruling together is going to work if all you do is try to get me as your lover. Maybe you should return home. Go back to your little school and do your thing."

With that Gellert Grindlewald made the biggest mistake of his life. He turned his back on Albus Dumbledore and went back to his task of taking over the world. Albus was beyond angry. He was furious at the man he had loved more than anything. Gellert had done nothing but use him and his considerable intelligence to accomplish as much as he had and now that he was on the cusp of victory he was throwing Albus away. He had not been sneaking off to offer advice and help just for it to be thrown back in his face. Albus drew his wand slowly and pointed it at Gellert's back.

"You will regret this." He wanted Gellert 's attention. He wanted him to know what was coming because it was too late to stop it, "Stupify."

Gellert turned to reply and was shocked when he was just in time to catch the spell in his chest. The shocked look was still on his face until he hit the floor unconscious. Albus glared down at the man who he would have given everything to. He would pay for rejecting Albus, in his own prison. Nuremburg would be happy to receive their next prisoner. Gellert 's forces were already scattered stirring up trouble in far places, he knew he wouldn't have to deal with them for a while.

"Expelliarmus." He said quietly and caught the wand as it flew at him, "I'll keep this thank you very much."

He knew the wand was the death stick. He had almost attacked Gellert when he had shown up with it a few years ago. But facing that wand was an exercise in futility. He had convinced himself that with Gellert it was in good hands. Now, however, it was in his hands. He was now undefeatable and would watch his back for anyone trying to get it from him. He used the new wand to levitate his ex-boyfriend and floated him out to his demise.

The allied group of magicals was worried when the gate to the fortified castle that they had been attacking opened from within. They quickly prepared themselves for an assault team to descend upon them, as it had in the past. However, one loan wizard stepped through the gateway and he was levitating Grindlewald. They all stared as the man made his way to the field operations tent that housed the high ranking officials. They lined the path gaping in awe at the one lone wizard. One man had apparated ahead and pulled the officials out so they could see what was happening.

"I believe you're looking for this man." Albus set Gellert into the grass by the mouth of the tent.

"Albus?" a man stepped forward, "It is you. What are you doing here? How did you get him?"

"I arrived not long ago on the other side of the castle." Albus offered smile, "He was near the open door on that side. I entered, challenged him and won the fight. I'm keeping the wand since I disarmed him."

"Ok." No one seemed inclined to argue with him.

He'd just fought Grindlewald, who had killed many and injured countless more, and he didn't even have a scratch. They were in awe of him and he played it up. Gellert was taken to await trial and Albus was hailed as a hero. Politicians were asking him for advice. People were looking up to him. Finally he was on the pedestal that he deserved to be on. Even when he returned to Hogwarts he would get many letters, requests and invitations daily. He was offered the post of Minister for Magic but that wasn't what he wanted. He didn't want someone trying to tell him what to do. No, he'd stay in the background and manipulate things to happen the way he wanted.

For the most part Albus thoroughly enjoyed his fame. The nosy reporters trying to dig into his back ground was an annoyance but he silenced them, one of them permanently. Of course he made it look like a dark wizard attack. It took quite a while, but the attention did begin to taper off eventually. At first he was relieved when it slowed but after a while he wanted it back again. It would just continue to drop if he did nothing and so he began to look around. He needed to find a new villain. Someone he could defeat easily. It was providence, he thought, when fate dropped a charismatic and independent orphan in his school.

"Mr. Riddle that is a fine bit of transfiguration. Take ten points for Slytherin." Albus smiled but inside he was fuming. He hated Slytherins, "Can you tell us all how you accomplished it so nicely?"

"Visualization professor." The boy replied, "It is the key, you must picture it just as you want it. See it from all sides and slide the magic into it. Forcing the magic will just cause it to fail and possibly explode."

"Very good." Albus turned to walk back behind his desk and rolled his eyes mockingly as he was faced away, "Visualization is the key and a soft touch is a must. However, the amount of magic you can cause to slide in, as Mr. Riddle said, will determine the length of time the object will stay transfigured before reverting back to its original form. For next time I want a two foot essay detailing how this transfiguration complies with Gamp's Law. Mr. Riddle, stay back."

"Yes professor?" Riddle stood at his desk with an arrogant posture.

"Have a seat." Albus called the chair he had prepared earlier.

It was a posh chair and very comfortable. It was also very heavily cursed. Tom had already developed a fascination with dark arts and now it was time to make him dive in. The curses would cause him to seek out the worst sorts of magic and take them as his own.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on some good work today." Albus had to keep him seated for ten minutes, "You are doing very well in all your classes. However, I could not help but notice your search for magical family hasn't produced visible results. How is it going?"

"Not as well as I hoped." Riddle sighed, "How did you figure it out?"

"Not many people venture into the genealogy section in Hogwarts." Albus smiled, "Mostly its muggleborns hoping to find a common ancestor so that they can be half-bloods instead of muggleborns."

"Have many found anything?" Riddle asked wondering if he was going in the right direction.

"A fair few." Albus nodded, "Many of the old families will throw out a squib. Squibs don't have magic themselves but they can pass it on. Sometimes it takes many generations to do so."

"Do you have any suggestions?" Riddle would take advice if it was good.

"There are a variety of potions in the genealogy section." Albus smiled and if you didn't know him well you wouldn't see how sly it was, "Some are more helpful than others. The dark ones normally have the highest degree of success but the cost is usually more than people are willing to pay."

"I promise to be careful." Riddle nodded just as the bell rang, "Sorry sir I have to go. I'm late as it is."

"Here is an excuse my boy." He handed over the parchment, "She shouldn't give you too hard of a time."

"Thank you professor." Riddle took the parchment and headed off to his next class.

"Ten minutes and forty seconds, well played." Albus checked the chair, "Not a bad bit of spell casting there Albus. You'll get the prize."

And Riddle would get a "prize" when he used the potion Albus had put a compulsion charm on. Once he touched the book's cover he would flip right to the page, make the potion and be sent down a dark path. One that Albus would watch and stop before he went too far. He watched the orphan boy over the next years. He did some very nasty spells on some Gryffindors, one Ravenclaw ended up with a broken arm and finally he killed for the first time. If that wasn't good enough he got a third year blamed and expelled for his crime. He knew he had picked the right person for the job.

When Riddle graduated Albus watched closely to see where he would go. He was disappointed when the boy got a job at Borgan and Burkes and seemed, for all intents and purposes, to be settled in. Sighing Albus began to look for darker spells and potions for the next dark wizard he made. He didn't want to waste time and effort if their morals wouldn't let them kill repeatedly. Finally several years later Albus was pleasantly surprised when Riddle seemed to turn a corner. He spelled a house elf to believe she had killed her mistress but of course Riddle had murdered her and taken several magical relics. Finally Riddle was going the direction Albus wanted.

The first time they battled in public Albus was shocked. He had thought he could just waltz in and destroy the man but that wasn't the case. In fact he almost lost the duel and his life, even with the death stick in hand. Riddle had gone too far in his dark searching and he was using the new knowledge he had gained. Perhaps he, Albus, had done too good of a job turning the boy to the dark. They battled many times over the few years Riddle was building his army. Albus finally realized he was going to lose if something didn't change quickly.

Again fate stepped in and provided him the perfect solution. A prophecy was given, one he could apply to the current situation. It was detailed enough to convince everyone but vague enough that he would be able to choose the hero he would train. All he had to do now was figure out who was pregnant. Make sure it was a light side person or one he could get control of. Then he could get rid of all influences that didn't agree with him. This hero would be the general of the next generation of light soldiers that would push back the dark. And he, Albus Dumbledore, would be known as the greatest hero and teacher the world has ever known.

When he found out who was pregnant he was set. There were actually two children who could be indicated by the prophecy. The families were both light for the most part. But one family did contain a slimy snake, though it wasn't enough influence to matter.

Albus was in the Great Hall watching the children eat their meal as he contemplated his next move. Sacrifices would have to be made and he could think of none better as he watched the Ravenclaws leave their table to head for classes. One of those Ravens was different from the rest. Oliver Potter, James' younger brother, was a Raven amongst Gryffindors, and one slimy snake. Obviously that one had some Slytherin tendencies and Gryffindor bravery mixed in. Albus made a note to make sure he was amongst the casualties; he was a wild card that couldn't be left to interfere in his plans. People died in death eater attacks every day. No one would suspect foul play on his part if the boy died, after all everyone knew he favored the Potters.