Title: Fortune Cookies
Note: This story is part one of a challenge that was sent out in some groups b/c there wasn't really a place for taken fanfiction on the net. and i get to be the first story i'm so excited. i asked for this category like 3 weeks ago but they just got back to me. so i hope you guys all like this story. and I'm working on all of Garnets challenges. this is just the first part. I might add a sequel to the first part. but I'm working on the next two parts as well. I don't know how many parts there'll be in the set. the third part of the challenge however I'm going to make into a crossover so I don't know if you guys would want to read it or not... but I hope you do. since you guys are the only ones who really read my stuff anyway. lol well I hope you enjoy!
Author: Trick Hayden
Summary: After a year and a half of living together in Seattle things finally start to happen...
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. but the story and the movie "Loves Me Not" is mine.

Part one of Garnet's Challenge...


Chapter One: Fortune Cookies

Life had returned to normal for Lisa. Well, as normal as it could be. Sometimes it seemed so normal that Lisa would walk into the apartment and start talking to Allie like she was there. But after the first sentence came out she realized Allie wasn't there anymore. Lisa now lived in a 3 bedroom apartment with Charlie. They had avoided being together for a year and a half now. Lisa knew Allie would want them to be a family, but she feels guilty about starting it without Allie, So she tires to deny the attraction they have for each other and focus on day by day things. But it was getting harder and harder to deny her feelings for him as time went on. She knew she couldn't keep them repressed much longer. Her heart beat raised when she saw him. Lisa unlocked the front door and stepped inside the apartment.
'Charlie, I brought some Chinese for dinner tonight. Are you coming?'
'Yeah I'll be there in a sec.'
Lisa set the food on the table and went to the kitchen to get two plates. Charlie looked exhausted. he must've been up late grading papers the night before. Lisa would never understand why he wanted to teach 6th grade English.
'Ok we've got the lo mein, moo goo, and the egg drop. Some egg rolls and of course two fortune cookies.'
Lisa sat down and took a fortune cookie and handed Charlie the other. They had started a tradition of opening their cookies first. When the food was on their plates they ceremoniously opened their cookies. Lisa read hers aloud...
iFollow you're heart and it will lead you to happiness/I
Charlie followed next
iChanges will be made that are long overdue/I
They were silent for a moment. Then they started talking about their days, avoiding the obvious signs of what they already knew...

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