All his life, Peter wanted someone who could be there for him. Someone he could look up who wouldn't just die. He had lost everyone. His mom. His dad. His Uncle Ben. And now standing in black holding a small bouquet of flowers, alone in at a freshly covered grave, his Aunt May. His eyes were red and his tears had dried in sticky streams down his cheeks. He swallowed down what felt like another onslaught of tears.

He was all alone now.

He didn't know what was going to happen next.

"Good bye Aunt May," he choked out, "I'm, I'm sorry I never got to tell you... The past four months, I became Spiderman. You know, after Uncle Ben died. I tried to do the right thing. I tried to use my powers to protect people. I'm so sorry... That I couldn't be there for you. I should've... I should've been there."

But he wasn't there. He was in school. Laughing next to Harry in lunch when their home had been broken in. When his Aunt May had been trying to survive, he had been joking and laughing. When she was dying alone in their home, he had been bemoaning his school work.

It seemed pointless now.

"Aunt May... I wish you were still here."

Logan didn't know why he was doing this. There had to be someone else who could take the kid in. But here he was back at Xavier Institute, preparing a room for his old dead hunting buddy's nephew. A promise he made should something happened to him or his wife from about five years ago. And fuck his life, the kid was now alone.

He could ignore it. But Ben had been one of the few non mutant's who didn't care who he was or what he did. He had just offered him a beer when he visited, even if he didn't drink himself.

And he remembered May offering him a sandwich when he came over. Then there was their nephew, Peter. He would be a little shy, sit next to his uncle, and fiddle with something in his hands. Usually it was something electronic and a screwdriver. He never knew what the kid worked on, even when he did try to explain it.

He was a good kid. He deserved better. But sadly, he seemed to be the best the kid had at the moment. He didn't trust others to make the kid feel like he wasn't a curse, something Logan had seen happen to others who lost everything. He wouldn't let that happen to Peter.

Matt Murdock sat in his office, in what should have been a moment of calm. His mind however was in turmoil. He had heard of Peter Parker's misfortunes. He had heard from other lawyers when the boy had lost his parents and the Aunt and Uncle were dealing with the life insurance claim. He had heard again when the Uncle had been murdered and the criminal still hadn't been found. He had overheard Peter's statement, there was no statement in his that was false.

And to find out his Aunt had just been murdered mere months later... Was exceptionally cruel.

Peter was a teen, older than most orphans and difficult to place. A soft thought traveled through his mind. He could take him in.

It wasn't like he was a small child, or an infant. And while he couldn't be his father, he always did want to be a mentor. He was already involved in his case, and had met him when his lawyer had been running late. And reset again and again throughout his Uncle's case, comforting him and giving him other things to focus on, rather than revenge. Perhaps Peter would be alright staying with a familiar face.

"Sue, you can't be serious."

"Why not Reed? You worked with his father. You knew him when he was a little boy."

"What about Doom? What about Ben and Johnny?"

"Reed, really? Peter's only a few years younger than Johnny. They'd be fine. And Ben doesn't have a problem with it."

"You've already talked to Ben?"

"Reed Richards. Are you really going to turn your back on Peter? On the boy you were willing to call your nephew?"

"We're superheroes Sue. It isn't safe with us."

"And it was safe in his home where his Aunt was killed?"

Reed went silent and Sue sighed. Neither knew what to say. It was a call out from an adjacent room that got everything started again.

"Got his room set up sis! When's he getting here?"

"Sue? Really?"

She gave a sheepish grin.

"Oh don't fight it Reed. He's like a nephew you haven't spoken to in years. It's better than leaving him in an orphanage with who knows who," Sue defended.

Nick Fury was in a stare down with Tony Stark.

"I'm sorry, what do you think you're telling me to do?"

"Peter Parker. Take him in."

"And why should I do that? He some sort of mini agent to spy on me? I thought that was what Natasha was for," Tony joked, "Jarvis, bring up everything on this Percy kid."

Fury didn't say anything to Tony about his attitude. He expected this reaction. And if he was going to get Tony to take in the child of one of their top scientists, he needed to make him interested.

Even if it meant giving a SHIELD secret or two.

Files appeared before the genius, including a few papers Peter had worked on. Even one that he debated Doctor Banner's work. There was no denying the maniacal spark of interest in Tony's eyes.

He raised a brow curiously at Fury.

"So the kid's smart. What about it?"

"His parents were killed in a plane crash."

Tony's face hardened slightly. Smart kid, lost parents in plane crash, feeling alone...

"Still not a good enough reason Fury."

Fury remained quiet for a moment. His eye narrowed at Tony's attitude. He still had one card left to play. One that few knew. One that had not been documented yet in SHIELD, if only to monitor him in silence, rather than with the world security counts breathing down their back to bring the masked half in.

"Even if he was Spiderman?"

Peter sighed and laid down on the temporary bed he had until he was located to a foster family or orphanage. Despite his tiredness, he just couldn't sleep. He wanted to slip out and swing through the night. To fight crime. To protect innocent lives. But he also felt exhausted and didn't want to move.

Not that it was his choice to make. He had no viable exits. He was still sleeping in the police station. And in the city that never sleeped, there was always a cop nearby to make sure that Peter was alright. Meaning, staying in his room, or sitting with a cop and have a coffee. If he could even have coffee.

He rolled over and groaned.

He wasn't going to get much sleep tonight.

Because Peter always seems to have someone to go to. This is just a vomit of what if...