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The night sky outside the cave was lit up blue. Inside the cave, a woman lay, holding two sleeping bundles of new life close to her. One, black haired, bore flames the same color as the sky outside and a tail, evidence of his demonic heritage. The other, smaller, looked human. The crunch of boots on the snow outside woke the woman. She looked up at the strong silhouette framed by the entrance of the cave.

"Please, Shiro," she begged. "Don't kill them."

The man grunted. He had known, traveling there, that whatever he had said to the Grigori earlier, he would not be able to kill infants.

"Don't be afraid, Yuri. I'll help take care of them, if you let me." he offered.

Yuri looked terrible. Her face was lined with exhaustion and there were deep purple bags under her eyes. No doubt because of all that had happened in the last few days. In fact, she looked rather weak and was trembling.

"I'm afraid, Shiro," she said softly. "I don't think we'll be sharing the burden. You'll have to shoulder it alone."

It took him a minute. "Wait, Yuri, you're not going to die- you have to live! At least for your children!" he cried. This could not be happening.

"I'm sorry, Shiro. Please, take them. This is Rin," she said pointing to the one with demonic features. "This is Yukio," she said, pointing to the other. "Please help them grow up to be good men."

Shiro, choked up, nodded, and managed to say, "I will." He didn't miss the emphasis the young mother had put on men. The two infants were obviously the sons of the demon king himself, Satan. The only way they would survive is if the Grigori had no knowledge of the twin's true heritage.

He watched as her breathing slowed and the trembling stopped. After she had been still for over a minute, he checked her pulse. Nothing. Her wrist was cool. With a stone face, he picked up the two sleeping boys. As he exited the cave with them in his arms, he noticed a figure standing outside the cave.

"Twins. How unexpected," said Mephisto Pheles. The demon had a curious look on his face, almost calculating. "What are you planning to do with them?"

"I will take them, and raise them as human boys," Fujimoto replied. "It was Yuri's last wish of me."

"Would you like my help with that?" Mephisto questioned. "I can seal the boy's power, although it may only last a decade or two. That would at least keep them away from the Grigori."

"Why are you doing this?" Fujimoto asked, trying to ascertain the demon's true motives. Despite the two's tentative friendship, Fujimoto could never truly understand how Mephisto thought.

"Why, to defeat my dear old dad," Mephisto replied, smirking. "That boy, that young demon you now hold in your arms could be the greatest weapon I – I mean, the exorcists, have ever created."

The Paladin thought it over. It would mean Rin would have to fight, eventually. He looked at the child in his arms. He didn't want to have to make him fight. That would be cruel. But, as a son of Satan who had inherited the blue flames, he would be mixed up in it one way or another.

"Fine. Seal his powers." Fujimoto sighed in defeat. It really was for the best – this at least would buy them some time.

"Oh, I can't do it yet," Mephisto said. "I need an artifact to seal his powers in."

"Is there one in particular that would work especially well?" Fujimoto asked.

"Perhaps." Mephisto paused. "It would have to be a demon sword, capable of restraining a large amount of power, because the boy's strength will only grow. The Koumaken might possibly work."

"The Koumaken is, I believe, being held by the Myodha at the moment. But I will be able to get it. After all, I've been there before and I know the head monk." Fujimoto said. "I will meet you at the Japan Branch Office, your office, as soon as I can. You'll have to take them, until I get back."

"How wonderful! Einz, Zwei, Drei!" With that, Mephisto disappeared with the twins in a cloud of pink smoke and Fujimoto was left alone in the cold, dark night. Better get going, he thought, and left.

It was pure luck that he had managed to get to the temple without being attacked, and sheer luck that there was enough confusion that nobody noticed him 'acquire' the sword. Fujimoto strolled through the hallways of the Branch office, until he reached a strangely decorated door. He knocked three times, and waited for the call of "Enter!" before he opened the door and walked in. The demon king looked a little harried- Yukio had woken and was wailing disconsolately. The Paladin smiled, amused at the elder demon's obvious discomfort. "I have the sword."

"Oh, wonderful. Take this one, will you? In order to do the sealing I can't be distracted."

The Paladin took the baby, and Mephisto turned to Rin, who was lying on the desk, the sword in both the demon king's hands. Fujimoto was suddenly reminded of the story of Solomon and the baby. Mephisto unsheathed the sword and started chanting in some Latin-sounding dialect, probably a demon language. The blue flames, previously wreathing the child's head, were being drawn slowly into the blade. After a few minutes, Mephisto returned the sword to the sheath and leaned on the desk, showing minute signs of fatigue. "The sealing's done. It should hold. Come back if there are any problems." he said.

The Paladin took this as the dismissal that it was. "Thank you, Mephisto Pheles." he said, and left, carrying both the boys.

Mephisto placed the key leading to the church in the lock for him and turned. Fujimoto stepped through the door and yelled "I'm home! And I've brought guests!" Mephisto smirked at him, before withdrawing the key and tossing it in after him. The door slammed shut.

The other priests rushed out of their rooms at the noise, only to draw back in surprise at the sight of the two infants in the Head Priest's arms.

Fujimoto decided to introduce them. "This one, with the black hair is Rin. This one is Yukio. They will be staying with us indefinitely. These are the two that precipitated the disaster tonight, the ones I was sent to kill." the look on his face changed. "But they were just so cute!" he nearly squealed.

The pries looked around at each other. "Well, guess that's that." one said, and they all crowded around the two new residents, bombarding Fujimoto with questions about their care. When they realized he knew almost nothing of childcare, they all decided to pitch in.

Hello, Rin, Yukio. You're gonna have a fine time here. Just grow up and enjoy your life with us, okay?

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