Letting Go


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Getting Through


Penny walked into her apartment and collapsed on the couch. It was the same thing everyday. Jake telling her about his Dylan adventures. Obviously it would take more than a little sarcasm to get it across to him that she didn't want to hear about Dylan. It tore her up, ever since she developed a crush on him. She didn't meant for it to happen. Jake was the last person she thought she'd ever go for. Ever, and yet it had happened. To top it all off, he was obsessed with Dylan, so it would never last. It was a lose-lose situation.

What she needed was a night out on the town. She wanted to go out dancing or something. Preferrably, in a place where no one would recognize her. All she wanted to do was get lost in the music, she wasn't much of a dancer, and wasn't about to make a fool of herself in front of people she didn't know

She was finally about ready to go, when there was a knock on her door.

Penny: Halt, who goes there.

Person at the door: The Easter bunny

Penny: Nice try Jake

Jake: Can I come in?

Penny: I guess

Penny walks to the door and opens it to find a very excited and jumpy Jake.

Penny: Geez, who spiked your coffee?

Jake: Huh?

Penny: Nevermind, so why are you all jumpy?

Jake: I just go off the phone with Dylan, and her and Gavin had a huge fight and broke up. I'm on my way over there now to go console her.

Penny: .and you came all the way over here to tell me this? She lives in completely the other side of town, why didn't you just call me on your way over there?

Jake: Ya know what? Good idea. I'll call you in a minute or two from the Jeep

Penny: You and your Jeep

Jake: What?!?

Penny: Never mind, just go, call me

Jake: Bye Penny

She closed the door once Jake was gone and once again collapsed on the couch and sighed. She reached over to grab the phone, knowing it would be ringing any second, and sure enough, just as her hand touched it, it started to ring.

Penny: Bobo's Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor, how may I help you?

Jake: Funny Penny, anyways, like I was saying earlier, I was just sitting there, trying to find something to watch, when my phone rings. At first, I wasn't going to answer it, but then, I thought, maybe its Dylan, and sure enough, it was. I could tell she had been crying and she told me about how Gavin decided it was over between them, and he told her to have her stuff out by the end of the month. So I told her I'd come over and we'd talk about it and I'd help her pack.

Penny: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Jake: Come on Penny, this is no time to be sarcastic, just think, by the end of the week, Dylan will probably be living with me. Isn't that exciting?

Penny: Ya Jake, it really is.

Jake: I gotta go now, I have another call to make.

Penny: Alright then, bye

When she hung up the phone, she just sunk back into the couch. She said out loud to no on in particular 'Obviously I'm not going out tonight, I'm too bummed'

She turned on the TV and decided to watch Friends, she needed something to cheer her up. Somewhere between Will and Grace, and the new sitcom, Good Evening, Seattle, she fell asleep.


Penny is sitting on the couch in Jake's office waiting for him to finish his daily coffee time with Dylan, except he's running late today. All of a sudden he appears in the doorway:

Jake: Guess what Penny, I've forgotten all about my foolish love for Dylan because I'm falling in love with you.


All of a sudden she bolts up. "Dude, that was a little on the freaky side"

She turns off the TV after ER is over and goes to bed, hoping not to have another dream like that again.


The alarm woke her up from a deep slumber. After hitting the snooze button around 5 times, she finally got up and got in the shower. Once she was all ready, she looked at the clock. "Jesus: It was only 6:30, the earliest she had been up in what seemed to be forever. Since she still had ample time before she had to be to work, she decided to go out for a run. She hadn't been out running for quite a long time. She grabbed her stuff and set out on her trek.


At 7:45 she reached the station. She felt good after her run, though no on would notice, since no one ever saw who she really was at work, not even Jake. She didn't like dwelling on that though. It was a new day, with a whole bunch of new sarcasm.

She walked in and waltzed right into Jake's office. To her surprise, he was already there, sitting on his couch. He looked horrible, absolutely horrible. She just wanted to go give him a hug, but instead, sat down next to him.

Penny: Hey Jake, what's wrong?

Jake: I really don't wanna talk about it right now Penny, alright?

Penny: Ok, fine, I'll go away


Penny walked out of Jake's office and saw Dylan getting her morning coffee. She walked over to her, thinking to herself 'civil conversation, civil conversation' She just wanted to know what was wrong with Jake, her Jake.

Penny: Hey Dylan.

Dylan: Hey Penny, whats up?

Penny: Umm, actually, I wanted to see if you knew what was wrong with Jake.

Dylan: No, uh, nope, I mean, he came over last night and we talked, he helped me pack and I asked him to move out *Gasp* maybe that's it, *pause* but he seemed so fine with it before. Oh, now I really fell bad for him. Maybe I should go apologize.

Penny just looks at her. 'Is she really that blind. I mean, isn't it obvious that Jake has a major crush on her?' then she just shook her head and walked to her desk. 'And the morning started out so well too' She looked up to see that Dylan had followed her to her desk.

Dylan: Penny, is there something you aren't telling me?

Penny wanted to scream yes, and you are so BLIND that you don't even see it, he's been right in front of you the whole time, but chose not to.

Penny: Its nothing, now would you leave me alone?, I have work to do.

Dylan: Alright, bye

Penny sat there and watched Dylan walk away with a very confused look on her face. She put her headphones oh and listed to a random mix of songs, a CD Jake had burned for her. After about half an hour, she decided to go see how Jake was doing. The door was locked, to her surprise, so she gave a little knock.

Jake: Who is it?

Penny: A very non-sarcastic Penny, can I come talk?

Jake didn't say anything, he just came and opened the door for her. He went back to his desk and just sat there, while Penny went and threw herself on the couch. She looked at him and how broken he looked.

Penny: I know what's wrong Jake, u wanna talk about it?

Jake: You talked to her?

Penny: Ya, and its not as bad as you think it is.

Jake: How so?

Penny: I don't know, it just seemed like the kinda thing you say in a situation like this.

Jake: Oh, Ok

They just sat there like that for a whil, finally, Penny said:

Penny: You'll find someone, maybe Dylan wasn't the one, maybe there's someone 10 times better than her staring you right in the face and you just don't see her.

Jake: Like who, Penny?

Penny: I dunno, never mind, ya know what? Just forget I even mentioned it.

With that she got up and walked out of the room.


After what seemed like forever, her lunch hour finally came. She decided to jog down to Figarro's pizza and pick up a slice. She also decides to pick up a movie for later on that evening too. She picked out Legally Blonde, because she needed something cheery. With all her stopping, she just barely makes it back in time. She sits down at her desk, puts her headphones on, and gets back to the same boring stuff that is her job. While sitting there, she sees Dylan look at her every chance she gets. Finally, Penny can't stand it anymore, she gets up and goes over to talk to Dylan.

Penny: Look Dylan, if you have something to say, just say it, ok?

Dylan: what are you talking about Penny?

Penny: Look, you know what I'm talking about, you've been giving me weird looks all day and I'm sick of it.

Dylan: Its nothing, except, well, I saw you go in and talk to Jake earlier, and now he's to busy to let me come in to talk, and I'm just getting worried is all.

Penny: Its nothing, he's just out of it today. Look, if it'll get you off my back, I'll go talk to him for you, ok?

Dylan: Ok, but his door's locked, so you can't just walk in.

Penny: Ya I can

Penny went and walked over to her desk and grabbed her office keys. It was times like this where she was glad she had a spare key to Jake's office.

She walked to his door, unlocked it, and walked right on in. When she closed the door, she look at him and saw he was asleep. She decided not to wake him up and just let him sleep.


When he finally did wake up, he didn't even notice Penny sitting on the couch staring at him. Little did he know, that while he was asleep she had been admiring him from the couch, taking in everything he did. Just watching him sleep was like an automatic high for her. 'No Penny, he's not your type, he'll never go for you.' Jake still hasn't seen her so she says something to get his attention.

Penny: Earth to Jake, come in Jake

Jake nearly falls out of his chair and looks over to see Penny.

Jake: Jesus Penny, you scared the crap outta me.

Penny: I know, ok, look, I know you wanna be alone, but I came in to make a proposition. I know you're practically homeless right now, but if you need a place to stay for a while, I have a nice spare bedroom. Plus, I need a little help with my rent, its being jacked up.

Jake: Thanks Penny, I'll think about it.

Penny: Anytime.

With that she gets up and leaves, leaving Jake staring into space yet again.

Penny walks back to her desk and starts to think to herself. 'God he's so beautiful when he sleeps, I hope he want to come live with me, then everything would be just perfect'

Just then she sees Dylan walk into Jake's office and close the door.


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