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Prophecies and Chapter 1: Few to no Changes

\Prophecy1\- Heard by Voldemort/Tom Riddle

The one with the power to vanquish the evil in the world is near. Born as the seventh month dies, he will be marked by the Dark Lord and considered equal to evil; the Dark Lord will know his sacrifice and be released from his chains. The one equal to evil shall unite those of different ideals and he will be protected and protect alike those not expected. He is the light that will save us all. The darkness that comes is unlike any we have seen. But, he can not do what he needs with out the darkness that has marked him equal. Together, light and darkness will save and show the truth of truths. Born as the seventh month dies, neither light nor darkness will survive with out the other.

\Prophecy2\- Heard by Dumbledore & reported to Voldemort

The one with the power to defeat the evil in our world approaches...born to those who have thrice defied the Dark Lord, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal to the evil and lose himself before once more returning for the evil's equal, who is powerful; neither the evil or its equal can live as the other survives...The one with the power known not by evil; shall be born as the seventh month dies.

Chapter 1

James Potter helped a very pregnant Lily Potter through the fire into the office of one Albus Dumbledore. Also in the office were Frank Longbottom and his pregnant wife Alice. "Albus, what's going on?" Frank asked the old wizard, whose eyes were missing their usual twinkle.

"There was a prophecy about Voldemort and a child born at the end of July who will defeat him, Frank. And only your families fit the description." Albus answered gravely.

"No! There has to be a mistake Albus." James growled. "My children will not be facing that deranged monster!" Lily, Frank, and Alice all nodding their agreement with James.

"There is no mistake James.

'The one with the power to defeat the evil in our world approaches...'
Obviously this refers to Voldemort.

'born to those who have thrice defied the Dark Lord, born as the seventh month dies... '
There is only your families that have defied him three times that has a child due at the end of July.

'and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal to the evil and lose himself'
The child will defeat him if he goes to destroy that child.

'before once more returning for the evil's equal, who is powerful;'
He will only be gone before rising once more; the child will be powerful enough to defeat him again.

'neither the evil or its equal can live as the other survives...The one with the power known not by evil; shall be born as the seventh month dies.'

The child will have a power that Voldemort doesn't know. And that is the prophecy. Only your families fit the description given. There is no denying this. I don't like it any more than you, but one of your children will be the savior of our world." The 2 couples sat frozen in disbelief and fear. "There's another reason you're here." Albus said after a few minutes of silence.

They looked up at him sharply. "I believe that you should all go into hiding, at least for a while. Voldemort has heard the prophecy, and will be after your families once he is aware it's one of your children. I suggest you do the Fidelius Charm for safety as soon as the children are born in a month. You know the charm, and I implore you todo this as soon as possible."

Albus watched as the 2 couples left his office. Once they were gone, he gave an un-hinged grin. 'This war is almost over.' His eyes gleamed as he cackled slightly. The phoenix on the perch gave the old man a weary look before scooting away from the man. His master was going to be completely insane unless something happened.

July 31st St. Mungo's: 11:30 pm

"That's it Mrs. Longbottom, just a little more!" The doctor told the dark-haired woman on the bed.
"Push Alice! Just a little more honey!" a disheveled burnet man- Frank- told his wife. A couple minutes later, a cry filled the room.

"Congratulations Alice and Frank, you have a healthy baby boy." The deliverer told the couple, handing the baby-who had a tuft of his parents hair to the smiling mother.

"Oh Alice, he's perfect, just like you." Frank told his wife.

"He's going to be strong like you Frank." Alice said with a grin. "What should we name him?"

"How about Neville, Neville Augustus Longbottom." Frank replied.

"It's perfect." Alice agreed.

July 31st St. Mungo's: 11:55 pm

"Just a little more Mrs. Potter. I see the crown. One more push! Well done, you have a healthy baby boy." The doctor said, giving the crying baby boy to the nurse to clean. "One more to go."

"You can do it Lily!" James told his fiery haired wife who was currently resting after crushing his hand. "Get ready to push again Sweety." James encouraged. He winced as his wife started crushing his hand once more as she gave a cry.

"He's almost here Mrs. Potter!" The doctor soothed. A soft cry was heard seconds before the clock struck midnight. The doctor was amazed as he held the small baby boy who was severely small for a new born. "Nurse, get a monitor chamber ready for this baby." He told the nurse who had just finished giving the required nutrient shots to the first, large baby.

James and Lily looked at the doctor alarmed. "What's wrong ?!" Lily gasped out.

"You're second son's very tiny, and we'd like to check to see if there are any complications with him is all. And this nurse is going to clean the first child right in here." The doctor answered. "You'll have your children in a few minutes." the doctor said. The nurse gave Lily a calming drought. "Your friends can come in and wait with you." the doctor and main nurse left while another nurse left and 2 men barged into the room.

"What's going on?" the tallest one with shaggy black hair asked. This was Sirius Black.

"They took our youngest baby to a monitor chamber." Lily said, worry evident in her voice and stature. The other man, who had sandy brown hair and a tired stature, went and hugged the distraught woman. This was Remus Lupin. He was also a werewolf.

"He'll be fine Lily. I'm sure of it." Remus said.

"Where's Peter?" Lily asked after calming down, while keeping watch on the nurse bathing her first born. She was almost finished.

"His mother needed help. She's not been doing well, and had a heart attack." Sirius replied, also watching the first born who had a tuft of red hair.

"Oh poor Peter." Lily said. "Thank you." she told the nurse when the red haired baby was placed in her hands. She smiled at the bundle. They wouldn't name either child until they were both there with them.

The group waited in silence for about 5 minutes before the doctor and nurse came in with a small bundle. "You're first son, he is very healthy. He is a good 8 pounds. But your youngest son though, is about 5.7 pounds. Your first son just got more nutrients than your second one." The doctor explained to the group. They handed the last baby to his mother to be fed. "Now you just need to name your boys." the nurse said.

"Well, our first son shall be named Liam Michael Potter." James said happily.

"And little Harry will be Harry James Potter." Lily said happily. The parents looked at each other before turning to their 2 friends. "Sirius, Remus, we would like you guys to be the godfathers of our sons. For Liam, we'd like Sirius to be his Godfather, and we wanted Remus to be Harry's." She told them with a smile. The 2 men were gob smacked before they gave huge smiles and shouted their acceptance and happiness.

July 31st:
Neville Augustus Longbottom- born at 11:45pm
Liam Michael Potter- born at 11:56pm
Harry James Potter- born at 11:59pm

The new parents went into hiding only a few days later.

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