/N: Hey everyone! I'm back and I'm sorry for being so late for this. But here it is. The final chapter of Harry Hadrian Snape & the Sorcerer's Stone. It's a little short, but I like it. Huge thanks to S for being my Beta through out this story.

Ch. 22

Harry groaned as he awoke, feeling sore. He opened his eyes only to close them again at the bright sunlight. 'Ugh! what happened?' he wondered.
"Thank Merlin you're awake Harry!" a voice said from his side. Harry squinted his eyes abit before opening them fully to see his dad.
"D-Dad!" Harry hugged his dad tightly.
"Thank Merlin you're finally awake Harry!" Severus said, holding his son just as tightly. They were quiet as they enjoyed their moment, finally Harry broke away as Nagi slithered onto the bed he was in.
'Hey Nagi. You okay?' Harry asked, noticing that the velso's scales weren't as shiny as they usually were.
'Yesss. Just glad you are awake. You were out for 3 dayssss.' Nagi replied, wrapping around Harry's shoulders.
'3 days!' Harry thought. 'That means today's the last day of school and everyone will be going home.'
"Harry, I need to talk to you." Severus told the boy. Harry got nervous. "I need you to tell me everything Harry. Leave nothing out, okay?" Harry sighed and nodded, but a thought came to his mind.
"Are Draco, Blaise, and Neville okay?" he asked. Severus couldn't help but give a slight smile and nodded. "Thank goodness."
"Now, let's begin from the beginning Harry." It took a couple hours for Harry to explain everything that had happened that year. From Fluffy to learning about the stone and telling his friends. How they got involved with Hagrid and Norberta. He also told him about the time during Christmas break when he was in the same room as Quirrel and his master and what he and Nagi had heard. All the while, Severus's face stayed stoic, not showing his reactions. Inside though, he was yelling, crying, hurt, freaked out and actually, proud of his son and what he had done, weirdly.
"So then the shadow went through me and that's the end of it ." Harry finished telling his dad everything about that year. Severus took a deep breath, trying to reign in his emotions. The duo were quiet for a few minutes before Harry asked nervously. "A-are you mad?"
"No, not mad. But Harry, you should have come to me a lot sooner, not only when you decided to go after a crazy lunatic. Harry, you put not only yourself, but your friends in danger because of this. I'm impressed you kids all figured this out, but Harry, honestly you should've known better than to get so deeply involved with something so dangerous. Why didn't you tell me any of this?"
"I figured that you already knew all of the stuff we found out about Quirrel and the stone. Plus, I didn't want you to get distracted by worrying about me. You would've gotten hurt because of it. I didn't want that." Harry told him.
"Harry, as touched as I am that you were worried about me, you know me and everything I've done and been through. You know I can protect myself just fine." Severus said.
"I just didn't want to take the chance of losing you." Harry mumbled. Severus hugged his son, knowing he needed the comfort.
"Well, since you have broken a lot of rules, Harry, and put yourself in so much danger this year, you're grounded for a month. No books or anything. Draw and write all you want after your normal chores are done, but no reading." Severus told him. "Also, you can not use the potions labratory or visiting any of your friends, not even Draco." Harry's eyes were wide with disbelief. When seeing his dad was being serious, he just nodded in resignation. Severus nodded at that. His son was accepting the consequences for his actions and that showed maturity on his son's part. He hugged his son once more. "Please Harry, don't hide something like this from me again, please?" Severus asked his son, who nodded.
"I won't..." Harry trailed off unsure. Severus understood.
"As long as it's not something this dangerous or life threatening, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to or are asked to keep it a secret." Harry nodded with a smile. Just then, Madam Pomfrey entered.
"Oh good you're awake. Alright, let's check you over." she was done in a few minutes. "You're good to go, Harry. The going away feast is in an hour, you can attend it if you want." Harry nodded enthusiastically. "Alright then." Pomfrey left.
"Harry, you didn't tell me, but what happened to the stone?" Severus wondered, remembering that small tidbit.
"Oh, the mirror said that it was sent back to Nicholas with a note explaining what's happened. I thought to myself when I looked into the mirror, that I didn't want to use the stone, find it and return it to Flamel, since it was his, but not use it. Immortality seems lonely. The reflection said very well and disappeared." Harry shrugged. Severus was very proud of his son for that.
"Mr. Snape," Pomfrey began.
"Yes?" Harry and Severus asked, both wearing a small smirk at the flustered nurse.
"Harry, you have visiters." before the 2 Snapes could ask who it was, there were 2 identical squeals behind said nurse. It Harry's friends. They watched as Theo, Hermione, Daphne, Neville, Blaise, and Draco entered the room.
"Harry!" they all cried, going and trapping their smallest friend into a group hug. Harry laughed and returned it as Nagi slithered over to Severus to avoid being smushed. "Are you okay? How are you feeling?" they all asked.
"I'm fine you guys. I feel great and Madam Pomfrey told me that I can attend the feast." Harry told them, making them all smile happily.
"So what happened after we seperated Hade?" Draco asked his friend. Harry took a few minutes to explain the events with Quirrel and his master.
"Wow! I'm so glad your okay!" the girls hugged Harry tightly.
"Well, as it turns out, Dumbledore is keeping it hushed up from the press and the rest of the students. Apparantly since it wasn't Liam Potter who stopped the stone's being stolen, he doesn't want to let people know it came so close to being taken. But, to be a little fair, he gave Harry a Award for Special Sevices to the School." Hermione said, bringing the topic up.
"And how would you know that Ms. Granger?" Severus asked curiously.
"I saw him put it into the Trophy Room and heard him discussing it with the Potters and Filch, though he didn't say right out that it was because Liam wasn't the one to stop the theft. He just said 'We don't want any bad publicity, so we can't make it public the the stone had been almost stolen. So we will give Mr. Harry Snape this award for Special Services to the school.' But I know if it had been Liam, it would be all over the papers. He favors Liam above all others." Hermione told them. They all nodded.
"I don't really care. So long as we can keep Quirrel's master from reviving, it'll be okay." Harry shrugged. Severus watched as the group continued talking, it was about 10 minutes till the feast when Prof. Dumbledore entered the infirmary.
"Harry my boy, It's good to see you awake. I hope you're feeling well?" Harry nodded. "That's good. Harry, could you please tell me what happened when you faced Quirrel? I have you're friends' stories, I'd like to hear yours." Dumbledore told him. So, Harry told him what happened between him and Quirrel though he left out him being the BWL and told Dumbledore Quirrel had been expecting Liam, but made due with him. He also told him that the mirror sent the stone to Nicholas Flamel with a note, explaining what happened. Dumbledore nodded after the boy had finished. "Thank you for informing me of this Harry. And to thank you for your services, I have put an award in the Trophy Room."
"Thank you Prof. Dumbledore." Harry said, honestly sincere, but faking surprise.

"See you at the feast children, Severus, Pomfrey." with that, he left the infirmary. Together the group of 7 students and 2 adults headed to the feast a little bit later. It was with great pride that the Great Hall was decorated in green and silver. They had been enjoying the feast when Dumbledore stood up, getting the hall's attention.
"Another year has come and gone. We have all learned lots, so now, you have a whole summer to forget all of it. We have all made great new friends. Now for house points. In 4th place is Griffyndor with 387 points. 3rd place was Hufflepuff with 404 points. 2nd place goes to Ravenclaw with 424 points. And Slytherin won 1st with 437 points. Concradulations to Slytherin house for winning the House Cup." Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and the Weasley twins cheered. They finally quieted down so he could continue.
"Once the feast is over, you will all go to your dorms and finish packing your trunks and returning all library books that you may still have out. Everyone will head down to the station a couple hours after the feast. To our 7th years! You have all done well and we expect you to put what you learned over the years to good use as you make a life for yourself." With that he was done. Everyone finished eating and visiting and went to finish packing, though in Harry's case he was starting to pack.
His dad had informed him he would take the train to King's Cross so he could explain his punishment to his friends and hang out with them. Harry was very happy. Soon, before they knew it, 11:00 in the morning arrived and Harry and his group was heading to the train and were finding a compartment to sit in. The train ride back was full of explaing his punishment and planning their plans for the summer. They ate sweets and played many games of exploding snap and wizard's chess. They were surprised that they hadn't been bothered by Liam and his goons. It was relaxing.
It was late afternoon when the train arrived at the station. Everyone piled out and gave eachother hugs good bye. The twins even came over to hhug and say bye to them, as did Cedric. Soon Harry and Draco were left by their friends going seperate ways. "Harry! Dragon!" a voice called out. It was Narcissa and Lucius.
"Mom! Dad!" Draco said happily, while Harry called "Aunt Cissa and Uncle Luci!" the 2 slytherins ran to the blondes and hugged them.
"Oh, i've missed you 2 so much. Now, Severus wrote to tell us that you 2 were involved in some dangerous activities this year." Narcissa said in a calm voice, releasing the boys.
"The dragon was all Hade." Draco said at once.
"Dray!" Harry cried in disbelief. "Well you're the one that cornered me to tell you about Quirrel and the stone." Harry growled back. The 2 Malfoy's rolled their eyes a bit at the boys' behavior.
"Boys! Later. Now we know about your punishment Harry. So you won't be able to come over for a month. Alright, Severus should be here soon."
"Or I could be here now." a smooth voice said, startling the boys. "Thanks for staying here with Harry until I could get here. Come along Harry, It's a month, not a year. You'll continue your argument in a months time." Harry gave a slight smile and hugged all 3 Malfoys.
"Bye!" Harry called and the families apparated to their respectful homes, with plans for their summer.