Getting this out of my head is mostly a cathartic exercise. I figure most of you understand.

Additionally, this is an emergent, iterative object, so edits may happen anywhere at any time until I get it locked down. If something changes, it's probably because I changed it, and shouldn't be taken as proof that you're sliding between alt realities. I mean, I don't know you or anything. You might be. But this shouldn't be taken as evidence by itself I guess. Use your best judgement.

Feedback welcome, as I'm pants-on-head level of 'i have no idea what I'm doing'.

A moment, frozen in time.

The cold static vibration of a perma-death rewind with nowhen else to go.

The first of them fell from above. We never saw it coming, and we never stood a chance. None of us.


Like a global golden hour, only a gazillion times more intense. Is this what it feels like to stand on the surface of the sun? Everything just...burned away?

We can't fix this. I...can't fix this. For all our plans and our promises, for all the good we've done, I can't save you this time. I can't save any of them. This was deliberate. And the world was too unprepared. The seeds of neglect planted too far back.

How can I possibly say goodbye?

"Oh hi love, don't mind me. No, nothing's wrong. Just rewound for a last kiss, cuddle and squeeze before our entire fucking world is turned to vaporous ash by surprise evil space assholes...wait...why are you crying?"

As it was, you didn't feel a thing. I don't want you to know our last hour is our last. It would be cruel and selfish. And I can't. There's nothing I can do anyway. You shouldn't have to die again. Not again.

We said we'd be together til the end. We've had more love and happiness than any two people deserve, and the most amazing life together. I want nothing more than to join you now. I'd be content with that.

But it won't let me die.

So there's only one way back to you. One path with a chance of having a forward with you.

I'm so sorry that all of this, all of us, will be lost for you Chloe. But I remember everything. I swear I'll make it up to you. So many mistakes, so much trauma we don't have to repeat. We'll have a new life together. A new mission. It will be different, but we'll still be us. And I don't have a choice anyway. I can't stay here. And there's nowhere else for me to go.

One way trip. Sorry old Max. Don't be sad. You're not being overwritten. Just...looped. I'm still you, just more you now. With all of our memories and everything we know.

And everything we've become.

Goodbye end of the world. I hope we meet under different circumstances next time. No offense.