Rin Okumura was laying on the bed, covered by a rather thick duvet and with his legs tangled in the sheets. Cold sweat was trickling down his forehead, which was making him shiver a bit. Something was odd. Really odd. He felt like he was about to burn from the heat of his own body.

He began to lose his consciousness gradually. His vision had become hazy, just a while ago, just as his mind's gone blank. Then he saw something more unrealistic. Everything before his eyes was covered, was burning more specifically due to blue flames. Suddenly, someone appeared in the vision. Black bangs covering his face and small flames, dancing vigorously on them. As he'd realized later, the man was no-one other than himself.

"Nii-san?" He heard a whisper, and felt the arm of his brother, shaking his shoulder. He regained his consciousness and looked at his twin brother a bit disoriented.

"Yuki…o.." He whispered even more quietly, grasping his hand tightly. The younger brother was a bit scared of Rin's actions, so he stepped back a bit just to escape from his brother's hold.

"What's up with you?" He asked, quite disoriented. Rin shook his head and slapped both his cheeks to get himself awake.

"Nothing…just a nightmare, I think…" He answered, getting up and walking past Yukio. He went outside without a word. Rin headed to the washbasin, so as to get rid of the sticky sweat that he had been covered in. He turned on the tap and accumulated a portion of water and splashed his face.

"Rin." A girl's voice came to his ears. It was Izumo. He turned around and greeted her with a big stupidly looking smile.

"What're you doing here this late?" He asked her, and waited for her response with a smile.

"I had had to bring my essay about the healing plants for Okumura-sensei." She replied, tangling her arms near her breast.

"What the heck?!" He screamed out of the blue, "We have to write an essay?! Yukio will definitely kill me." He groaned, seriously scared. Kamiki burst into laughter, just by looking at his actions. He had fallen to the floor and tightened his fists, when he was screaming.

"And today's the deadline." She added, after getting through his screams.

"You've got to be kidding me…!"

Miraculously, he had avoided his twin's anger. Everything had returned to normal. Rin had already forgotten about the nightmare that night. He was just as cheerful as he always used to be.

There was a small thing, that had been distracting him ever since the mission to Kyoto. It was his brother, that seemed to be really cold to him since then. He didn't know the reason behind the indifferent actions of Yukio towards him.

His thoughts were interrupted by his twin, talking to him.

"Don't think that I've forgotten about the essay. I'll give you two days. After the time I want to see it on my desk, understand." Said Yukio as coldly as he could, without looking at Rin.

"Roger!" exclaimed Rin, sticking two fingers to his right-upper side of forehead, so as to salute. He also made a funny face, sticking his tongue out a bit.

Yukio left without saying anything, heading up to the dormitory's exit. Rin did the same thing and as he left the huge building, he saw Shiemi sitting with Izumo and Paku on a small blanket in the yard. They were eating their lunch.

As he saw the short, blond-haired girl, he went up with an idea and happily ran to them.

"Shiemi!" He shouted, giving the girl goose bumps from the shock. She immediately turned her head and smiled as she recognized him. Shiemi waited for him, waving her hand happily.


"Shiemi. Can you do me a favor?" He asked right after he arrived there. "Can you help me with an essay about the herbs?" He asked her for help, folding his hands like for a prayer. The girl smiled once again and nodded.

"Of course. We can even start now!" She replied cheerfully, standing up and waving to the other girls, who were still eating their bentos.

"That one's aloe!" She told him, pointing at a plant with a long stem, with a big, long flower at the end of the stem. "It's used for burns and juice from the leafs is used for poisoning." She explained with a serious look. Rin wrote a small note on the piece of paper, that was laying on the desk. They were in Shiemi's mother's shop. Surrounded by the glass-cases with various medicaments. Rin gazed out a bit. Yukio came to his mind…

"And that one's horsetail!" She said with excitement and looked at the boy. But he was really spaced out.


The half-demon blinked. "Sorry…!" He apologized, and smiled neatly. "I was just thinking about something."

Rin returned after two hours with a complete essay. He left it on the desk, as Yukio had wanted.

As he had nothing to do anymore, he jumped onto the bed and rolled countless times. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. As he closed them Rin saw the nightmare, that was similar to the first one, but there was something different.

There was him, staying alone in a yard. It was raining heavily, water pouring down from above. The black clouds had completely covered the sky, making everything darker. Then he saw a man, taller than him, dressed in a black coat sith buttons lining down. He didn't see his face, because it wasn't lifted.

"Just look at yourself." Said the man as he headed towards him. Rin's body was shivering. Suddenly, he realized, that his hands and his whole body was covered in bright blue flames. As he looked at the ground he saw someone burning, covered in flames. He stepped back shivering, looking again around the place.

"Wh-aa-at…?-" He stammered, releasing a small exclaim. He looked once again at the stranger. The man raised his head. It was Yukio…

"You're just a monster, Nii-san." Hissed the younger one, with an indifferent voice and coldly pushed Rin away, when he grasped his coat. "A killing machine." he added at the end.

Shock grasped Rin's freezing body as he heard his brother's words. "Wh..what.." He choked out, his mouth dry suddenly. The younger twin glared at him.

"Don't you get it?!" Yukio exclaimed, hate seeping from his voice. He shoved the half-demon, and Rin looked at him in disbelief. "Your a fucking monster! Just get away from me!"

Rin woke up, covered in perspiration, looking around as he slowly regained consciousness. Yukio was standing right before him, looking at his brother strangely. A small tear trickled down his cheek. Yukio noticed it unfortunately and grasped his hand.

"Don't touch me." Rin said coldly, his voice shaking as he moved back against the wall.

"Rin.." He once again grasped his hand and pulled him nearer.

"I'm a monster, right? A fucking dangerous killing machine, right?"

"Rin!" Yukio pulled him even closer, worry filling his voice. Something was wrong with his brother. "What are you talking about?!" Then something changed about Rin. His eyes were a even brighter blue than it usual, and had a unnatural glow to them. The older twin let out a soft chuckle, which grew into a crazed laugh.

"Rin?" Yukio said once again, filled with fear as he shook his brother's shoulders. Rin covered his face with one hand and continued laughing.

"Hello, my son."