What if Harry had somehow gotten involved with the mafia after Voldemort's defeat? What if Reborn was just a little too bored? What if the Conqueror met Chaos personified? Harry/Reborn

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Warnings: Angst, slash (please stay away if you don't like) though nothing too graphic, definitely AU in places, will be slow moving especially in the beginning

Chapter 1

Reborn entered the abandoned building, smirking internally while considering the very obviously intended, ominous feel of the old storage facility. Yeah, very intentionally, supposedly abandoned seemed about right.

He was just going to get in, extract the information and get out before anyone noticed that he had even been there. The base belonged the Corocos Famiglia, a small unimportant Famiglia that had only started to appear on the radar of the bigger players due to their involvement in some unscrupulous and definitely not entirely sanctioned businesses. Corocos had signed their own death warrants with just a few idiotic decisions. Too many people out for revenge, too few people that would work for a Famiglia that did not hold up their end of the contracts. They would vanish within the next few weeks, taken apart by various players, big or small, their business re-distributed between whoever got there first.

And Reborn himself, well he was always first, faster, better than anyone else. So, here he was.

He had gotten information about Corocos 'obtaining' a new technology that was in some way related to Flame activation - and wouldn't Vongola be horrified at that. As the Corocos Famiglia was not known to have any powerful Flame users, this had already been interesting enough for him to at least come check it out. The information on this technology was naturally not supposed to be actually available, but well, he wasn't the World's Greatest Hitman for nothing.

Even though information brokering usually wasn't his thing, he had been entirely too bored and the offered contracts far too much more-of-the-same to hold his interest. Some information brokering was at least going to break up the routine.

Reborn moved through the building, quite leisurely to be honest. The security was almost humorous. Cameras evenly spaced, moving steadily in defined angles... Maybe this wasn't going to be quite as interesting as he had hoped.

Reborn moved through the second floor basement level of the 'secret' base.

Even though he had already found the target and extracted any information on the technology - which had surprisingly turned out to also include a list of potential Flame users that really shouldn't exist, especially in the hands of some small Famiglia without much of a conscience - something in this part of the building had his instincts coiled quite a bit tighter than he would have expected even just a little while ago.

It might have something to do with the information he now carried with him. Reborn knew how the technology had been obtained, but there had been no clues on how the list had been compiled.

His insticts lurched just as he was passing a corridor to the left, not necessarily to warn him of any danger, but rather as though to make him take notice. He did not have the Vongola intuition, but he had not survived in his line of work for this long or reached and maintained his position at the top by ignoring his instincts, be it good or bad.

To the left it was.

Reborn moved down the corridor and came to a stop at a door on the right side. His instincts were pulling at him insistently and there was nothing in this world that would have been able to keep him from entering this room and investigating. He abhorred going into anything without sufficient information - meaning all information there was on any given situation - but this was...

Not knowing what to expect on the other side, he quickly threw open the door without letting go of it to prevent any noise, gun in hand. There were two men in the room with their backs to him and they were focused entirely on the observation window on the other side of the room. Reborn moved slightly to the side to see better, his Flames humming in the back of his mind.

There was someone tied to a chair in the room on the other side of the window with someone standing over them. Well that solved his need for a source of information then.

The two men in the room with him were taken out without ever noticing his presence and Reborn moved towards the window. The man in the chair seemed to be either unconscious or rather close to it, as he was sitting slumped and his head was lolling. Reborn could only see dark hair and a slim body, as the man was only wearing boxers. Old school interrogation then? Make the body feel weak and the mind will follow?

The other man, assumedly a member of Corocos, was staring down at the man with a seriously deranged expression, a mixture of uncontrolled anger, enjoyment, greed and power. Reborn hated that kind, people who found enjoyment in a completely powerless opponent were entirely beneath his notice.

Though he disliked people who were weak enough to get into a position of complete helplessness almost as much.

However, there was something not right about this situation. The assumed interrogator was not asking any questions, didn't even seem to be trying to get any kind response from the prisoner. Suddenly, he grabbed the prisoner's hair and harshly pulled his head up.

Reborn almost drew in a sharp breath. The man - or should he say boy, probably not quite out of his teens yet - was quite beautiful, delicate with fine bone structure and pale skin. But the feature that really grabbed his attention was the blazing green eyes. Although it appeared as though the prisoner would not even have the strength to sit up on his own, there was no capitulation in his gaze, no fear. There was resentment, resignation and anger - or rather utter fury - and contempt in the small slits of his eyes. Well, even if this person turned out to be entirely useless, Reborn would truly enjoy having him writhing beneath him, eyes blazing up at him.

Decision made, Reborn nonchalantly entered through the door next to the observation window, while surreptitiously confirming the lack of cameras in the room, fully intending to move towards the two occupants. However, with the opening of the door, his prior assessment of the situation was entirely thrown out.

Sky Flames. Powerful Sky Flames of ridiculous purity saturated the room.

His brain took only an additional moment, a slight hesitation that was barely noticeable on the outside, while recalculating everything. The man in the chair was a Sky, a ridiculously powerful one at that.

The Corocos goon had not even really noticed Reborn's entrance, too focused on the captured Sky. However, the blazing green eyes had immediately focused on Reborn, assessed him and apparently determined him to be more of a threat than the guy standing right in front of him. Reborn actually felt himself preen on the inside.

Though the Corocos member appeared to have noticed his presence now, even if only because the object of his interest had his focus diverted elsewhere. He still did not turn around.

"Get out. It's my turn. All of you tanked. But I'm not a pussy like you. I will be first." He sounded quite deranged, but Reborn understood immediately what was going on, putting the information together.

The list with potential Flame users. There had been different Flame types on that list when he had glanced at it and it wasn't too much of a stretch to assume it might have included potential Sky Flame users. Possibly even civilian. Because there was no way the Sky tied to the chair would have been able to go unnoticed in the mafia. It was a miracle someone had not stumbled across him by accident, civilian or not.

So the Sky had been identified, somehow, and had been forced into activation with the newly 'obtained' technology. However, there was no apparent usage or leakage of the Flames. Had the Sky somehow been able to rein in his Flames almost immediately?

The setup in the interrogation room also gained an entirely different context. The temperature was set incredibly low, so much so that Reborn could feel it even though his Sun Flames kept his temperature elevated at all times. Probably starvation and sleep deprivation as well, going by the haggard expression on the Sky's face. This setup was intended to weaken the Sky, force him into accepting bonds and with Elements far below his own power at that. With a Sky of this power any Famiglia would immediately move up in the ranks. Though Reborn doubted that they would have remained there. For a Sky like this, some other more powerful Famiglia would soon have swooped in and taken him for themselves.

However, going by what the goon had said, so far no one had been able to force the Sky into any kind of bond. Reborn felt like licking his lips. Even more so, as the green eyes had not left him since he had entered, almost seeming to dismiss the Corocos entirely as a threat in comparison to Reborn.

A quick move forwards and the deranged mafia goon was unconscious, in case there was any information Reborn might need later on. If not, killing him would not require any additional effort on his part. With the same movement he reached out and supported the Sky's head underneath his chin as the lunatic collapsed. Afterwards, he would be torn between calling himself all kinds of a fool in the privacy of own mind or enthusiastically congratulating himself for this action.

It had been instinctive, his Flames, his entire being focused on the Sky. With the skin contact, the bond slammed into place.