The minister looked down at me a cold glint in his glare, "You, Davina Megara Malfoy, have been accused of breaking almost every law in any book in the Wizarding World and helping Lord Voldemort throughout both of the Wars. Ordinarily you'd be sent straightto
Azkaban. But to prevent another situation like Sirius Black's-" his eyes shot a pointed look towards "the-boy-who-lived" in the stand. "-we are giving you a trial. From the beginning Miss. Malfoy?"

I clear my throat, knowing I'd be speaking for a while, so much had happened before the end.

"Before I start I want to say this:

Before any of this happened, before Voldemort or the horcruxes or any war I had anything to do with there was a boy. A boy that had power and grew so accustom to being feared that he expected it. A boy I knew quite well. His name was Tom Riddle. Now,
/I realize what this must sound like, some Death Eater defending the Dark Lord, what's new?

Well, I'm not defending him.

Tom Riddle was not a good person by any means. He was mean, manipulative, cruel and at times extremely arrogant. No, Tom Riddle was never a good person, but he wasn't always a monster.

So, I know that you only knew Lord Voldemort, who tore apart families like they were wrapping paper, but I knew Tom. And that's who I choose to trust in the end.

I'll tell you everything now from the beginning, but please, keep an open mind."

As they nodded I sighed. After this, everyone would know my story and part of me really didn't like that. Not many people knew about the wars beginning, and of those people I was the last one alive. The wars secrets were mine alone.

"Where do I begin?"