Author's Note: So I'm back with a quick drabble. It's a short DeiSaku story set in a College AU (which is none of the three choices I've put in my profile poll). I'm thinking of making this a long time fic since I've been reading a lot of SasuSaku Modern AUs because fanart has a funny way of making you jump back into a fandom. So anyway, there are so many good SasuSaku AUs that it was unfair to me as a Kaka/Dei/ItaxSaku fan.


I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

The club in the story is actually a local club here in the Philippines. When I first went there, I told myself I was going to memorize everything about it and use it for this fic since I needed a basis on the setting.

I will use real-world references in the story (i.e. McDonald's, Camry, Smirnoff) though purely for story-telling. I own nothing.

I do not own the lyrics in the rest of the story.

Walking down town like a fallen urban angel

Every street could be home, it's plain to see

Mama said trust yourself long before you trust a stranger

But she's a long way from home, her destiny

Ino smoked her out of her bed, forced her into her boots and dragged her out of the apartment tonight. Sakura had already been fine in their dorm room, wrapped in her comforter to shield herself from the chill of their air-conditioning. Her earphones were in place with one of Faber Drive's older albums in shuffle. But Ino was persistent on taking her out on a Saturday night.

Two weeks—that's all they had left until their very last year as college students. Two weeks was all they had until the last and the bloodiest year in their pursuit for higher education. Frankly, a buttload of school work did not bother Haruno Sakura. If anything, she welcomed it. It kept her pre-occupied. But Ino was a different story.

Sakura and Ino were best friends since high school. When they both took their examinations at Ompahlos University, the two of them passed and agreed to talk their parents into allowing them to board inside the university.

While her roommate was living her own dream of studying Behavioral Science, Sakura was currently seeing to finish her degree in Mass Communication. While Nursing had been her first choice as a college degree, her mother's income would not be able to meet the tuition required in science and medical colleges. Media studies seemed to be a good second option at the time since her mother worked as a producer for her father's media firm.

Until their divorce three years ago.

Two weeks until her work load was filled with term papers, video submissions and the like. On the desktop of her netbook was the file of her thesis with Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke which remained untouched for several weeks. They wouldn't be able to put it off any longer now that their thesis adviser was back from his conference.

Meanwhile, Ino was stressing out on how she would be able to squeeze in her leisure time between academics and internship shifts. With this dilemma in mind, she was hell-bent on having a good time on her last few weeks and decided that Sakura should enjoy too.

There was a recently-opened club in the business district which was only a quick drive from Omphalos University. There were two things in that sentence that made Sakura a little skeptic to come with her best friend.

First of all, it was a drive away from O.U. which meant that they had to drive to and from. Alcohol was inevitable at those places, she knew, so it was either one of them had to sacrifice having a good time tonight or they were going to risk themselves by getting drunk tonight and drive back to the university both drunk. Of course, Sakura was willing to sacrifice because the other thing that bothered her was that they were going to a club.

Sakura wasn't new to drinking. In fact, she first started drinking on their first year in college when her parents separated. She'd seen every private bar placed around Omphalos University—both the permitted ones and the underground bars. But she'd never been to a club.

She never saw a point.

A fancy white neon sign flashed above them as they stepped out of the car in the parking lot. Lucky for them, one of the Audi cars parked at front left and gave way for Ino's black Camry.

Valkyrie, the sign read. Ino's heels clicked with every step while the chain on Sakura's boots rattled quietly as they walked to the entrance. There was a messy line all the way to the bouncers who were inspecting their bags and IDs.

Suddenly, Sakura felt conscious of her appearance. People around her wore short skirts, spaghetti-strapped tops and crop tops. There were those like Ino who flaunted their curves with body-hugging dressed that only covered so much of their thighs. Meanwhile, no effort had been put into putting together her outfit. She just pulled on the first white shirt and black pants she was able to reach in her closet. Her shirt was ripped "artistically" at the sleeves and her pants were made of some shiny material that Ino most probably knew the name of. With her black Chucks already nearly worn out, Sakura had no other choice but to wear her boots.

They didn't stand in line for more than a few minutes and they were able to enter.

The lights weren't as blinding as she originally thought they were going to be. The music was loud enough for the bass line to actually make her heart hump in her chest a little harder but not as deafening as expected as she was able to slip Ino a quick question about the place. But the bass line was nice.

"This is where you are all those nights you were gone?" asked the pinkie. She looked at her friend who was clad in a little indigo dress and 4-inch heels. Suddenly, Sakura felt smaller than usual. While the blonde was originally taller than her by a few inches, the high ceiling of the interior was overwhelming her.

Ino turned to her and shrugged. "Yeah but not always," she answered. "This just opened after all. And there's more than one club around the city but this is the closest one. Come on, I got a reserved table over there at the dance floor."

Before Sakura could even ask if she heard dance floor right, she was already being tugged in the middle of the crowd. They walked the steps downward and toward the middle of the club which was a wide translucent floor lit from underneath. The table her friend had been talking about was a tall table sans stools so Sakura assumed they were going to stand the whole night. Ino was already moving to the beat while Sakura took in the interior for a few minutes.

It was dark. The only lights were coming from the stage, both LED and spotlights wildly flashing and navigating around the club. The first floor was mainly a sunken dance floor with tables on the levelled platforms surrounding the area. Sakura looked to the second floor which looked almost like a balcony.

Men and women stood by the glass railings, enjoying their view of the whole dance floor. In the shadows, Sakura could see women approaching foreigners, whispering in their ears before proceeding to dance with them. It wasn't exclusive to the second floor. She'd already two women dry humping with two middle-aged dudes at the table not far from theirs.

Beside them was the bar where two guys juggled vodka bottles expertly, putting on a show for all the women who were expecting free drinks. Meanwhile, the men found it a disproportionate battle to win the bartenders' attention. They were up against cleavages.

An elbow was on her side, nudging her lightly and her attention went back to the blonde who she now realized belonged to this kind of scene. Her face was heavy with makeup she'd carefully but quickly put on an hour before. Her stature, her poise and her flirtatious vibe was created for this environment.

"Come on, Sakura," she whined bending slightly on her knees. "Have fun. Cut loose! You've been doing nothing next to studying for three years!"

"Hey, I hang out with you sometimes. And Naruto and Sasuke."

Her response got her an eye roll from her best friend and a light scoff. "The only times we've ever hung out this college is when I'm stuck at the dorm because I'm too broke to go out. And Naruto and Sasuke? I understand Sasuke. He's your ex-boyfriend and all. But it doesn't count anymore, sweetie. You only hang out a lot because you're working on your thesis."

"They're my classmates in most of my classes too! We have lunch together and we hang out sometimes."

"We've had this conversation already," said the blonde. "It didn't change my mind about dragging you here. Ain't gonna change my mind about making you stay."

Sakura's shoulders slumped. "Fine. Whatever. But if I don't have fun tonight, I get to drive for the rest of the year."

"Can't promise I'll let you do that but you sure are driving tonight because I plan on getting wasted," laughed Ino. The oohs and ahs of the women standing by the bar beside caught her attention. "Oh, free drinks! I'll get us some. Stay here."

Her heels clicked on the floor as she walked away, leaving Sakura to stand in the middle of the dance floor by herself. Once or twice, someone bumped into her because they were too busy dancing but Sakura didn't mind. Being a buzz kill at a place full of drunk people with fragile glasses and beer bottles felt like a bad idea.

She tried to get her head into the music. Her Twitter bio included music lover somewhere so she might as well own up to it. Can't say she was a music lover if she didn't try to appreciate the kind that had strangers feeling each other up in the dark. So she tried. The bass line was nice. It was enough to get her foot tapping to the beat.

It was a start.

Ino returned to the table not long after she left and smirked at Sakura, teasing her about enjoying after all but she countered that she paid for her entrance and she was only making the most of a part of her savings.

For the most part, Ino screamed to every drop of the beat and flirted casually with the guys (and girls) who approached her before politely turning them down. Being herself, Ino was always one to entertain admirers but not long enough for them to believe she was giving them a chance.

Sakura had her share of flirtatious men but compared to Ino's admirers who were enchanted by her God-given good looks and well-shaped bodice, the men who approached her were more intrigued with her pink hair than captivated by her beauty. Although one guy actually noticed her green eyes in the middle of the darkness and wild lights. She was so tempted to give her number if it had not been for the fact that he was well in his mid-30s and she was only 21.

The DJ signed off for the night and was replaced by another man named Killer B whose mixes were not as good as the first guy but Sakura paid good money for this so she had to enjoy it. At least the vodka made it a little easier to appreciate the music.

"Shit shit shit," she heard Ino say in the middle of a bad We Found Love remix. "It's him!"

"What is it?" Sakura turned around, looking for the best-looking guy she could find.

Ino hid behind her best friend and pointed to a pale-looking guy in the middle of the crowd. "It's DJ Sketch. The guy from earlier. Hold on, let me see if I can get his number."

She didn't have a chance to bid Ino good luck before she turned her heel and squeezed through the crowd. There was no stopping her. Ino's determination was unwavering when it came to cute guys and no matter how eager that DJ Sketch was to get away from the crowd, her best friend was going to get a phone number out of him.

In the back of her mind, Sakura rolled her eyes and chuckled. She didn't mind at all that her best friend left every now and then for free drinks and cute boys but if this is what it was like to accompany her at these parties, she would very much rather stay at the dorm.

The lights flickered on and off while red and blue lasers spun around the club in every direction. Following the cliché mix of We Found Love, DJ Killer B played a pretty decent version of a song called A Town Called Paradise.

Of course, she didn't know much about these kinds of songs. While she had a playlist for rock and alternative, which was her own preference, she also listened to pop songs brought upon by Naruto's consistent radio-blasting in their dorm room during thesis nights. She also had saved two or three indie band albums on Spotify influenced by Ino's music preference.

She finished her first glass of lemonade-tequila-gin mix. To mark their table reserved, she left her jacket and almost empty purse on top of the table and went to the open bar where she squeezed herself through what she thought was a thousand pairs of boobs and ogling eyes.

One of the bartenders regarded her with a smirk before beginning to twirl the bottles in the air. The beauty of being her was that she didn't have to put out to get attention. She didn't have anything to put out, anyway. However, pink hair seemed to work just as well as exposed cleavages and she got her drink in no time.

When she stalked back to her table, there was a tall, burly man leaning against it. In the dim of the club, it was difficult to make out what he really looked like but when she got closer, she found that he was actually somewhere in his 30s. Or maybe around that age.

He sported a black coat with a small red cloud logo on one side over a white designed shirt and jeans that didn't look too tight on his legs. His hair was kept clean but there was wax in there to make it stand a little. The shape of his head looked as if it didn't agree with flat hair. And she wasn't sure if it was the lights or anything but he looked so pale, he appeared to be… Blue?

She took a sip of her new drink which turned out to be rum cola and approached the table with much caution. Ino always kept a tiny Swiss army knife inside her makeup kit in case men showed any ill-intention but the blonde was nowhere to be found.

"Excuse me," she said, her voice struggling to be louder than the thump of the bass. The man was far taller than she originally thought. He was about two or three feet taller than her and thrice as wide. She gulped before continuing, "We kinda booked this table."

The man mouthed What? at her with a crooked expression before he leaned and offered his ear. Sakura repeated what she had just said in the same volume and closer to his ear.

After understanding what she said, he gestured for her to listen then and said to her, "I know. I just wanted to ask somethin'."

Sakura looked at him, puzzled before offering her ear once again.

"I was wondering if you were a lesbian," he shouted in her ear a little too loudly as the song shifted to something a little calmer.

Sakura gave him a hearty laugh and gave him a thumbs down. He gave her a toothy (and was that a fang?) grin before he gestured for her to lean in again.

"So the girl is your friend?"

Sakura nodded.

"Are you a student?"

This question made Sakura stop and wonder about the man a little. She wasn't usually one to judge but it just crossed her mind to be extra cautious of this man who was twice her size and could easily carry her like a sack of rice on his shoulder. She clutched her drink to herself. He'd been leaning into her all night and she forgot to pay attention to her drink.

What if he'd drugged it without her looking?

There was no telling. It was her first time at a place like this and already, she was faced with something like this.

"I'm not really sure I should answer that," she told him.

The tall man chuckled and shook his head before he leaned in to her. "You're not my type, kid. I was just told to come ask you by some kid who forgot to grow a pair. I'm Kisame, by the way."

He reached out a huge hand to her and she shook it. "Sakura."

"Sakura," he repeated. His grip on her hand did not loosen. Instead, he pulled her slightly and pointed to the second floor on the same side as Sakura's table. "See that guy over there?" Her gaze followed his finger and landed on the man leaning on the railings who had just turned away from them as if he had been caught staring. "Yeah, that's the pair-less guy who asked me to come down here."

She squinted her eye and the spotlight passed him by for a quick second. He had long blonde hair tied half-up while the rest of his locks draped over his chest. She didn't exactly get a good look at his face since he turned away too quickly.

"I can't really see him from here," Sakura laughed.

The guy called Kisame let her go. "Yeah, well, the kid's not exactly drunk enough to come down here himself and ask for your name and number."

"Well, you can tell him to come down when he's drunk enough and we'll see if I'm drunk enough to give him my number," said Sakura.

"Alright, princess," he chuckled, which puzzled Sakura because she couldn't exactly find anything funny in what she'd just told him. Perhaps he was remembering some personal joke? "Nice meeting you, Sakura. Give him your number and we'll be seeing each other a lot. Ciao."


She watched as Kisame left the dance floor and headed for the stairs. Sakura was just about to look up at the man Kisame had been referring to when someone tapped her shoulder.

"Damn," Ino said in her ear. "That Sketch's slippery af."

"Af?" Sakura laughed at her best friend. "What the hell's an af?"

"As fuck," came her reply.

Sakura raised a brow. Ino and her internet slangs. Of course, there would be no use in asking whether or not Ino was able to get the DJ's number. She wouldn't be here if she did. Or maybe she would but she would most likely be a squealing mess, overexcited to go home and text the guy.

They drank more into the night, making the most of the open bar before it closed at 1am. Ino was already a little tipsy while Sakura held her alcohol a little better. After all, she hadn't been jumping to every song played by the DJ.

Part of it had to do with the fact that Killer B wasn't the best DJ on that stage but thankfully he was about to sign off as he declared some dubstep song as his last song for the night. The other reason she refused to participate in the crowd's bouncing was the fact that she was being watched for the last few hours.

She looked up once a few hours ago and found the blonde guy looking down at her. Their eyes met for a few seconds before his attention turned to something behind him. A few minutes after that, she looked up once more and found Kisame standing beside him by the railings, checking out some other part of the club while his friend concentrated on his drink.

She was tempted to look up again.

And she did.

But he wasn't there anymore. Kisame was gone as well.

Somewhere, inside, she might have felt a little disappointed. Looking back, if she counted all the men that approached her tonight, she would count eleven. Ino was already wasted for half an hour but it was Sakura's call whether they were leaving or not. She was driving. The only reason she stuck around a little while longer was to complete the whole dozen.

Seeing as the man had already gone home, Sakura looked at Ino one last time before grabbing the blonde's purse and slinging her best friend's limp arm around her shoulder to carry her out of the place.

She didn't get far from their table when she bumped into someone and almost lost her balance. Thankfully, whoever bumped into her had the sober mind to grab her arm and keep her from falling.

"You look like you need some help, yeah."

Sakura wanted to protest but it was true. She needed help.

When she met his eyes, she had to smile a little (although inwardly). It was him. The kid Kisame had been talking about.

He was young. Far younger than Kisame was. He looked her age if not a little older. His hair was worn in a half-up pony while parts of his hair fell over his eye. Blue. His eyes were beautifully blue and even in the dark, she felt mesmerized by the color.

And he slung Ino's other arm on his shoulder.

"You're leaving already, hm?" Asked the guy as he hauled Ino's almost unconscious body through the walkway.

Sakura did the best she could to shrug. "Yeah. I mean, look at her. My partner for the night's down and we got no chair to put her on."

"We've got a couch reserved," he said a little too quickly. "I mean if you still wanna stay. And I could be your partner for the rest of the night, yeah."

It wasn't a bad offer. The temptation was strong seeing as how handsome the guy was. And he didn't seem so bad. He was young. What could he do? Plus, now that Ino was here, her Swiss army knife was one pull away.

But no. She wasn't going to take it. There was no reason to. She was alone too now that Ino was out cold.

"It's been a long night," she answered politely. She readjusted the angle of Ino's arm on her shoulder. "I'd love to take you up on the offer and I'm sure my friend would too but I'm already drunk enough as it is and I have to drive her back home."

They left the club and rested on the steps outside for a while. There was some sort of ringing in her ears and everything she heard sounded muffled. She'd recovered from her drunken state a little and was now just a little tipsy compared to her dead friend.

Sakura sat on the steps with Ino's whole weight rested on Sakura's shoulder while the guy stood beside them.

He was wearing a black coat, similar to the one as Kisame's minus the red cloud, over a violet shirt and jeans. He was looking at his phone with furrowed brows before he rolled his eyes and put his phone away in his back pocket.

His eyes met hers and he smirked easily.

"Sakura, right?"

She smiled at him and nodded. The huge guy must have told him her name, she figured.

"I guess your hair's natural if your parents had to name you Sakura," he said. "Deidara, by the way."

There was something smooth in the way he spoke. Confident. Yes, that was the word. It was as if he'd trusted his mouth enough to do the work for him. This wasn't his first time hitting on a girl. Which made her wonder why Kisame told her that this guy forgot to grow a pair. Was it the alcohol speaking to her right now?

Sakura took it upon herself to remove Ino's heels to make it easier for her to drag around.

She cleared her throat. "What time is it?"

"A little after 2."

"We should go," said the pinky.

Deidara moved swiftly in front of the two girls and supported the blonde's wait to help Sakura get up. The two of them proceeded to carry Ino off of the steps.

"I'll help you to your car, yeah. Where'd you park it?"

"By the entrance."

Which was on the other side of the block. But whether the man minded, he did not say.

Once they reached the black Camry, Sakura rummaged in Ino's purse, looking for her keys which were hidden in the makeup kit. She gave it a quick press and the car beeped.

Deidara slipped Ino into the passenger seat whereas Sakura took the driver's seat, tossed the handbag and heels in the backseat and helped him from the inside. When Ino was fastened cozy, he shut the door and moved to Sakura's side. From the pinkie's view, he was behind the open door.

"Are you sure you can drive?"

Sakura waved her hand dismissively. "I got this. We aren't far from here."

"When do you suppose you're coming back, hm?" He leaned on the door lightly with a smirk playing on his features.

She shrugged in response. In all honesty, she wasn't sure she wanted to come back if it meant carrying Ino out of the club again. Was this how it always was? If yes, then who carried her home all those nights she did end up in the dorm?

But then there was this guy. Sakura was careful naturally. She calculated all possible outcomes of her decisions. And this man was a stranger, a dangerous variable to add in her equations.

There was this voice in her head telling her to give him her number but there were several ways of tracking someone down and stalking them. She wasn't having that. Not until she got to know this guy.

And she wanted to get to know him. Something about him felt like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it was because this was her first time meeting someone in a club and there was something thrilling about flirting with a stranger. Maybe that's why Ino loved these places so much.

"Depends," she answered. She started the engine and readjusted thermostat on the air-conditioning. "I'm not sure when my friend's coming back here."

Deidara shrugged. "Whatever. I'm always here anyway, yeah."


"I sorta work here."

"Oh." That explained the coat, she thought. "Well then, I guess I'll see you when I do?"

"Sure. Goodnight, Sakura."

"Goodnight, Deidara. And thanks for helping me out with my friend."

With that, she pulled the door closed backed out of the parking space. Deidara remained where he was and gave Sakura a casual salute and a saucy wink. She grinned and waved goodbye before driving away in the general direction of the university.

Sometime in the middle of the short drive from the business district back to OU, Ino stirred and insisted on driving. Of course, Sakura wouldn't allow it for obvious reasons but that didn't stop Ino from shifting in her seat and trying to kick Sakura off the driver's seat.

God, she swore if she didn't have something to look forward to the next time Ino dragged her ass back to Valkyrie, this was going to be the last time she was ever going to let her pull her out of the dorm.

And yes, now that she thought about it, there was a possibility she'd accept if ever Ino invited her to that place. But it wasn't just about Deidara.

For the first time since she and Sasuke had broken up, Sakura left the comfort of the university and met new people. And she'd been hit on several times too. It was a good ego-boost and that was what she needed now the most. Of course, Naruto's occasional advances were flattering but he hadn't shown any since he entered a relationship with the Hyuuga girl down the hall one year ago.

Another kick from Ino brought her back to reality.

They were in front of the university. The guard, familiar with the black car, approached the window on Sakura's side and knocked. The tinted glass rolled down and revealed Sakura's pink-crowned head.

"Hey, Kotetsu-san," Sakura greeted sheepishly.

The guard looked surprised to find that the driver was not the blonde but he smiled at her anyway.

"Good morning, ma'am," answered Kotetsu. "You're Ms. Yamanaka's roommate, right?"

"Yup. Sorry for coming back so late."

He was just about to respond when Ino crawled in on Sakura's lap and greeted the guard with a cheerful slur.

"K'tetsu!" Ino waved her hand frantically and grinned at him. "Don't mind this fore'ead right 'ere. She cool. Lerv you! Mwa!" The blonde then proceeded to tap Sakura on the lap with some force. "C'mon, you. Step on it 'cuz I have to go peepee."

The guard chuckled at Ino and opened the gates. "Thanks for looking after Yamanaka."

"And thanks for tolerating her coming home late."

She parked in their reserved parking space in front of the dormitories and shut the engine off. Her seatbelt was out and she dialed Naruto for help and thankfully, he was still awake and answered immediately. She would have called Sasuke too but she remembered he hadn't moved back in the dorm just yet.

Uzumaki stepped out of the dorm in his an orange tank top which was a little loose around the arms and black jersey shorts. His hair was unkempt and Sakura guessed he was either on YouTube or at Hinata's room.

Since Hinata's cousin just graduated, she finally had the dorm room to herself and no one was keeping tabs on her anymore.

Sakura and Naruto pulled Ino out of the passenger seat and did their best not to drag her all the way up to the fourth floor. When Naruto finally realized what a drag Ino was literally being, he took her arm from Sakura's shoulder and simply carried her bridal style in the elevator.

As soon as they arrived on the fourth floor, Ino jumped out of Naruto's arms and ran for the communal bathroom. Luckily, Sakura had the sense to follow her or else Ino would have fallen asleep in the cubicle.

After tucking her in the dorm room, Sakura thanked Naruto and offered him to stay for a while. He declined her with some hesitance and was off to Hinata's room once more where he said the raven was preparing him a cup of instant ramen.

She, on the other hand, took a quick shower, changed into a home shirt and pajama shorts before crawling under her sheets with her laptop. The first thing she did was go on Spotify, search Zedd, Alesso and all related artists, listened to the first few minutes of every song and saved all those she liked in one playlist.

Guilty Pleasure, she named the playlist.

She didn't really know why these songs were even considered music. That was before tonight. After stepping into a club and immersing herself in the setting the best she could, she realized one thing—the bass line was nice.

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