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Akane Tendo looked at her fiance who was walking on top of a fence on their way home from school. It had been a pretty normal day all around, but Akane could sense something was different. There was something bothering Ranma, yet she couldn't put her finger on it. He had been acting differently the last few days, but today was the one to top it off, when she had really noticed the weird feeling that seemed to surround Ranma.

His actions proved it. Instead of kicking Kuno way up in the sky that morning, he had punched him into a nearby tree, with out as much power or accuracy as normal. When Shampoo glomped onto him during lunch, he gently pulled her off and reminded her of her deliveries for the Cat Café. Normally, he would have screamed and yelled, but he was dry and cold, yet polite. One of the most surprising things had happened after Shampoo left. He refused Ukyo's offer of three or four okonomiyakis, and didn't even eat half of he lunch, both of which he could usually polish off in record time. Even that wasn't the most surprising thing of the day. The final thing that had sent her over the edge was eerie, shocking Akane.

Ranma had not insulted her all day. He hadn't called her uncute, tomboy; he didn't insult her cooking or her femininity. He had called her Akane or nothing at all. He wasn't her normal rude self and she was worried.

"Ranma?" She asked hesitantly. "Are you all right?" He looked down from his perch and smiled sadly at her.

"I'm fine, Akane. Sorry about what Shampoo did earlier. You had every right to hit me. Are you mad at me?" He ignored the look of alarm that appeared on her face.

"Who are you and what have you done with Ranma? Copycat Ken, that better not be you. Or else..." She brandished her mallet, holding it up so he could see it.

"Akane it really is me. Come on, we should get home before they start worrying about us. I have a lot of homework too, and I want to get started. He walked towards the dojo, leaving her there, jaw hanging wide open.

"Akane," Kasumi began, "Would you go wake up Ranma? Mr. Saotome said that he should be still sleeping, and had requested last night that this mornings practice be skipped."

It was the next morning at the Tendo dojo. Everyone was concerned about Ranma, especially his loss of appetite. Genma had actually been a good father for once, and let him sleep without a morning fight. "Sure Kasumi, I'll go get him," Akane told her older sister, walking up the stairs. I wonder what is wrong with Ranma. He is acting really strange. She opened the door to the Saotome's room, calling inside, "Hey, Sleeping Beauty, it's time to wake up."

Ranma sat up on the futon, blinking sleepily. "Wh-what? Morning already? It feels like I only slept for two minutes."

Akane gasped at the site of the site of him, now that his torso was only covered with a tank top, and the blanket had fallen off his chest. "Dad, Mr. Saotome, Kasumi, Nabiki! Everyone come quick!"

As the sound of a thundering stampede came up the stairs as Mr. Tendo, Mr. Saotome and Kasumi appeared in the bedroom. "What is it?" Ranma asked, startled at the crowds reaction.

"Oh, my!"

"Boy, what happened to you?" Genma raged as Soun began to sob.

"I don't know! Tell me what is going on." Ranma was confused. This wasn't normal, even for the dojo's standards. Why were they all looking at him so funny?

"Ranma," Said the newest spectator as everyone remained speechless, each trying to tell him. Nabiki Tendo leaned on the hallway wall, before walking into the room and kneeling before him. "Look at you arms."

He glanced down and gasped at the site. Nabiki crossed her own arms and smirked. "Ranma, you have the chicken pox."

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