Elias sat in his room, the only light source being his laptop, so bright it would blind anyone other than someone as reclusive as him. He brought up and searched what new works the writers he followed came up with. Instead of finding any new stories or chapters, though, he instead found what someone labeled the "most overblown crackfic ever, and I love it for how over the top it is." He clicked the link to the fic, and found that it was called "turnabout dank."

"Flat on your face outta the starting gate, eh?" He snarked to absolutely no one. Deciding to see what sort of madness this fic would bring to the table, he opened it. We can't say he was graced, because that's being incredibly generous. We also can't say he was metaphorically blinded, because that's still being generous. So instead, let's just leave it at "he only needed to read the first sentence to know what kind of hurricane he was in for."

"... OW." He moaned, the faulty grammar giving him a headache. There was no rhyme or reason. The prosecutor was dead, but still prosecuting, and so was the judge. Phoenix had overreacted to the absence of a twinkie, which greatly overshadowed the continuity error. There was only one way to get this mess out of his head. He pulled out a gun, and did the unthinkable.

Phoenix Wright hadn't received any emails messaging him for a case. He also didn't have any paperwork to file or anything of the sort. To pass the time while he was waiting to take a case, he had a flash game playing. After he beat a level, he noticed that some unknown tab played a familiar chime. He opened up his email tab to find that he had a message from someone named "Valencia, Julia."

Mr. Wright,

I'm so glad to have contacted you. My son Elias was found murdered in his room, and my neighbor, Justin Searon, has been pinned as the murderer. Can you please defend him?


Julia Valencia

Welp, I guess I'll check this out. Beats shooting alien ships. He thought to himself. "Maya?" He asked, looking up from his desk. "We've got a client."

"About time!" Maya groaned. "You can only watch the same Steel Samurai reruns before it starts to get a tad bit repetitive."

Phoenix and Maya walked into the visitor's room, having told the guards that a "Mr. Valencia" was their potential client, and they wished to speak with him. After he was let in, he sat in the centermost chair, like he typically did.

After about five minutes, a guard escorted someone into the room. Nothing was particularly standout about him, he had black, unkempt hair, glasses with red rims, and for whatever reason, he had on a Steel Samurai shirt. Phoenix swore he could almost hear Maya squealing, ready to burst into a discussion about the latest episode.

"So, you must be my client, Mr. Searon?"

"No, no, Shea-ron. I'm part french."

"Of course. Well, I'm Phoenix Wright. Your neighbor Julia asked me to be your attorney." Phoenix elaborated, readjusting his attorney badge to prove it to him. Justin seemed to flinch a little at the mention of Julia's name. "Is something wrong? You two have some history, don't you?"

"No, I just feel uncomfortable having things done for me by my neighbors."

A bright flash. Chains. One red lock. Not too big a deal. Phoenix thought to himself. It may have been a secret kept from him, but he would probably figure it all out later. Besides, he knew full well that there was a bigger elephant to address, but he would get to it in due time.

"So, can you tell me about what happened last night, around the time you were apprehended?"

Justin readjusted his balance, refusing to make eye contact until he was comfortable. "Well, last night I went to bed at 9:00 sharp, falling asleep around 9:30 after watching an episode of my favorite show." I can take a guess as to what that show is. Never thought it would go further, Phoenix mused to himself.

"Around 12:30, I think it was, a loud *bang!* was heard from the other side of the street. I clambered over there to see what had happened, and when I got there, I saw that her son's laptop was sparking, and there was a splotch of blood on the floor!

"Naturally, the cops were called in, and I was the first suspect. So, naturally, they arrested me on the spot."

"By the way, before I go, there's just one thing I want to ask you."

"Shoot." He said, waving his hand at the attorney in blue.

"Did you have absolutely anything to do with Elias' death?"

"I think I've already told you, I didn't kill him." The world stayed the same. Checks out. Phoenix thought.

"If you want to check out the scene of the crime, I can give you the address right now."

"Can I also get a letter stating that I'm going to be your attorney?"

"Yeah, sure, hang on." He pulled a flipbook out of his pocket, and quickly jotted down the address on one slip, and a short note stating that Phoenix was his attorney.

"Thanks." Phoenix said, ready to leave, but Maya had other plans.

"Why do you have that notebook with you?" Maya asked.

"Oh, I write fanfictions as a hobby." Justin stated casually. "I always keep it with me in case I get a new idea I want to draft. I've already gotten three just by being in here! The Steel Samurai serving trumped up charges, the Pink Princess serving trumped up charges, and the Jammin' Ninja serving trumped up charges!"

Maya's expression quickly turned sour. Justin knew what had happened, and he looked down at the floor and breathed, "Yeah, I'm not the most original person out there. At least I can say I have multiple drafts to see who works best?" He offered.

"I suppose," Maya agreed, scratching her chin. "Alright Nick. Let's get going!"