Persona 3 P.M.F




Challenge What Hamuko expected to see after dying was her parents and maybe an angel not back at the beginning of her semester in a familiar train station with a weird blue haired boy

I've read a bunch of stories involving Minato/Makoto being sent (back in time/to an alternate reality) after sealing Nyx and how he tries to prevent the future events from happening but never one with Hamuko so my challenge is this Hamuko is the one being sent (back in time/to an alternate reality) and to add more flavor she is sent to the P3 movie so what we have is an emotional Hamuko dealing with an apathetic Makoto here some rules

Hamuko must not be over powered when she 'Died' she lost all of her abilities as the Wild Card(since Makoto is the Wild Card now) so all she has is her memories, her persona(you can decide which), and her Naginata but eventually she will get them back.

Hamuko's main reason for doing things in this story is her emotions which is bad since she doesn't tend to think about her choices and how they will effect the future which leads to stronger enemies and more confrontation within S.E.E.S

Pairing must be Hamuko X Makoto Hamuko and Makoto's relationship is mainly the girl who won't leave the boy alone who eventually fall in love with each other but if the author doesn't want to write that then it must be Hamuko X Shinjiro and Makoto X Aigis with a bit of a love triangle with Yukari.

You can have Hamuko tell Makoto the truth about the future either by themselves or with S.E.E.S but only after they deal with Strega a few times

The ending can be what ever you want but if the writer chooses to Kill off Hamuko or Makoto they have to have the Surviving person go through The Answer with S.E.E.S i.e Makoto dies Hamuko goes with them and vice versa.

And finally The Author can write Lemons if they want to but their must be a warning for that chapter(or chapters?) unless the author just wants to implies something.

contact me if you want to write this or if you want more information i'll be posting more challenges soon.

so on that note See Ya Later.