A/N- For the sake of making these worlds mingle, all monster girls feed on and hunt humans for their chakra. So Luka was always hunted by monsters because his chakra had a unique taste. Monster girls are able to drain chakra through direct pleasurable contact. I changed this function of the Momusu universe to make this T-rated and so Naruto can have a bunch of friends. That and I have a very hard time even trying to that word and anything else of a sexual nature.


"What do you mean you already have a summoning contract!?" Jiraiya cried out.

Naruto pulled his fingers out of his ears. "Damn Ero-senin, you don't have to yell. I'm right here."

The Toad Sage continued to talk, disregarding Naruto's complaints. "Who did you pester to sign a contract? If you got your hands on the snake contract from Anko I'm going to knock you into next week brat."

"That would mean that I would have to spend time with that crazy lady! I may not be the sharpest kunai in the holster, but I'm not stupid enough to be alone with her." His body shivered at the thought of being locked in a room with that blood crazed kunoichi.

Jiraiya whacked the kid in the back of his head. "Focus Naruto! Where did you get summoning contract?"

"Didn't the old man tell you?"

Jiraiya resisted the urge to hit his newest apprentice. "If he did, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now how did you get your hands on a contract?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll tell you. Geez!" He groaned. "I need to summon them, because if I don't you'd never believe me." He bit his thumb in preparation, and paused. "Jiraiya-sensei?"

The senior ninja was taken back. The brat was being respectful? "Yes Naruto?"

"Don't perve out. Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Naruto's hand slammed into the ground. The burst of chakra exploded into four clouds of smoke. Jiraiya could see human-like figures within them. A small part of him hoped the kid didn't sign a contract with foxes, the village would be in an uproar.

When the smoke finally cleared and revealed the summoning creatures, his jaw dropped. He tried to speak, his mouth moving but no sound came out. Undeterred by the Toad Sage's reaction, Naruto went into his tale with his summons' commentary.

"For the power of YOUTH!"

Naruto found himself drawn to the training fields after hearing someone yelling throughout the village. A full body green leotard with a bowl cut, he was one of the strangest dressed of all the ninja in the village. His eyebrows were big and bushy, they danced to their own tune and like the rats were drawn to the Pied Piper, Naruto followed their hypnotic dance to the training fields along with the face they occupied.

The orphan hid in the bushes, while the loud green man stood in the center of the field. Another ninja appeared in a swirl of leaves. Silver hair stood upright on top of his head, while his hiate was pulled down over his right eye. Naruto strained his ears as they begin to speak.

"I've been waiting Kakashi!" The bowl cut ninja boomed. "Today the power of youth will triumph over cool hipness!"

The scarecrow looking ninja jerked up, like he woke from a nap. "Hmm? You say something Guy?"

With an agonized howl Guy proclaimed, "Curse you Kakashi and your attitude!" With a fire burning in her eyes, Guy raised his fist and clenched it with determination. "Today we will spar and break our 46 streak of ties!" In the corner of his eye, Naruto could have sworn that Guy winked at him. "Today I shall defeat you using the bonds I've built through hard work!"

He bit down on his thumb before he raised his palm to the sky, "We shall show our strength through our summons! Show them our power of our youth, Ningame!" He slammed his hand down and was enveloped in a burst of chakra smoke.

When the smoke blew away, it revealed a red and yellow tortoise with the leaf headband hanging from his neck. Its thick shell looked harder than steel and from what Naruto could see, it only took a little bit of blood and a few hand signs. So what is it? Naruto thought. That jutsu just summons random animals?

Then the turtle spoke and blew his little 6 year old mind.

"Guy! You better not have summon me for one your contests again." The tortoise grumbled.

Naruto couldn't believe his ears. A talking tortoise! That made the tortoise and by connection, the jutsu, ten times cooler. It may not be a huge fireball jutsu, but it's still pretty cool! The child thought.

The Green Beast of Konoha, known across the elemental nations as a ferocious combatant, dropped to his knees and clapped his hands together as he pleaded aloud, "Please Ningame! I beg of you my true friend-"

Naruto's heart ached at that word.

"-that today is the last time!" Guy paused before he whispered to Ningame, "I want to make today special for our little audience." Tilting his head to the bushes behind him where Naruto poorly hidden. Tears began to stream Guy's eyes before he exclaimed, "Will you help this humble man to achieve his dream mighty tortoise warrior!?"

Moved by his summoner's tears, Ningame could not help but to cry. "Why did you have to say that Guy! You know once you start crying, I start crying!"

"I am sorry my friend! But what better way for to compete than to show our bonds of friendship and comradery!" Guy cried, his tears became a waterfall from both his eyes, drenching the ground around him.

Moved by his words, Ningame could only nod. As soon as he tilted his head however, buckets worth of water dropped off his snout and onto the ground. The once dried grass had become a deep puddle. "Let us show that hip ninja our bonds of friendship Guy!" The tortoise stomped hard in the puddle, the water soaked Guy's sandals.

"Ningame!" The green clad jounin kneeled before his personal summon, his tears of sadness have been replaced with joy. Guy placed his hand onto Ningame's shell in a sign of trust.

"Guy!" With all the water from the tears to the pair, Ningame's legs had disappeared beneath the tide of tears.



The sun appeared to set behind the crying duo. The light refracted through their shared waterfall of tears to create a majestic rainbow. They both stood in a center of an artificial lake that was as deep and eternal as their bond of friendship and trust. Naruto felt himself being blinded by the…brilliance of the heartwarming scene.

Kakashi missed their entire performance as he read a little orange book, much to the dismay of the turtle-themed duo. They raved about his annoying hip attitude, while he calmly placed his free hand behind the orange book so that both his hand and face were blocked from Naruto's sight. The young child could have sworn he heard the light rustling of fabric, before Kakashi pulled his free hand away as blood dripped from his thumb.

He looked to his free hand and back to his pristine little book and sighed. Kakashi put away his book into one of his many pouches in his vest, before he casually kneeled down to the ground and made a few sign that Naruto watched with interest. With the signs complete, Kakashi placed his palm face down on the ground and stated flatly, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." A large blanket of chakra smoke covered the area around the scarecrow-looking ninja.

Does this Kakashi guy have his own talking turtle too? Naruto thought, as he tried to peer through the smoke.

When it dissipated, instead of one big animal Naruto expected it was a group of dogs. With Konoha hiates hanging from their necks, around their legs and one pug-looking dog at the front of the pack with his own Konoha hood. Seeing the group of what could only be ninja dogs, it was a bit of a letdown for Naruto. So what? Is he one of those Insuka people or som-

"Hey Kakashi." The pug at the front said.

Naruto's jaw dropped open in complete dumbfound. Holy crap, a talking dog!

"Hey Pakkun." Kakashi greeted.

"Why are we at a training field?" All the dogs sniffed the air before they cringed as a group. "What smells salt and sweat?"

"That would be my eternal rival Might Guy. I'm pretty sure I've told you guys about him…I think. Anyway, to have a tiebreaker with our monthly spars we decided to have our summons duke it out in our name. Think you all could help me out?" Kakashi's voice was as flat as a washboard throughout the entire explanation.

Pakkun and the other dogs gazed over to Might Guy and Ningame, who were having a push-up contest to psyche themselves up for battle. It may have also been light training for Ningame because Guy was doing his batch of push-ups on top of his shell.

The dogs huddled together as they whispered. Pakkun was eventually lifted out of the group as he sat on one of the larger dogs. "I dunno, both of them are pretty weird."

"Please, if you don't he'll pester me for weeks for us to have our summons duel it out. You have to treat him like a shuriken injury. Just pull it out quick and easy." Kakashi lowered his voice, "We also have a hidden audience and I think that he would like to see summon creatures fight it out."

Pakkun sniffed the air before the glanced over at the bushes Naruto was hiding in. They rustled as he ducked his head from sight. "For that kid?" Pakkun disappeared in to the heart of the pack as they conversed once more. He appeared again on top of the largest dog. "Sure, he is a special case for you after all. He's probably the reason you agreed to this in the first place. I may even let him touch my paw pads after the battle. I've been trying out a new lotion and its done wonders." He lifted his paw towards his summoner, "Want to feel them? They're really soft."

"Maybe later." Kakashi took a deep breathe, as if to mentally prepare himself for what comes next. "Guy are you and your overgrown turtle ready to fight?"

Steam jetted out of Guy's and Ningame's noses. "Ooooh Kakashi! You will pay for that! You cannot mock the proud might of the living fortress that is a tortoise. Show him Ningame!"

With a mighty leap, the tortoise summon was now battle ready in the centre of the field. The dogs responded and took their place across from their opponent in in their own battle stance. At some unseen signal, the dogs became streaks of colours as they repeatedly attempted to Ningame, while he beaten them off with pure muscle and endurance.

Naruto watched them battle it out with a sense of awe, before he got his own idea. He should summon his own animal to and see if the ninja will let him spare with theirs! It sure looked fun and the animals were having a lot of fun to judging by the laughter and jeers between them in combat.

The young child crawled away from his hiding spot and made his way over to a neighboring training field. Making sure no one was around, his face broke into a fox-like smirk. Who knew what he could summon? Giant hawks that take him for flights through the sky? Raccoons to help him with his newly acquired hobby of pranking? Dragons cause their awesome? Naruto bubbled with excitement.

He bit down hard on his thumb. "Ow." That hurt. Then he smiled. But it would be so worth it to summon something. Now he just needed to focus his chakra, ninja do it all the time in the village, so Naruto thought that it couldn't be too hard.

His face scrunched together in concentration as he tried to pour chakra out. Naruto mumbled each sign out loud as his hands shifted to make each symbol.





"And Ram."

The young orphan took a deep breath and yelled, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He slapped the ground.

No smoke, no animal. Just an empty field. Naruto frowned, he repeated the signs, quicker than before and yelled, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Nothing.

He tried again.

"C'mon out!"


"I have ramen!"

And again.

"Please come out!"

After ten minutes of constant yelling and pleading, Naruto was exhausted and collapsed onto the ground. Maybe he wasn't doing it right. Maybe there was more to chakra than thinking about it really hard. Most ninjas used chakra as easily as Naruto could snap his fingers.

As he thought how easily ninja were able to summon, he came to a realization. Maybe the other summon creatures were warned about him. Parents tell their kids to stay away from him when he's outside playing, so why wouldn't ninja warn the summon animals to ignore him as well?

The orphan's chest clutched tightly in a familiar type of pain that Naruto has never forgotten. His eyes burned with tears of despair and desperation. He tried to keep it in, but he was on the edge. He wanted to have someone to push him on the swings. He wanted to play games like tag and hide and seek. He wanted…He wanted…


In his desperate plea, all his anger and frustration overflowed and connected to another source of anger locked away deep inside him. The Kyuubi's chakra. When he pounded his fist into the ground, he disappeared into a puff of smoke, Naruto had reverse-summoned himself to another plane across space and time.

Naruto opened his eyes groggily in a forest, but the trees looked nothing like the woods in Konoha's training fields. They were so scrawny, like they were only a few centuries old. He looked around in confusion. Where am I? He thought. Through the trees he could see glimpses of fields filled with water and tall looking grass. Hoping to find other people he made his way through the trees.

A village came into his sight and Naruto was completely flabbergasted. It looked like nothing like Konoha. The trees were one thing, but the buildings were tiny compared to his home. There were no walls to protect the village, only a single road that led to a gate. These new sights were a lot to take in for the curious young child, before he knew he bumped into someone's leg with a loud thunk. He fell back to the ground with his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to shake off some dizziness.

"What are you doing outside of the village little one?"

Naruto opened his eyes to see a leg covered in black and red armour, it was attached to a really tall lady with long black hair. She looked like a samurai that visit the Konoha every now and then with important people to meet the Hokage. She had bent down low, her hair almost touched the ground.

"But I was in the village just a few minutes ago." Naruto still could not believe this place could not be Konoha. He was just over at the training fields, maybe he passed out and someone was nice enough to leave him near one of the larger clans?

The female samurai brushed aside her hair to reveal her long pointed ears. "You have to be careful child, it is dangerous for you to be out this far alone." She chided lightly.

Naruto's ears burned with embarrassment, training fields were technically off-limits to unescorted civilians. "Yes samurai-san." He replied, while he stared at her ears. "Why are your ears so long?"

Amused, the samurai said, "Of course they're long, I am an elf. Now run along, I need to keep guard for the village." The elven warrior shooed Naruto towards the rest of the village, his protests were unheeded.

Naruto followed the dirt road deeper into what he thought was a clan compound. I've never seen elves in Konoha. Maybe they like to be by themselves like the Aburame? He pondered. He started to pass by other people and that was when he had a shock.

No one was looking at him.

No hushed voices with thinly veiled insults. They did not hold their spouses closer at the sight of him. They did not cross over to the other side of the road to avoid him. These people were acting like he was just another kid. Naruto face nearly broke in half from happiness. It might take them a while to figure who he was, so the young orphan going to take advantage of this as much as he can. To fulfil his greatest desire, Naruto searched what he believed to be a compound, for other children.

Goblin Girl practically beamed with pride in front of a small shrine. Even with the high noon sun, she stood proudly in front of a newly built building, which included a statue in her likeness in front of it.

"It looks nothing like you Gobby." Her snake-tailed friend remarked. She twirled her little black ribbon to tie her long purple hair into a ponytail. Lamia Girl had coiled herself into a pile on the steps of the shrine and lazily soaked up the sun.

Vampire Girl nodded absently as she fidgeted with her new white dress, a gift from the village to Goblin-sama. "Yeah, I mean when did you ever had that many muscles."

Dragon Pup tried to carve her way into the stones laid on the ground, but her child claws were not strong enough to cut them. "And the big pointy sword." She commented.

The gray-skinned monster huffed indignantly. "Yes I did! Neko and I fought off a bunch of Chimera using big sis's power!" She smirked to her friends, "And now I have a house and all the food I can eat!"

"And nothing to do." Lamia groaned. "There aren't even other children to play with here."

With a group-wide sigh, they returned to their activities, trying to stave off the boredom of Yamatai Village.

In a gust of kicked up dust, a little blonde boy appeared in front of them. He faltered for a moment as he saw the non-human girls, before he gave them a big smile. "Hi ya! My name is Naruto, do you guys want to play?" Before any of the girls could respond, Naruto dashed forward tapped Pup on the head. The young dragon jolted upward in surprise.

"Your it!" Naruto cried out, before he leapt into the air and used a tree branch to swing away from the group.

The girls froze, even back in Iliasberg not many humans could work up the nerve to play with them. None of the other children ever played with them, at a complete loss at what to do the monster children kept looking at one another in confusion, unsure with how to proceed.

Eventually, the boy came back again and stood in front of them. He looked confused as well. "Don't you guys want to play?" Naruto tried his best not to sound hurt. "I know other games we could play!" He pleaded.

Taking the initiative, Dragon Pup came forward and asked bashfully. "How…do we play?"

Lamia Girl had her tail completely coiled around the thick tree branch. She was completely hidden, with all the leaves and other branches no one could see her in the tree. She heard voices below her, they were growing louder as they got closer to where she was. Lamy held her breathe, waiting for them to move on. Soon the voices grew distant before silence returned to the tree. The snake monster could breathe again without being caught.

As soon as she let down her guard, two blond heads popped in above her hiding spot and yelled out, "Found you!"

Startled, Lamy fell off the branch with a yelp. She screamed as the air rushed past her. Fear had gripped her heart and closed her eyes as the ground raced toward her. The young lamia continued to scream until she couldn't scream anymore. When she tried to catch her breath, she could hear something beside her head. The monster opened her eyes and they widened in shock.

Two pairs of upside down eyes were looking at her. One red, the other blue. Both were attached to blonde children that practically shook with laughter. Naruto and Vamp both had their hands over their mouths, trying not laugh out loud.

Lamy was furious. "Stop laughing and help me! I'm going to hit the ground!" She wailed.

Both of them pointed upwards, while their other hand remained firmly over their mouth. Lamy moved her eyes upward and felt her face redden in embarrassment. The tip of her tail was still wrapped around the branch. She was only a foot above the ground and swung under the tree like a possum.

At the snake monster's reaction, Naruto and Vamp belted out their laughter.

Dragon Pup gritted her teeth as her muscles groaned. The scales on her arms started to shine with sweat. She growled lowly, embers snuck out of her mouth.

"Watch it!" Naruto raged as he twisted his body away from the fire sparks. "If I let go, she'll win!" Both Naruto and the little dragon had a firm grip on a rope. It was taunt with tension as it pulled the two of them towards a place neither of them wanted to go.

A small paddy field nearly overflowing with water.

An impromptu bath was something that all children wanted to avoid, so both Naruto and Dragy refused to be pulled into the water by their single opponent. It was two to one, they cannot lose. The dirt beneath their feet started to give away, Pup's claws dug deep to try and slow their gradual movement to the horrible wetness.

Naruto yelled his encouragement to keep both their spirits up, only for him to end up in the water with a loud splash. Without the extra muscle from the boy, Dragon Pup was yanked through the air and into the flooded field. They sputtered, spat and in Naruto's case, cursed the one who dragged them through the muck.

Gobby held the other end of the now slackened rope with one hand. She grinned triumphantly while she flexed an arm. "Look at these guns." She kissed her imaginary bicep. "They're primed and dangerous."

Naruto angrily declared a rematch, while Dragon Pup ran off for back-up. They will wipe off that confident smirk off Goblin Girl's face.

After the ensuing rematch, they only thing they wiped off was mud and grass. Even four against one they still could not beat their clay-skinned friend.

"Here you go Vampire-sama."

The old lady politely bowed to the Vampy and went back home with a smile. The young vampire was ecstatic with the nice lady's offering. A whole platter of rice balls, plenty for all of her friends. When she returned to the Goblin Shrine her friends were exhausted after all the games they played.

"Look at what I got." She taunted aloud.

The other girls' eyes lit up at the sight of food. Vampy had to fly into the air to avoid being crushed in the ensuing dogpile. "Hold your horses you monsters!" She cried in the air, with the food safely out of reach. "There is plenty for all of us." With that, she held the platter in front of the group, the other girls grabbed the rice balls two at a time and happily munched away.

Vampy saw Naruto away from the shrine, he shifted around unsurely. She floated towards him with the last couple of rice balls on the platter. "Aren't you hungry?" She asked.

The orphan appeared downcast. "When people gave me food in the past, it never tasted too good."

"These are great though…" Vampy took a closer look at the rice ball. Fluffy rice wrapped with seaweed. Plain, easy to make, and a great snack. She decided to put on the pressure. "Try some!" She exclaimed.

"I dunno. I don't want to get sick again."

Undeterred, Vampy's face scrunched up in annoyance before she called the other monsters over. "Please! Try some for us!" Catching on to their friend's plan, they pouted towards Naruto as cutely as possible. The combined cuteness of four pairs of wide-rimmed eyes proved too much for the boy.

Naruto blushed and stammered out, "O-okay. I'll try them." He was unable to look away from the group of cute girls as they cheered for his decision.

Naruto gazed up at the cloud-less orange sky and sighed in absolute contentment. He had never felt so happy before in his life. Was this what it was like to have friends? People who didn't avoid him and wanted to spend time together?

The soft grass tickled Naruto's head as he turned over to see Lamy and Gobby. The snake monster had her tail stretched out, 6 feet of scaly muscle. Gobby was using a portion of Lamy's tail as a pillow as she laid on the on the ground. Her pot-like helmet was pulled down to hide her eyes from the setting sun. Both of them were exhausted, but Naruto could feel the happiness that radiated from them.

On his other side, Pup and Vampy. Pup was sprawled out on the grass where she collapsed after their last game of tag, while Vampy had her cape wrapped around her body. The young vampire watched the sun disappear past the horizon, and seemed to enjoy the lack of sunlight against her skin. They were smiling too.

When Naruto first saw them outside of that shrine, he had to admit they looked very different. Maybe they were like the elven lady at the front, their bloodline made them look like snakes, dragons and other creatures. Their clan probably avoided the rest of the village, but the Hokage would have told him-

The Hokage.

Naruto suddenly sat up with a start, the abrupt movement drew the attention of the girls around him. "I need to get back home!"

The young dragon hatchling cocked her head to the side, "Where do you live in the village? We'll walk you home." She said.

"I live in the one of the apartment buildings in the southside of village. Do you know how I can get back there?"

The girls shared a stumped look between one another. Lamy asked, "What is an apartment?"

"A big building with a bunch people living in it." How did they not know what an apartment was? There was at least a dozen of them in the village.

The girls looked over the village, the only big building was the meeting hall, but it didn't look like a bunch of people were living there. "There aren't any big buildings in Yamatai Village."

Naruto froze. Yamatai Village? "This isn't Konoha?"

The girls were absolutely befuddled. "Where's Konoha?"

"You know, the village-hidden-in-the-leaves, the biggest and greatest ninja village in the land of Fire."

"Land of Fire? This is the Noah Region on Sentora. I've never heard of the land of fire." The young goblin said aloud, clearly looking at Naruto like he grew a second head, and that never happens to a human.

Naruto stared blankly at Gobby. He started to chuckle before it transformed into full blown laughter. "It all makes sense now. This is all a dream." He proclaimed with conviction.

He started to pace. "The people are nice, the houses are old looking, and nobody has told me to buzz off. It has to be a dream." Naruto continued to rant hysterically as he pointed out more differences between his home and the village he found himself in.

The monster girls watched worriedly as Naruto had what could only be described as a breakdown. They did not know what to say or do, until Vampy had enough and screamed, "Naruto stop! You're scaring us."

Her panicked voice interrupted Naruto's rapid-fire talk, and it left him stunned as he turned towards the girls. "I should've figured out that this was all a dream the moment I saw all of you."

His accusing tone made the girls falter. Lamy was the first to find her voice. "What?" She said quietly.

The hurt in her voice was unheard by Naruto as he continued, "Kids that look like their mom was snake aren't real." He pointed to each of them. "None of you are real."

"Of course we're real!" Pup spoke up, fire leaked from her mouth as she started to get angry. His insinuations were getting tiring.

"I just want to wake up!" For a moment his eyes flashed red in a moment of emotional instability.

"You want to wake up?" Gobby growled out. She raised her fist and yelled, "Then I'll help you wake up!" She surged forward with tears in her eyes and punched Naruto. For a brief second, Naruto's face molded around the hit against his cheek, only for him to be launched through the air towards the mountain pass that lead towards the rest of the Noah Region. The girls watched in horror as he flew through the air.

At the gate to Yamatai Village, the elven samurai was being relieved by her kunoichi counterpart for the night. The ninja froze suddenly, her eyes were drawn to the sky by an unmistakable chakra. There was only a pinch of it, but the anger and hatred that it was created from was unforgettable.

"We must warn Lady Tanamo immediately!"

Naruto woke with a heavy groan, before he clutched his cheek in pain. The skin was tender, and it made Naruto yelp in pain. Last thing he could remember was him screaming that he wanted to wake up and a brownish-grey fist.

When he blacked out, it was sunset in Yamatai Village. Naruto was now surrounded with snow with darkness of night, and he could already feel it melt against his skin, the cold wetness crept into his bones. The mountain, or maybe it was a hill? He couldn't tell as more snow flew around him. Everywhere he looked was more snow.

He needed to move before he froze out here. The young orphan already figured out that he would not last long with a t-shirt and shorts in the building snowstorm. He held his arms close to his body to fight his losing battle against nature. Each step his leg was swallowed up to his knee by snow. Like a heavy blanket, it weighed him down as he trudged through the snow.

As he tried to find some type of shelter, Naruto started to remember more of what happened back at the village. He sounded like a lunatic and the hurtful things he said to the girls, he would be surprised if they still wanted to be friends with him, especially after Gobby was the one who punched him into the middle of nowhere.

A voice spoke, but it came from all sides, as if carried by the wind itself. "Oh lost child, are you cold?"

"Hello?" Naruto called out, "Can you help me?" The wind had become fierce, snow blinded Naruto as he searched for the voice's source. The gale whipped snow painfully against his face as he futifully tried to protect himself.

"You poor thing. Lost in the mountains so far from your family. Were you the one who dropped from the sky?" Naruto could see a silhouette of woman through the snow.

"Yeah, I made my fr-I mean a girl really angry and she hit me. Can you help me? I can't feel my legs." Naruto explained, desperate for help.

"Do not worry child," The woman finally appeared through the snowstorm. Her body glowed with a unnatural light that made the boy squeamish. A serene smile was frozen on her face, her skin was blue from the cold. She wore only a white kimono tied loosely together with a blue sash. The woman's arms were opened wide, "Let my embrace warm you up."

Unbridled fear flooded through Naruto's veins. He knew what this lady was. He heard people whisper that she would steal him away during the cold winter nights. "Yuki-onna."

The woman chuckled and her arms dropped to her side, but the serene smile on her face never changed from its frozen expression. "My, such a knowledgeable child. What else could I suspect from a young summoner?"

Naruto wanted to ask how she knew he tried to summon, why she was after and more. Sadly the cold had ate away at his strength, he could only stutter out, "W-what?"

"I am no fool child, I can practically smell your chakra." A hungry sigh escaped from her mouth. You have more than an entire village of humans, and the taste." Her laugh was cold, it made Naruto's toes curl. "Your chakra is so potent with strength, only shinobi from the forgotten Elemental Nations have that type of potentcy." The spirit monster smirked, its face threatened to crack from the movement. She raised he arms as if to hug Naruto.

Perhaps it was the cold, or maybe while she was talking, but she was within arms' reach of the boy. Naruto could not find the strength to move away. He felt drawn to the yuki-onna, he wanted to be in her arms. The comfort, the protection, and all things he yearned for growing up. He felt tears leak from his eyes as they froze on his cheeks.

"There is no need to cry, young ninja." Her robed arms wrapped around the young boy as he fell into the spirit's arms. Instead of the warmth that Naruto sorely needed, it was ice cold. Yet Naruto found himself slowly drifting off in the embrace. What little strength that he had left was draining away from his body. His eyes grew heavy, yet he could hear his name being called.


Suddenly, Naruto was thrown violently from the yuki-onna's arms and into the rising snow. Before he landed he caught a glimpse of four girls. Goblin Girl, Tiny Lamia, Vampire Girl and Dragon Pup rode a stone statue into the yuki-onna. The impromptu sled collided with the spirit, the girls fell off the statue and into the snow while the snow woman was tossed further down the mountain.

Tiny Lamia was the first to pull herself free from the snow. "I knew that Gobby's terrible statue could be used for something!"

Gobby opened her mouth to retort, only to stop when she saw some blonde hair half-buried in snow. "Naruto!" She cried out.

The four of them scrambled to uncover the young boy. Naruto's fingers had already started to turn blue from frostbite. Vampy tried to keep the boy awake. "Stay awake Naruto! You won't wake up if you sleep now!" She said to him as she slapped him repeatedly.

Pup took Naruto away from the Vampy. "I'll warm him up, but we need to get him back to Yamatai to get him help." She hugged the blond, her draconic body was hot to touch compared to Naruto's ice cold skin.

"You shall not steal my prey you little urchins!" The yuki-onna screamed as she drifted up the mountain, snow bellowed out behind her like twin jets. Her calm façade was tossed away in her anger at the interruption by the four younger monsters. "I'll tear each of you apart before I drain that boy of his chakra!"

Dragon Pup hugged Naruto tighter to protect him from both the cold and the enraged ice spirit. Goblin Girl, Vampire Girl and Tiny Lamia surrounded them protectively. "You won't touch our friend!" They yelled, ready to fight a battle that they would surely lose.

Before the yuki-onna could make her move, there was a flash of light and a kitsune appeared.

The fox girl was no bigger than the other children. Two large green eyes that spoke of centuries of wisdom. She wore a purple and white robe, but her most blaring characteristic was the nine golden tails that flowed behind her. Only one kitsune has nine tails across all the known continents. One of the four Heavenly Knights, Tamamo.

The blistering winds made by the winter spirit had no effect on the famous leader of the kitsune race. Tamamo gave the yuki-onna a big smile. "Sorry, but the Monster Lord has dibs on the boy."

Undettered by the appearance of a Heavenly Knight, the yuki-onna cried, "He was under my spell. He is my prey by our own laws!"

Tamamo laughed in her face, "Yeah, the Monster Lord doesn't care for your opinion." She turned serious. "We have plans to better all the entire known world, and it will not be jepordized by some hungry idiot." Tamamo pulled a small fan out of her sleeve. "But if you truly wish to fight for him…" Her fan flipped open as the kitsune glared at the yuki-onna. "I will be your opponent."

Without a single word, the spirit monster disappeared into the snowstorm, away from their sight. With a rather happy skip in her step, Tamamo made her way over to the girls and the still weakened boy. In the face of one of the strongest monsters known in the world, all the girls stayed their ground. Many would call them stupid for standing in the way of a Heavenly Knight, few would rather call their decision brave.

Frankly, Tamamo did not really care either way.

"No need to try and pretend you have a chance against me." She chuckled, much to the horror of the younger monsters. "If you all are that worried about him, then I suppose it wouldn't hurt for him to have a little company at the Monster Lord's Castle." With a snap of her fingers, they all disappeared off the face of the mountain.

Naruto awoke in a small bed. He was covered head to toe in what felt like a dozen blankets he remembered the yuki-onna, his chakra being drained by her, and the last minute rescue by the girls from Yamatai Village.

His bed shifted dramatically after four bodies tackled him into the mattress. Their voices were lost as they jabbered an incoherent mass of words, but they pinned him to the bed while they all tried to get their best grip on him. Naruto could see scales from Dragon Pup and Tiny Lamia, almost lost an eye to Goblin Girl's horn and Vampy hugged like a vice around his neck.

Two loud knocks on wood made the girls scramble away with evident blushes on their faces. Naruto took the reprieve to breathe.

In the doorway stood the fox girl from the mountains, Tamamo. She sported toothy grin at all the occupants in the room. "Now, now. You are all a little young to be getting down to that type of business." She pulled up a chair to Naruto's bedside and sat down. "Now little ninja, do you know where you are?" The kitsune questioned.

Naruto opened mouth and was about to say Konoha, only to have his mind catch up to him after the long day from playing and the scary spirit lady. "I first thought I ended up near the outskirts of the clan district in Konoha, then I thought I was having a dream, and then I was here." The word confused was the best word that could describe how he was feeling right now. "I think I'm lost."

The blonde fox girl giggled at his little adventure. "Do you know why you ended up near Yamatai Village?" Seeing the boy stay silent, Tamamo continued. "Did you try to summon something without a contract?"

"What's a contract?"

"A summoning contract is an agreement between a ninja and a group of summon creatures. Without a contract, if a ninja attempts a Summoning Jutsu-" Naruto shuddered under the intensity of Tamamo's glare. "-They risk being reversed summon to certain creature clans." She lightly smacked Naruto with her fan. "It was dangerous and foolish for you to even try to summon anything. You could have been beaten, eaten or even enslaved by the clan you were sent to."

"But since I ended up here with the nice elf lady and the other girls its okay right?" He responded with a smile, only to squeak in pain from another bop on his head.

"No, you got lucky. Our clan, the Monmusu, specializes in chakra draining. If that Yuki-onna had her hands on you for a few more minutes you would be drained dry and she would have left your corpse to freeze on the mountain side." She harshly lectured, only to mutter under her breathe, "If you were a normal human."

Naruto visibly paled. "I would have died?" Then he looked around and noticed that he was in a room with five members of the Monmusu clan. "Are you planning to drain my chakra like the yuki lady?"

Before Tamamo could say anything, the girls shouted as a group, "NO!" They fell into chorus of voices each trying to explain, while the others spoke over them. Tamamo had enough of the noise and silenced the room with a single wave of her hand. "Goblin, you first."

"We don't want to drain your chakra Naruto." She looked down to her feet and shuffled. Tiny Lamia picked up the conversation, "You're our friend. Friends don't hurt friends." She petted the end of her tail to calm her nerves. Vamp stood tall and puffed out her chest. "That snow bully deserved a beating. Nobody picks on my friend." Lastly, Dragon Pup scratched her scale covered forearms. "It was a lot more fun to play with you."

Completely speechless, Naruto did not know how to respond. For as long as he could remember, he wanted friends. Someone to play with, to laugh with, and everything in between. Four pairs of eyes' pleaded for him to look past the fact that they could drain his chakra. He couldn't say no to them. It's not their fault they could drain chakra. They are his first friends and he will never forget that.

"It was a lot of fun to play with you all too. I hope we can be friends forever." He smiled wide before all the girls swarmed him with a group hug.

Tamamo watched the heartwarming scene, before her eyes glittered with mischief. "It is rather cute to see you all like that, but-"She got up from the chair and exaggeratedly stretched her arms. "But it is time for Naruto to go home where you will never see him again." She was prepared for the vocal outburst and seemed to enjoy the displeasure from Naruto and the young girls.

Dragon Pup even started to cry. "No! You can't take him away. We just met him." She cried.

Tamamo continued, "I'm sorry, but he can't stay here. He belongs in the Elemental Nations and here he is a walking buffet to many monsters. You don't want him to get eaten do you?"

Both the girls and Naruto hesitated. They wanted to stay together, but they did not want Naruto to get hurt. Since they were children they simply responded without thinking. "We'll make sure nobody drains him. No one hurts our friend!" Tiny shouted out.

"What if I wanted to drain him of his chakra?" The tone of the room shifted. Naruto's world felt like the earth itself was going to crush him. The source of this power was Tamamo herself, the other monster girls shivered with fear but they found the strength to place themselves between Naruto and the kitsune chief.

Gobby swallowed loudly and said with conviction, "We would even fight you to protect Naruto!" Though she was the only one to speak, the other three shared the same sentiment.

With their statement, the room shifted away from the oppressive pressure of killing intent back to a happy-go-lucky Tamamo. "If that's the case, then why don't you all become his personal group summon?"

The children pondered her question, not knowing what the Heavenly Knight of Earth meant. Naruto snapped his fingers when he figured out the answer. "So its kinda like that Kakashi guy, instead of summoning one dog he summoned a whole pack of them."

Tamamo nodded. "Yes, just like that."

"So Naruto can summon us when he's back home? And we can play whenever we want?"

"Yep." The girls broke into cheers while Tamamo watched them. "Now, we have a lot to get done. We need to remake the main Monmusu contract before we can make the sub-contracts for you all," She pointed this out to the four girls, before she turned her attention to Naruto. "As for you Naruto is it? You are going to meet the Monster Lord and sign the contract, then we'll see about getting you home okay?"

Hours later, Naruto found himself back in the Konoha training fields as the head summoner (by default) of the Monmusu clan.

When Naruto finally finished his tale, his summons were practically glued to his side. Vamp on one arm, Tiny on the other, while Pup had his head in her lap and Goblin had gotten comfy as she laid down between his legs using his stomach as a pillow. Their monster characteristics aside, they were pretty cute, if you were into that sort of thing.

The older man stared at the young girls with leaf hiate around their necks and tails. In Naurto's own words, it was really hard for him not to "perve out". He thought about respecting the young genin's request, but then he finally noticed what was in front of him.

The super pervert watched in awe as the girls cuddled the boy. He looked so indifferent to the whole situation. Jiraiya now had an important question he couldn't fight back the urge to perve, "Are you a little Casanova with four girlfriends?" The infamous lecher grin was wide across his face.

Naruto face reddened with embarrassment before he yelled out, "No! Keep your pervy thoughts to yourself!" If he was not being cuddled and soothed by four different girls, Jiraiya might have taken him seriously.

"So instead of summoning snakes, turtles or even the great and powerful toads, you can summon a gang of monster girls?"

The young jinchuriki nodded absently, while his personal posse sat a little straighter with pride.

The mighty toad sage took this information in. He allowed it to process through his head along with the tale of the clan's discovery by a lucky orphan. He looked at Naruto when Tiny started to get a little hands-on with him, much to his consternation. Manly tears of pride started to drip from the Sannin's face.

"I've never been so proud…"


One-shot complete! I've been wanting to write something like this for ages. The Four bandits were the cutest part of the entire Monster Girl Quest series, and I for one see them sharing Naruto in a relationship far in the future. I will consider this story now finished, though I may update with more chapters about how Naruto's little band of bandits affects Konoha and the people they come across. But for now, I have other Naruto this to write before my interest wanes, back to Venomless Mamushi!