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Many men have lost their souls in search of the Shikon no tama, Inuyasha. How do you know this won't happen to you? And how do you expect to continue protecting Kagome if it does?

The monk's words echoed in his mind for hours afterward. So it all comes down to one choice, two possibilities, thought Inuyasha, I either choose to become a full youkai, my life-long goal, or I choose to protect Kagome. Inuyasha glanced at the sleeping girl, because that's what she really was, a girl, unable to protect herself demons like Sesshoumaru or Naraku or Inuyasha himself, if he became a full youkai that is
Why can't I just have both! Inuyasha muttered to himself, Besides, that pervert Miroku could be wrong. Feh, I've got plenty of time to decide!

Little did the hanyou know, but he was not the only one to hear Miroku's thought provoking words. Kagome, lying still awake in her sleeping bag heard every word. Inuyasha could lose his soul by becoming a youkai?! Kagome gasped, Maybe I shouldn't let him have to jewel when it's complete, then. After all, I am its protector