A/N: Wow, this is it.  The end of And so the story continues.  Really, I think this is probably the longest story I've ever written, being that before this I only wrote short stories.  (well, technically this IS a short story, but that's not the point.)

I'm sorry that this is really short, but it's an epilogue, according to MY definition, epilogues and prologues are supposed to be short.  And besides, it gets my point across.  (it's kind of a sappy point, sorry for all of you who hate that stuff)

Well, before we get it all over with, I'd like to thank all my faithful reviewers who keep coming back to read the next chapter or the end or whatever. To: Dracosgirl4evernalways, Inuyashafanaticlmv, Usagi Chang, Sauratos, Marianthe, psycho king, and Kioko Maemi Mitsu, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! (not literally of course.)

So, yeah, before I friggin' rant your pants off, let's get the actual story going, and here it is!

And so the story continues, and life goes on.  Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo more or less lived long, happy lives from this point on.  Not to say they lived without conflict, being that without conflict, we would never know how truly wonderful our lives are.

Three months after the wedding, Miroku and Sango discovered that Sango was pregnant.  Inuyasha and Kagome, however, didn't have their first child till nearly a year later.  Neither of them minded, as it was almost like they had a child anyway.  You see, Shippo, no matter HOW many times Inuyasha told him to go back to Kaede's, practically lived with them, and thought Inuyasha would never admit it, he really was like part of the family.

Years and years down the line, when Kaede had passed on, and Shippo was fully grown, we see two couples still very much in love.  Sango and Miroku's first child was a girl, and ironically, out of all five of their children, Sango never bore Miroku a son.  Inuyasha and Kagome had only three children, which was all Kagome said she could handle.  Shippo, as a grown teenager, found a friendly little kitsune girl and the two of them wed, their vows including that not all demons are created equal.

Endings are so final, and our heroes and heroines love and friendship for each other will never truly end.  How they died and when is irrelevant, because even when you think it's all over and the story's come to an end, you're wrong.  The story still goes on, continuing through life and on into final rest, for even there, the story isn't over.