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This "story" is a mixture of different one shots from my completed story 'Second Wind'. If you have not read that story then this will make very little sense. If you wish to read it, then you can find Second Wind on my profile. If you go ahead and read this then I'm presuming that you know the story behind these scenes, therefore I won't take the time to fill in more than necessary of the back story.

Originally I started posting one shots at the end of the Second Wind story, but after going around in circles for a while I decided to post them as a separate story. It's just tidier... I apologise to those of you who already has read the first chapter before coming across this story, but I have some one shots I'm still planning on finishing, and I felt more comfortable splitting up the main story from these loose snippets.

Just to be clear though; Second Wind is official over.

This is just something I've been wondering if I should post at all and as you can see, I went for it. So you readers can make of them whatever you wish to. They're not serious and mostly just snippets of various length. Some short, others longer and in one case extremely long.

Some of them are scenes disregarded from the story because I didn't find them fitting at the time, and some have just been written for fun. There's little structure to them, and the time frame the content happens in will not be posted chronologically. So a one-shot from when they were thirteen can pop up after a scene from when they were in their thirties.

I might or might not post a few of the others after a while too, but it will be very slow going and in general these scenes will not add much to Second Wind. Which is officially finished. (I can't stress that enough)

These one-shots probably lacks a lot of the atmosphere I worked up in Second Wind and should be looked upon as separate pieces that vaguely belongs together with Second Wind. Some more than others…

So if you're interested in reading one of them you should just click on the next chapter. Where my first one shot ever should already be up. Thanks for reading Second Wind up to this point, I'm really glad you've taken the time getting through it!

And last, to stay in character with the rest of the story somewhat:

One Shot

One Shot is a term used in fanfictions to say that there will only be one body of text. (One chapter)