Joy was stuck in the Memory Dump. While she was flying, Bing Bong jumped off his own rocket to give to Joy a speed boost but she fell on the ground, breaking the rocket.

"Joy… we failed." said the pink elephant with disappointment. "The rocket is broken."

"We didn't make it… we lost our last hope." Joy was about to cry.

They looked in each other's eyes while a lot of memories around them were fading. They also realized there's nothing they can do to save Riley.

Meanwhile, in the HeadQuarters, the remaining trio tried to make Riley run away from her new home in San Francisco, but they realized it wasn't a good idea.

"Wait Anger! There must be a better way!" panicked Fear. "Wich way, you idiot!?" shouted Anger. "Anger, Fear's right this time. We can't do a thing like this!" commented Disgust while Anger and Fear were arguing.

"OK! OK! But now tell me how we should make this girl hap-hold on," Anger was having a flashback. "we still have a chance"

"What chance, you genius?" asked Disgust. "I must find Sadness right now!" Anger was entering in a transfer tube but he got warned by Fear. "What if you don't come back?" Spoke the raw nerve.

"I'll come back but until my return, try to remove that idea from the console so Riley can back home. I'll explain my plan when I'll come back." Said Anger before to get sucked by a transer tube.

And there he was… outside the HQ. Anger have never seen that place but there was no time to observe it. He was looking for Sadness and Joy. "Wow... where should I start…?" Speaking to himself. His eyes widened when he saw a line of sad memories. "This is not normal... actually nothing that I'm doing is normal." His istinct told to him to follow the sad memories line. After a few of meters, he found Sadness. She was sitting on the ground, crying. Anger ran for her and once he get closer, he start talking to her. "Sadness! I found you! Come on, we must get in the HQ before- where is Joy?"

Sadness looked at him while her crying was getting louder. "Sh- she fell in the Memory Dump… with Bing Bong."

"DANG IT! Sadness... there is no time for Joy now... we have to go and fast!"

Sadness looked at Anger and she can't believe what she heard. " You just want to leave her? We can't! We must try to get her out from the Memory Dump!" said with a desperate tone. "Sadness, you know better than me that nothing can get out of there, but I have a plan and, if it works, we don't need Joy to create happy memories. And Joy treated you badly in all these years! In my plan you're an important part but we'll talk about this once we get in the HeadQuarters."

Sadness agreed. She couldn't say nothing because Anger was more than right. On the way to back home, Sadness remembered Anger's words and she already know what Anger want to do but it has never been tried before. On the return, Anger saw a repair man operating on the transfer tube. "What are you doing here? We must go inside that tube." Spoke Anger with a threatening tone. He get closer to the repair man, grabbed his repair kit and threw it away. The repair man was shocked once they entered in the transfer tube. After a couple of minutes, Anger and Sadness returned in the HQ with everyone's surpise. "Sadness, now walk in front the console, remove the idea and I'll do the rest, ok?" he questioned.

Sadness agreed and she did all Anger said to her. Once the idea get removed, Riley realizes that running away was a bad idea and is better to talk with her parents so she start running in her home's direction. Disgust and Fear were surprised when Sadness removed the idea from the console. "Anger, I never thought to say this but... you're a genius." Smiled Disgust.

"I know. Now it's your turn, Fear." He looked at the raw nerve wich was waiting Anger's next words. "Remember the last time we confessed to our parents we broke dad's computer? Bring me a lot of confession memories, but happy ones: if you fail, I'll make you eat broccoli forever." Disgust, while she was disgusted, commented " Was that necessary, stupid brick?"

Anger ignored while Fear was looking for memories and he already found 4-5 of those. Anger was walking around the HQ thinking to his plan but he stopped to walk only to recall his co-workers. " Ok guys, this is our last chance to make Riley happy even without Joy. She did good things for Riley and everyone agreed with her way to command this girl, but the truth is... we are dealing with this due to her way to make Riley happy. We need also Sadness' help and yours." once Anger finished to talk, Fear asked " Hold on guys: WHERE IS JOY!"

"She is gone, Fear…"

"I can't believe you left her behind! Why!" Disgust shouted in a tone of despair.

"Beacause she fell in the Memory Dump and nothing can come back from there." commented Sadness.

Everyone in the HeadQuarters can't believe at Sadness and Anger's words but he intervenes, saying: "Listen, I know you're everyone upset but we have a girl's life in front of us! I miss Joy too but we can't stop right now." and with these words, everyone are convinced of Anger's plan.

Riley finally is back home while her parents were talking to Riley's teacher via phone asking if she saw Riley but she answered that she have never seen Riley that day.

Once the Anderson saw Riley, they desperately start to ask her questions.

"Sadness, now! Press the button on the console! Fear, be ready to call one of the memories you grabbed before! Disgust, make sure Fear do nothing stupid!"

"Ok. I like this job already." she said sarcastically.

Riley starts to cry when Sadness pressed that button, saying to her parents that she miss Minnesota, her hockey team and the old friends. Riley's parents answer positively at Riely's concerns confessing that they does miss Minnesota too, and soon they start a family hug.

"FEAR, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!" warned Anger.

"O-ok! I'll call this memory!".

While Riley was having a hug with her parents, a happy memory of Riley's last confession It had projected in Riley's mind and all of sudden, a mixed core memory was born, making his way at the core memories store forming a new Island: Family Island, first mixed core memory.

"I-I can't believe it! It worked! Anger, your plan has worked!" spoke disgust with surprise.

"But how did you do that?!" Fear's eyes and mouth widened when he saw that memory.

Anger was still watching what he has done: a happy memory without Joy. He can't believe his plan really worked but now he had to explain how he did that.

"I thought it was going to be a failure but for once nothing went in failure." said Sadness while she was watching Anger.

"Me too kiddo, me too..." finally spoke Anger after a long silence. "Before to arrive in San Franstinko, a couple of weeks before, Sadness was on Dream Duty while she was reading one of her manuals. I asked to her what she was reading and she said a way to make memories even if an Emotion is missing. I didn't care a lot about that but before to find her a couple of hours ago, I'd never expected it was useful… you make a person remember a similar moment with a memory."

"Woah... that's just crazy." commented Fear.

"AH! I'd never expected that Anger read manuals." Joked Disgust.

"Well... I'd never expected to say this but manuals are useful and we also found Sadness' purpose today… this is a new begginning not just for Riley, but for all of us." and the other Emotions couldn't agree more, but they also understood that nothing will be as the same as before from that moment…

Three months later…

After Riley's lunch, wich was broccoli, Disgust ran for the toilet.

"YUCK! Those broccoli were not even cooked well!" Disgust complained. Once she exited from the toilet, she saw Joy's room.

"I said I would never go in that room…" but she started to open Joy's door and, after a couple of minutes in there, she started searching through the vanished Emotion's stuff. Disgust found Joy's diary.

"Joy… forgive me for reading your diary." as she said those words, Disgust start to read Joy's diary:

Dear Diary.

Daddy told us we are moving in a new place and it will be as beautiful as Minnesota. Everyone in the HeadQuarters is starting to be upset: Fear is scared for the dangers in this new city, Anger is getting mad everytime Fear begin that argument, Disgust is already thinking to the bad foods that we will eat once we are there. And Sadness… I don't really know what is her purpose but for now I saw all bad things and everytime she touch the console, Riley starts to be sad. She is useless then. She just want to stop me from making Riley happy all the time...

Disgust closed Joy'diary because she was almost crying on it.

"I saw enough."

Nine months later…

Finally the Emotions rebuilt Riley's mind even without Joy's leadership. They even have a console upgrade wich allows Anger to an infinite catalog of curse words all for him. Fear was pretty upset for Boy-Band Island, Disgust was very excited for Fashion Island and Sadness liked also Tragic Vampire Romance Island. Anger used the same metod to create happy memories, wich was making a person remember a similar event.

They heard the Train of Toughts arrive outside the HQ and someone knocked to their door…