Chapter 1: Riddle Sizzle

Its been 15 years since the end of riddle school and Phil and Smiley have 2 children, Zack and his wife Lydia have 1 and Phred and his girlfriend Mae have 3

"Oh Phil..." Smiley sings

"What is it?" Phil mocks Smiley's tone

"Danny has had another poop explosion" Smiley replies

"Your turn" Phil argues

"Who took Lola to the rank porta-loos at the fairground" Smiley says

"Damn you Smiley Eggtree" Phil says carrying a yellow-faced bald Danny to the bathroom

Lola,brown haired and peach faced, walks into the kitchen wearing a pink summer dress with brown ankle boots, the 5 year old was 10 times more ready than her parents

"When are we going to the Riddle Sizzle? It's Danny's first one and I don't want to miss it" she says

"Oh bother!" Smiley says (except she uses a much worse word than bother) "Phil! The Riddle Sizzle"

"Everyone get in the car!" Phil screams

By the time they get to the beach everyone else is there and eating, Lola mixes with Zack and Lydia's son Kyle age 6 and Phred and Mae's daughter Emilia - Rose, age 5, Smiley, Phil and Danny head over to everyone else, Phred's son 3 year old Teddy - James was cooking some sausages over Zack's head flame while 1 year old Harley - Louise (Phred and Mae's youngest) laughs and sing

"Hello Unka Phil" Teddy - James says eating the sausages he just finished cooking on Zack's head

"Hello T - J" says Phil hugging the little boy

"Why is your son cooking food on your friends head?" Smiley asks Phred

"We forgot the BBQ and had to cook on Zachary here" Phred says as if it was normal to cook on humans

"Kyle! Lola! Emilia - Rose! Come over here, it's time for food" Lydia shouts. The kids run over

Kyle grabs a burger, so does Lola but E - R ate a sausage

"After tea we can play some games!" Phred says

"Yes! Games!" The children cheer