A/N: Hi! This is my first Samurai Champloo fanfic, and also the first time I write in english, so, well, I deeply apologize for my terrible grammar and every mistakes I made. I hope it's still understable, uh, I tried my best? I've discovered SC, like almost a year ago and since I became totally obsessed with Mugen/Fuu, so I had to write something about my ultimate OTP, so, uh, enjoy?



''Yo girlie.'' he said. She said nothing because, well, he's a jerk and she doesn't care at all about him, his life and whatever he wants to do. So, she chose to not give him any attention. She just continued to pet her fluffy little squirrel.

Mugen lazily laid down on the grass next to her. She didn't want to talk to him, fine. It suited him just fine. However, he saw the nervous frown in her eyebrow and the now tense movements in her hand. Three more seconds and she would yell at him, once again.

''Where were you last night?''

''Why do ya ask if ya know the answer?''

Surprisingly, she said nothing more. She got up quietly, her face unreadable. He thought she was gonna lecture him about how he could have found a job or something and not just wasting money on whores, but no, nothing.

''Well, we better go find Jin.''

He grunted and followed her without complaining.


Sometimes, it was nice to travel with Girlie and Fish-face. Like, most of the time, they were a pain in the ass, but sometimes, just sometimes, it felt nice. Nice to have someone to rely on, nice to have someone to spare with, nice to not have to search for someone new to spare with since Fish-face couldn't fucking die even after all their battles. Nice to have someone who cared for him, nice to have someone who did not fake tears when they cried for him, nice to have someone to laugh with.

Not like he would say that out loud. Feh, they were just an old boring fart and a stupid plain-chested girl, no big deal. But, still, with them, he felt that heart-warming sensation deep in his guts.


''Have you ever had a home?''

Uh, why did this girl never shut her trap? He was resting, for fuck's sake! She was rambling about some silly shit, as always, and boom, there she was asking about his fucking life. With a little bit of luck, he could make it look like he thought that the question was for Four-eyes.

''Mugen, I'm talking to you!''

Well, now he couldn't escape it anymore. It wasn't an interesting question to begin with, he never gave a thought about this sentimental shit. His eyes still closed, he just answered with the first thing that crossed his mind.

''Dunno, don't care.''

He heard her shuffling closer. That wasn't good, she would probably try to hit him on the head because of his unsatisfying answer. Not that he could not dodge it, but frankly, he'd rather save himself the effort.

''You know '', she said, ''I used to feel really alone when my mom died. Even the house I grew up in, it didn't felt comforting at all, even though I lived some of my best memories here. Like, it wasn't my home anymore.''

He grunted, because he didn't know what to say. He didn't ask for this personal shit, he didn't expect her to open herself to him. She could see Four-Eyes for this, he was much better with words, and, generally, with this teenage girl bullshit. However, he didn't ask her to shut up. That would make her go mad and her voice was kinda nice when she wasn't yelling. If it wasn't Fuu, he could even think that it was soothing to hear her, but he knew better.

''I was persuaded that a home was just four walls and a roof. But, right now, I'm beginning to think that home is nothing like that. Like, it doesn't have to be somewhere special, or built with solid materials.'' She made a little pause, searching for her words. When she spoke again, her voice was even more quieter than before. ''I consider you and Jin like my home, it's when we're together that I feel the most at peace.''

A silence filled the air, the two of them thinking about what had just been said. And since she didn't seem to move anytime soon, Mugen supposed she was expecting him to say something.

''That's…That's nice, girlie. First time someone think 'bout me this way, but I don't mind.''


He hated this fucking damsel in distress act that she was always playing. Except that she was not really playing, since the dudes who kidnapped her were never joking. He could'nt understand what the fuck these men were thinking: why kidnap a wooden-plank like Fuu? If she had a nice rack, he could accept the way they were putting so much efforts trying to rapt her. But Fuu was, well, Fuu, an annoying girl with no sex-appeal and a shrilling voice.

Neither could he stand the fact that he always ended up like a damn knight saving her bony ass. That role was perfect for lover boy like Four-Eyes, who always arrived too late. Tch, useless guy. It was always Mugen who had to do the dirty work while Four-Eyes received all the thanking from Fuu. Not like he wanted them anyway.

However, he still showed up just in time, saving the day and the damsel by the way.


Once, she saw Mugen's glorious butt emerging from his swim in the river. She supposed he didn't spotted her even though a strange little gasp escaped her since he didn't ever mention this episode to mock her.

She's still unsure about the good in this experience, but saying that she completely hated it would be some massive lie.


She needed to be kissed. Hard. Until she saw stars. Maybe that could put some fucking sense in her thick head. Maybe that would stop her from being so damn naive. Maybe, she would understand that it was an adult's world with no place for kiddos like her. And then, maybe, she would finally grow careful, not being held hostage every two seconds.

Or maybe, just maybe, Mugen only wanted to justify himself and his weirds impulses.


When they arrived late in the evening in town, they realized they had money for only one room at the inn, but Fuu didn't complain since she was too happy at the perspective of a real bath after weeks of hiking in the woods. She literally ran in the hot water as soon as she could, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips. She stayed there for quite some time before going back to the room, singing happily for herself. None of the boys were here, probably in the arms of nameless whores. For once, she didn't mind: she was too content with the nice smell of the soap on her skin and having a little bit privacy wouldn't hurt her after all the time stuck with the guys. She installed her futon, put selfishly all the covers on her and fell asleep.

At almost three o'clock in the morning, Mugen showed up, vision blurry and steps clumsy. He didn't hesitate for a second when he saw the mountain of covers, he was way too drunk to make his own bed, he'll just parasite this one. He put himself under the sheets and, sensing an another warm presence in the bed, glued his torso against a back. His mind didn't register that he was actually snuggling against Fuu, he just let himself drown in the smell of her clean hair.

Jin woke up in a small alley, next to a bar. A hangover killing him, he slowly made his way back to the inn, swearing against Mugen who made him drink enough to pass out, stole his money to hit the brothel and abandoned him in the street. He was lucky that nobody tried to stole his swords too. Opening the room's door, ready to kill Mugen, he stopped when he saw the scene in front of him. In the same futon, Fuu and Mugen were tangled with each other, the covers kicked out at Mugen's side. Deciding that he should not have see that, Jin retreated himself in the inn's onsen. He'd deal with this when his migraine would disappear.

Unfortunately, Fuu's shriek did not wait that long.


Something was in the air, for sure. He didn't know what. Pollen, or something? Jin seemed to be quieter than normal, if it was even possible. Fuu had enormous mood swings, worse than ever, it was kinda scary. Not that he was really sensitive with his companion's moods, or anything, but well, he was stuck in the middle. Between Fish-face who had the actual conversation of a fish and a random pink hurricane blasting a thousand plaints, he was gonna have a mental breakdown if he didn't escape to find a brothel real quick.

Maybe there was something between these two. And that could explain their weird behaviors. Mugen didn't know how he felt about that. Uh, it just made him want to hit the brothel faster.

Fuck it, nothing was in the air.


Jin liked both of his companions. Fuu was like a little sister, annoying but touching with her being so naive. And even though they were always at each other throat, he felt respect towards Mugen. They had both their own qualities and flaws, but these days, traveling with them slowly began to be hellish. They could not shut up, arguing for the most insignifiants things. But the worse in that was when Fuu tried to use him to make her point. She would just grab his arm and say something like ''Jin agree with me, right Jin?'', and the more she clutched his arm, the more Mugen's eyes would lit with anger. Jin tried to stay neutral but it didn't stop his companions from their constant yelling. If they didn't stop soon this game of them, Jin would end up deaf and it did not please him at all. Deaf by sexual tension would be such a ridiculous end.


Fuu sometimes found it frustrating to travel with grown men who only saw her as a whiny brat. Well, she knew she was kinda whiny. But it was only normal after all, she was a young lady not prepared for so much hiking through the woods, not some samurai or homeless vagrant, on the road for years.

Even though she was somewhat loud, with a large but healthy appetite, she honestly thought that she was pretty enough and mature enough to be considered as a young woman at least. She saw the way some men looked at her, had been cat-called a few times. She knew she wasn't as hideous as Mugen said she was, even with her flat chest (but the kimono really did make her look skinny!). She had also saw more blood than most of the girls of her age, had not panicked and healed the best she could some nasty wounds. They were both alive thanks to her nursing. She didn't count the times they saved her because, after all, that's why bodyguards are for, and also because she had too much pride.

Then, why did they always look down at her? Why wasn't she enough?



Her voice was quiet, timid even. It knocked some alarms in his mind, it could only mean one thing: she was gonna say something stupid, something-mental that she'll regret later.

''The fuck ya want, girlie?''

She coughed a little, trying to speak louder.

''Hum, I wanted to apologize for my behavior for the past few weeks.''

Here it was, he knew that was coming. Fish-Face must have convinced her to go talk to him since he could tell the samurai was ready to explode at the next conflict between him and the girl. Girlie was really influenced by him, he could tell her what the fuck he'd want, she'll dot it. Hell, Mugen would bet that Four-Eyes could ask her to suck his cock, she'll object nothing.

''Yeah, right, you were even more a pain in the ass than before lately, and believe me, that's quite a fuckin' performance.''

He did not entered in her little game consciously and she lowered her head, trying to contain any burst of anger. He saw her nervously biting her nails before immediately let her hand down. Then she looked at him, her cheeks a little flushed but her eyes more determined than before.

''So, well, I wanted to offer you something, you know, to bury the hatchet.''

''That's nice of ya' girlie, but I don't think ya' have anything to offer me '', he said with a crooked grin, ''Grow some tits before trying to sleep with me.''

Oh boy, how quickly her face decomposed itself! Rage was fueling inside her and Mugen was a bit proud of himself because he knew exactly with buttons he had to push to make her go mad.

''Well, fuck you Mugen! I'm not trying to sleep with you, and I wouldn't even want you if you were the last man on earth! I'm trying to be nice with you, and you-you just stay the same, a perverted idiotic jerk who cannot think like a normal human! Is your dick your only brain? Well, it's sad and I hope someone will cut it off in a fight, then you'll may be able to communicate with other humans!''

Out of breath, she stormed off, her fists tightly closed on the bracelet she was gonna offer him. He just watched herself go, his grin slowly melting.

''Yeah, that suits ya' better than apologizes…''


Sometimes, she honestly thinks that Jin and Mugen are the best things that ever happened to her.