A/N: Hello comrades! A second chapter of drabbles to calm my MuFuu fever. Hope you'll like them! Oh, and I use this author note to share a little bit of my thoughts. I was listening to 50%, a french rap song by Orelsan, and I was struck because this song is a total material for an angst one-shot love triangle with Fuu, Jin and Mugen. It's about a man who fucks with a girl who has a boyfriend, she broke up with him to stay with her boyfriend but then, she comes back to him because she's pregnant and there is a 50% chance that it's him. I thought that the man's reactions were very Mugen-like, but, well, I can't stand angst for my OTP -cause I'm a sucker for fluff and happy endings- :3

A little more rambling about French rap, but if anybody knows Les Casseurs Flowteurs ( a duo between Orelsan and Gringe), they also make me think a lot about Mugen, like, Orelsan is lazy and somewhat idiot, while Gringe is always angry and equally as lazy (and love prostitutes). So, uh, anyway, it doesn't matter much, but even though you disagree with my opinion, I warmly encourages you to listen to their songs!



He isn't the kind of guy who think that much. It's not that he's stupid -well, he is when hot chicks are involved- but he just doesn't see why he should lose time by embarrassing himself with thoughts about who he really is deep down, his view about the world, his future, that kind of bullshit. Following his instinct is plenty contenting for him.

But, lately, he tends to fantasize more and more about what his life could become. Like, after finding that damned smelly samurai, he could go his own way, walk aimlessly from town to town like he used to do. He could even meet again with the ninja chick and obtain the heavenly fuck he deserved. And he'll never see girlie and Four-Eyes again. Hell, girlie could even hook up with lover boy! The idea of the two most annoying people he ever known together makes him chuckles at first, however he also feels a pinch in his chest for some obscure reason.

The pinch intrigues him and he takes some time to -shortly- reflects about this weird feeling. The only answer that he can accept is that it would be too much of a fucking cliché, the girl settling down with the nice, stable boy while the bad one just disappear from her life. It's not a goddam fairytale, fairytales just sucks.


She looks at his hands, brushing his hair before he puts them at the back of his head. She walks quietly behind him and she starts to take in consideration his long, tanned fingers. His nails are short in order to not bother him while he holds his sword, and the good point is that it prevents any dirt to hide under them. His fingers are amazingly thin but she knows that those same fingers have already killed more men than they ever should have. His calloused palms are rough, powerful weapons, just like him, and she feels oddly attracted to them, because she remembers vividly the few blessed times they touched her. Grazing her face or grabbing her arm to make her run faster, they were hot and strong against her, and she can't stop her imagination to go wild about that. Right now, her legs are beginning to feel a little numb while she can't stop staring at them, fantasizing about a time where they would be on her skin again.

''Listen, girlie, I know, I'm sexy and your only dream is that I fuck ya nastily'' Mugen suddenly say, without turning his head, '' but it would be nice if ya stopped staring at my amazing butt.''

''Uh, Mugen, gross! I was NOT looking at your ass!'' shriek Fuu, cheeks flushed in a nice shade of crimson.

''Yeah, yeah, don't act so grossed out when it was ya who were looking at me like I had grown a third arm! ''

She turns her head, her nose up. Arguing is useless, and she knows it, because, she indeed was staring at him, so she wisely choose to ignore the jerk with the nice hands. But her uncharacteristic silence does not go unremarked, and Mugen is now convinced that his booty is frickin' attractive for the entire feminine population, even for the little girls with no bosom.


Fuu always used to feel kind of useless, so defenseless, easily targetable. Even when arguing with Mugen, she could never really pinch him while his shoves made her fall on her behind with a patent lack of grace. But now, tables have turned, thanks to a smiling girl she met in the last inn they stopped at. Exposing her woes to the stranger, she obtained the teaching of a mysterious and painful ancestral technique.

The first time she used it, it was against a large man who tried to rapt her in a dark alley, the usual. None of her bodyguards were with her to witness its powerfulness, but thanks to her new skill, she successfully escaped this trap. However, the second time she practiced it, it was on Mugen, who was trying to steal her food. He was so surprised by her, shrieking ''ANCESTRAL TECHNIQUE OF THE DOUBLE NIPPLE TWIST!'', that he did not dodge her attack, ending up with two bruised nipples and no temptation to steal any more food.


Often, Mugen is bored. That's the way he is, and that's why he seeks so much for battle, adventure or whores. But when he and his companions are lost in the butthole of the world, with nothing to do, it's the moment his brain tries his hardest to distract him. And, most of the time, distraction means making some cruel pranks to the prudish Fuu. Like, walking around naked and acting like he doesn't understand why she's not pleased, making constant innuendos and watching her face burn in the most flaming red, talking very loudly and with much details about a night with prostitutes to a silent Jin, right next to Fuu. But the best time he had was when he hid all her clothes while she was washing herself in a river. The incomprehension, the shock of the realization and dark anger flashed in her eyes, to his great pleasure. She screamed and ranted but he didn't flinch. Jin was away, surely gone meditating far away from them -clever man!- therefore, the girl didn't have much of a choice: she had to get out of the freezing water, clumsily trying to cover her bare body the best she could with her hands. Her kimono wasn't that far nor that well hidden but when she bent to pick it up, the view of her perky butt up in the air was particularly appreciable for Mugen who got quite an eyeful of the show. He couldn't even choose the best moment of this episode: the anger, the shame or the butt? Anyway, it was totally worth the effort.


Funny how, sometimes, people looks like animals. Maybe they were that animal in an anterior life, or they're their totems animals or something. They might have a special connection, like they understand each other. But then, how explain the blatant fishing fail that Jin is?


The boy sloppily kisses her, but it doesn't matter. She welcomes the invading tongue in her mouth and tries her best to move her tongue in unison with his. She feels dizzy but it's probably the fault of the sake that she greedily gulped down tonight. Maybe she had drunk a little too much but how could she back down when Mugen provoked her, saying that she couldn't handle her liquor? Her pride was offended, she had to prove him his wrongness, like always! However, right now, as the nice boy who started talking to her earlier that evening is shoving his tongue down her throat, she begins to question, if, just as a possibility, Mugen might have been right. Opening her eyes, in order to forget the uncomfortable kiss and the tongue who is currently trying to strangle her, she searches for her bodyguard. He is sitting in a corner of the bar, some chicks at his sides, because, well, it's a small town, and his exotic apparence attracts tons of lonely bored girls. One has her head on his left shoulder, another is refilling his glass. But he isn't looking at them, he doesn't even seem to realize their existence. In fact, he is very much looking at her, his grey eyes fixed on her brown ones.

His gaze has the effect to clear her confused mind. The boy, his hands chastely gripping her shoulders, his head tilted to the side, his breath reeking sake, the fact that her very first kiss is given to a boy she didn't even really know while she is drunk -and it isn't even a good kiss!-. How grotesque!

She unlocks her lips with the boy's ones, turns her head to the side, because she doesn't want to face him. In the corner of her eyes, she sees Mugen getting up, to the girls despair. He walks towards the door of the bar but stops there, waiting for her. She hastily escape the boy's embrace, shuffles her way to him, her head down, somewhat a bit ashamed. When they're in the street, on their way to the inn, Mugen is still staring at her, without any mischievous plan at the back of his mind, but he sure looks amused.

''T'was your first kiss, uh?'' he says. His voice does not show any animosity, just pure curiosity.

''I-I…How do you know!?'' The shock is evident for Fuu. It is already uncomfortable enough to have make out while passably drunk with such witness, and the fact that he knows it was a special kiss does not help her -at all- to relax.

''Easy, you looked like a baby gorilla trying to suck his mother's tit but with less grace and much more tongue.''

(This remark may be a bit too much for Fuu's -not really- patient mind. She might want to throw her fist in his face.)


''You're gonna what, girlie? Ya can't even kiss!''

''I don't need it for what I'm gonna do and I do know how to kiss!

The sudden grab on her wrist is rough and unexpected, it makes her stumbles directly in her companion's chest. She raises her head up to see his face and yell at him once more for his gesture, but the look in Mugen's eyes dissuades her to do so. No longer entertained by Fuu previous embarrassment, now, his glare is dead serious and it's kinda frightening.

''Believe me, you know nothing about that. Don't act like you're experienced: ya may have kissed a boy, but for sure you ain't ever kissed man.''

He releases her wrist, and they don't spoke until the next morning, Mugen speaking too loud on purpose to bug Fuu and her monstrous hangover.


''Well, guys, I'm gonna wash myself'' says Fuu, walking towards the stream that flows down the hill where they installed their camp for the night.

Jin only acknowledges this statement with a hmmm, while Mugen greets the new with a wide, toothy smile. His skin must have been exhaling mischief, because Fuu turns her head to him, her eyes narrowing in front of his grin.

''And don't even try to steal my clothes again, you sick perverted baboon!''


Another day, another rescue. Mugen frowns all day. The evening comes, they silently eat grilled eels in a stand. Mugen looks like he's going to kill something. Then, him and Jin go see some hookers while Fuu chats with the owner of the stand before returning to the inn. Mugen's demeanor scares a few girls. Back at the hotel, alone, he does not respond when Fuu kindly tries to chit-chat to distract him from his awful mood. Mugen's face is still glum. Offended by his lack of responses, she ends up snapping at him. And since she snaps at him, well, he snaps at her too.

''What is your problem Mugen? I'm trying to be nice to you and you're not making it easy!''

''You wanna know what's my problem, bitch? I'm saving your sorry ass all day long alone, because Fish-face is never here, probably touching his dong 'cause I dunno what else could take him so much time! And ya know what's eating me up? I never get a single frickin' compliment for being such a good bodyguard while you're throwing flowers at Four-eyes! Where's my ''ya did great''? Where's my ''I could never thank you enough for always saving me in time Mugen'', uh?''

Fuu just stares at him blankly. Well, that was unexpected. So, the great Mister 'i-don't-give-a-damn-about-your-opinion-you-can-put-it-in-your-ass-for-all-I-care' is fishing for a little bit of recognition? It makes her crack a smile, the way he acts is even somewhat sweet -and considering Mugen as a sweet thing is pretty hard-. So, she gently puts her hand on his, before looking at him, straight in the eyes.

''You're right, I'm not thanking you enough. But anyway, even though you're a big lazy obnoxious baboon who only thinks with his dick, I'm glad you're never fails to be here for me. You saved my life countless times, and I trust you.''

She squeezes his hand before releasing it. He's observing her, with narrow eyes, his mouth a little agape, like he's not sure she really said that. But then, almost instantly, he picks himself up.

''Ugh, no need to go all emotional on me, bitch.''