It was Morning at the Discount Zoo as the children watched the bears interact with each other. Normally these bears would be inside trying to tolerate living together but as they found out they need to entertain the masses that come to their exhibit or else they won't get food. Well that's only half true, edible food is the right descriptor.

A purple bear accompanied by a yellow bear were trying to draw the attention of the group of mostly children above them leaning on the railings to watch them more closely. They both were doing what would draw the most attention to themselves as possible: Fighting. Now that there was another baby animal in the elephant exhibit they had work twice as hard to attract attention to their exhibit and what better way to do that then to watch two animals fight each other? The little humans seemed to like it despite the adults dislike for it.

The yellow bear had the purple one in a headlock while two other bears where watching as well. A blue one and a gray one both we're watching from their cave entrance. They were not amused at this display. The blue one spoke. "Evil. This is boring." He yawned. They had been practicing this performance inside for a while and despite the prep time those two had the performance seem a bit stilted for his liking. The Grey responded. "Lech, Don't complain. The small ones are loving it and I need steak." He licked his lips thinking about their reward for entertaining the gawking humans. Lech rolled his eyes he knew that this was for everyone but they could at least try to make it more realistic. Despite the added growls and use of sticks and rocks to attack each other it wasn't exciting to him. He wanted a challenge.

Above them the sounds of the crowd of children began to cease. Huh. Lech thought. "Great, they got bored." He scoffed. "Fickle humans." However, that was the complete opposite. The zoo keepers had arrived among the crowds of people and were holding a crate with them. Unbeknownst to the bears down in the exhibit. They both wore green uniforms the only thing different about the two was that the one holding the crate was wearing a hat while the other one wasn't.

"Alright time to introduce the new arrival."

"Hope they can adjust to another addition." They walked through the sea of children and went over the rafters of the zoo crate in hand. "Shouldn't we have the bear walk in?" The man without a hat said.

"No? that would that take to much time. Plus he's asleep, this one could sleep through a damn tornado." He shook the box for emphasis. "See?" The other keeper shrugged.

He told the crowd of children circling them with curiosity to back up for a moment as they did their job. Poorly, but it's a discount zoo what do you expect? The man holding the crate opened the box and dumped the poor occupant into the exhibit like a sack of rice. He landed fat on his back unmoving. Which caught the attention of the fighting bears and the onlookers. They moved closer to the unconscious bear. The only bear that didn't move to inspect this new arrival it was a black coloured bear. Interesting. He decided to observe from a far.

The four hovered over the new bear wondering if the fall actually killed it. The purple one spoke first."Another one? I thought this zoo had enough to afford only one new arrival?" He placed his hand under his chin and pondered.

"Great another mouth to feed." Evil responded displeased. He looked around to find a stick.

The yellow one looked at his appearance. The bear was average size compared to them. His fur shared the same colour as their other inhabitant, Death. He just barely saw that if he had a piece of his ear missing. His mouth had a distinct brown tinge to it. And His belly had a red boxing glove on it.

Evil found a stick close by and immediately started to poke at the bear. "Dude, really? Stop poking him." Nerd berated him. Evil ignored him and continued.

Lech was still bored despite the new arrival. He still felt unchallenged he was the "alpha" bear after all. Gay noticed a distinct sweet smell coming from bear on the ground. He then noticed a dry red tinge near his paws. Wait is that- His thought was interrupted by the sound a large thump and Evil laughing hysterically.

Well, to be more precise a thawp noise followed by Nerd falling on his back unconscious. He was the unlucky one to be close to the now awake bear. And this was his first response to being prodded awake. "At least he's awake now." Evil said between his snickering at Nerd being the unfortunate victim.

"Yea. Nope, not dealing with this." Gay walked back to cave with his hands held above his head. He wanted no part of this.

The black bear slowly got up and held his head. He groaned and felt a bit sluggish. "Been through this routine before. Where am I?" He looked around and saw that there were walls surrounding the area around him. The area had some plant life; trees, bushes, even flowers as well. Rocks around various places and a small cave. Around him were also a couple of bears. The bear quickly got up and moved away to get some distance from them. Lech decided to speak to the newcomer.

"Nice job knocking out the fodder." He smiled. "Now, how about you fight someone that will give you a challenge?" He smiled smugly and pointed to himself.

Great. Another arena. He ignored Lech. What caught his eye was Evil carrying the newly unconscious bear near a tree and placed him there. Why does he look so familiar? Lech decided to interrupt his thought process by shouting in his ear.

"Hey, you deaf are something! Can you speak?" He looked at him dead in his eye's and finally spoke. "Not as loud as you." For brief moment he smiled. "At least you have a sense of humour."

Lech readied himself he clenched his fist and put them up close to his face. I was right. Another dull arena. He noticed the bear's stance was weak at best. His legs were not spread out evenly. This might be easier than I thought. He asked the bear who he was.

"I'm the Alpha. I'll tell you my name later." The new bear had feeling he wouldn't get the chance to know who he was. The nature of these arenas don't bode well for the loser. He readied his stance. He placed his Legs apart evenly with one foot just off the tip of the ground. His fist were clenched one near his chest the other close to his face. He hid a small grin.

Lech was the first to strike. He went for a right hook. Slow. The bear quickly dodged the blow by moving under the hook. He quickly strikes him in his gut. Lech reeled back. The black bear got back into his stance again. Lech charge forward.

He mentally sighed. Fool. One. He hit lech square in the face. Two. He kneed him in his gut. Lech growled and swung blindly. He deflected it with his elbow. Lech held is fist in pain. Three! He kicked him directly in the gut again. Lech held his stomach. The black bear then crouched on all fours and watched what he would do next.

Lech went for a grapple, but the moment he stepped close enough for a hold the bear slipped out of his sight. He felt two hands behind him forming into a ring like hold. The black bear lifted him up and slammed him to the ground with a dragon suplex. Lech laid on his back groaning in pain while he held his head. The black bear was over hovering over his body.

The rest of bears were rightfully frightened from the new bear's "performance". Gay spoke up first. "I think we need to wake up Pro."

Death intervened. "If he gets out line. I will deal with it." Gay sighed and reluctantly complied. Evil however wasn't going to listen so easily. He sneaked around the bushes and waited for the right moment to strike as he held a bat.

As this was happening the children were applauding. The violence they were witnessing was more entertaining than their young minds could imagine. The black bear looked at his combatant. That was decent. His opponent had a lot to learn but he enjoyed himself. Maybe he could live here if the fights were this tame. The blue bear wasn't knocked out. He groaned a bit and cursed, but he was alive. At least he didn't have to k-.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a rustle in bushes, he turned his head to see a Grey bear charging at him with a bat. He nearly avoided getting hit as he rolled to the left of his attacker.

Evil smiled sadistically at him. "Not even three minutes and you've already beaten two inhabitants here? Not bad." The black bear didn't respond. No remorse for the fallen, huh? Evil continued "Want to hear a joke?" The black bear took this time to relax a bit he watched Evil intently.

"What do you and a dentist patient have in common?" He didn't respond. "Rude. Talkative one aren't you? Doesn't matter You'll both need your teeth fixed when I'm done!" He would have laughed at the joke if he hadn't needed to dodge the next swing. Evil readied his bat again and spoke.

"Stand still you'll make this easier for both of us." The black bear waited for the swing and he replied.

"Sure, I'd love to be beaten with a bat. I'll stand perfectly still for you." Evil walked slowly toward him holding the bat behind his head. He lept forward and the black bear grabbed his hands and headbutted Evil causing him to let go of the bat. He threw it away and charged at Evil. He jumped forward and firmly placed both his feet into his chest, he landed on his back and held his chest.

Evil growled in anger. "That's it!" Evil got up and ran toward The black bear with his claws out, he wasn't expecting Evil to get up so quickly, let alone get this violent, he was starting to get tired.

Evil lunged at the black bear clawing and scratching at him. He noticed his movements were getting slower, he feigned a strike to left, the black moved right, A sadistic grin grew on the bears face as he clawed into his right side. He small growl of pain was heard from black as he pushed of the attacker before he could do anymore damage, but blood was trickling down his side.

Evil laughed at his foe mockingly as he saw him hold his wound with his paw. "Just give up, you won't last much longer. No one here could beat me in hand to hand." He smiled proudly as looked at his claws.

"N-No! I've fought for too long, I will not die now!" He shouted. He got into another stance he placed his left foot farther in front of the right foot, then placed both his arm vertically toward his chest and his fist just below his nose.

Wait, he thinks- Evil didn't have enough time to finish his thought the black bear darted forward, as the bear reached in front of him. He instinctively aimed for his head to try to knock him out, but just as he was about to hit he weaved his head to side and hit him using his momentum to strike him hard in his gut. He watched his opponent intently. Evil growled.

"You piece of-" He swung his claws at his face, the bear leaned into it grazing his face slightly as he slammed his fist in his face knocking out his opponent.

The black bear turned his head to his other opponent, Lech. He was still on the ground barely trying to crawl away. He sighed. I guess this is just like any other arena. He walked toward Lech placed his foot on his chest and raised his fist. "Sorry, nothing personal." His claws were out and he was about to finish off Lech when he heard a shriek from the cave.

"No, don't hurt him!" He turned to see the Yellow bear and the Black bear watching intently. He could just see tears forming from the Yellow bear. Wait, why is he crying? I thought this was fight to the- He looked down at his opponent. He was covering himself. He quickly got off of Lech and looked up to the children. "These spectators are younger than what I'm used too." He said to no one in particular.

Death spoke from behind him. "What are you used to?" He turned to see Death behind him. He never liked how easily these ones kept getting behind him. He responded. "Older, screaming at me to-" He stopped "Look...Just back away... before I hurt you."He panted as he tried to defend himself.

Death sighed and quickly grabbed his head. Fighter saw his hand glow with a faint blue energy as held his head. He fell to his knees as his whole body felt numb. "What?" Death coughed to gain his attention. "I think you may have misunderstood where you are."

"Where am I then?" He asked hastily as he looked around cautiously.

"Well, a zoo." Fighter remained silent. "What!?" he screamed. Death remained unfazed.

"A discount zoo to be exact" Fighter then looked down embarrassed. I- I fought these animals for nothing? He felt shame for his instinctive reaction. "I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot. My name is Death, what's your name?" The other bear smiled grimly as he heard his name. His eyes grew heavy.

"My name is Fighter, never thought death would come for me so soon." Death chuckled briefly till he saw Fighter close his eyes and pass out.

Fire. That was all Fighter could see around him. He tried to run from it, but as he ran he felt like he wasn't moving anywhere. He felt a stinging pain in his right side as the fire slowly engulfed him and only a small pained scream was heard in the distance as the fire covered him. Fighter jerked awake from his slumber.

He woke up on a couch in a cave with a brown bear hovering over him. He was wearing a black leather mask and holding a first aid kit. Fighter then punched himself in the gut. He immediately felt pain. Well, I'm Not dead. He held belly.

"Thank you, Gimp. He's awake now." Prozac said. The teal bear was waiting behind the couch. Fighter lurched forward from the couch. He held his side and noticed his wounds were covered by white wrappings. The brown bear placed his hand gently on his shoulder. Fighter paused as he noticed the concern look on his face.

"It seems we I have to dole out introductions." Prozac said

Each of them took the time to introduce themselves to him and for those who didn't speak Prozac provided an introduction. The results were mixed; Gay was still weary from the encounter outside, Evil was rightfully annoyed but hiding his malice, Nerd didn't know what happened after he was out and Lech didn't want to admit but he got what asked for. His pride was crushed so he remained silent. Prozac surprisingly was welcoming him with open arms.

Evening had arrived and It was dinner time for the bears. The keepers finally gave them their food for today, It was fish head soup. Evil was the first to voice his detest. "Really, again?" He pointed to the soup. "Does someone gotta die in order get better food?"

"At least we're getting food." Prozac responded positively.

"Again, you call this food?" Evil pouted. "Be grateful we don't get puffy oranges again." That quickly silenced Evil he knew he was right but wasn't going to admit it.

Fighter looked into his bowl a single fish head was floating in the brown liquid. He slurped the liquid up. It wasn't great, but it was better than what he was used too. He tore into the fish head without using his paws to hold it. Gay scoffed. Great. Another savage.

"Where were you raised a barn?" Vanity decided to comment on his table manner. Fighter stopped and looked at the small panda. He picked a fish bone out of his teeth. "With manners like that where were you raised, a circus?" Vanity scoffed and turned his head away from him. Evil stifled a small chuckle. Fighter sighed bitterly.

After dinner Prozac decided that it was time to show him to his room. He motioned for Fighter to follow him. He hesitated as he looked at him cautiously. "Don't worry, he just showing you to your room." Death said calmly. He didn't like being lead into a dark hallway, but he complied despite his distrust. Prozac showed him the guest room.

"We don't have a lot of space. You'll have to sleep in the guest room." He showed him into the room. It had a plain bed. A small shelf with books. Not much to be desired here but he wasn't going to complain. Prozac smiled still as he got well acquainted to the room.

He noticed Fighter's anxiousness as he cautiously looked around. He remembered what Death told him about this bear. He got vague details about him, but he knew that the life he must have lived before the zoo was rough. "You don't have worry about anyone of us trying to do...whatever the humans made you do." He place his paw and his shoulder "Your safe now."

He nodded in agreement. "Thank you." Prozac left and closed the door. He waited till he could hear his foot steps grow softer till he heard nothing. He then did something he hadn't done for a very long time: cry. Maybe things will be different...