As another Monday rolls by the bear's decide to go the beach due to the nice weather. The sun was shining bright and it was warm enough for the bears to relax on the beach. They brought a picnic basket filled with food, a volleyball to play with and cooler filled with drinks.

"Again, you can't tan." Prozac said to Gay as he rubbed the tanning oil. He gave Prozac an annoyed expression.

On the grassy side of the beach some of the bears rested on a picnic blanket while others played volleyball on the beach where a net was placed prior. There were two teams the first consisted of Nerd, Crack and Death on the left side. Crack was wearing knee pads and a helmet. On the right were Evil and Lech. Lech served the ball toward the opposing team. Unfortunately for Nerd he hit it directly to him and the ball collided with his face. The two bears high-fived each other in triumph.

"Yeah! Go Team Evil!" Evil said.

"You mean team Lech?" Lech corrected him.

They both stared at each other menacingly.

"Go team Lecherous Evil!" They shouted together.

On the picnic blanket one of the bears were watching the game intently. Death noticed and prodded the bear He looked tired he could see it in his eyes there was hint of red in eyes. Even a bags under his eyes as well.

"Come on, join the game!"

"I'd rather not" Fighter scratched his head.

"Don't be afraid to try something new." That wasn't what bothered him he felt weary.

Gay got up and walked onto the court. "Ok, I'm ready now!"

"Wonderful, Ladies first." Lech shoved the volley ball into Gay's chest.

"Stupid misogynist caveman." Gay threw up the ball, only to swat the ball a few inches away from him.

"Dammit! I broke a nail!" Gay walked of the court.

Gimp saw the broken nail and narrowed his brow.

"I'm sure you'll be better than that display, friend." Death smiled.

It seemed the prodding worked as he Fighter got up and walked to the court.

"Hey, The teams won't be even he joins!" Evil shouted.

Fighter rolled his eyes tiredly. "I'll join your team then?"

Evil and Lech shook their heads declined.

"Wouldn't be fair for the others." Evil said as Lech smiled smugly.

"Huh, didn't think you cared about that?"

Evil snickered. "No, no I could less about fairness. It just be boring beating those chumps together."

Death raised an eyebrow. "How about I sit out, have him replace me? Make things more interesting." Death folded his arms.

Evil rubbed his chin then smiled deviously. "Alright you get the mook then."

"Hold on." Fighter held his hands in the shape of a T.

"How do you play volleyball?" He whispered.

"You don't know how to play!" Nerd accidentally shouted. Evil burst out laughing while Lech shook his head.

"Didn't have time to play games like this when I was cub." Fighter said.

"it's simple just hit the ball back to other team. Whoever scores the most points wins."

"That's obvious, but how do I score?"

"Just hit the ball hard enough so the other team can't hit it back."

"Alright then, let's get started." He cracked his knuckles.

Lech grabbed the ball, threw it up and spiked it toward Crack. Crack frantically shouted and moved out the way of the ball before it hit him.

"Watch where your aiming, I don't need a concussion!" Crack cowered on the ground.

"Your wearing a helmet." Lech sighed. "You guys serve, you'll need it."

Fighter picked up the ball and inspected it. Evil Scoffed and turned his gaze to Lech.

"Bet he doesn't know how to ser-" The ball flew past his face barely missing by a few inches. He felt the wind fiercely blew by his ears as it landed past them onto the grass. Evil looked like a dear caught in headlights as he looked at Fighter, his facial expression then shifted to an angry scowl. Fighter smiled smugly as he folded his arms.

"Point for us, right?"

"Out of bounds." Lech said.

"What?" Fighter said.

"If you hit the ball out of bounds, its a point for them." Nerd stated as a matter of fact.

Evil smiled wickedly as Fighter narrowed his brow in annoyance. He let out a deep breath.

"Fine. Live and learn."

The next couple of serves from Lecherous Evil were harsher than the last. The team tried their best but each attempt was more futile than last. Nerd didn't have power to spike the ball back. Crack was to scared to even touch the ball and Fighter his problems were more.

Evil served the ball to the opposing team. It rushed by Fighter's head, he barely reacted to it. Nerd volleyed the ball backward toward Crack and he reluctantly hit the ball forward hard towards the net. The ball latched on the net, sprung back and hit Fighter square in his nose. Evil guffawed as he held his nose and some of bears joined in laughter. Gimp was about to get his first aid kit but Fighter declined as he rubbed his nose.

"Ok, that's a good wake up call."

"Three zip, man you guys suck!" Evil said wiping a tear from his eye.

"You have good nose for trouble don't you!" Vanity said as he laughed.

Evil served the ball again. Fighter walked forward to spike it back but his eyes grew heavy again and he misjudged his footing. He tripped face first into the sand. The ball barely missed Nerd and hit Crack his in head. Fighter spat a bit of sand as he was kneeling with one one leg up.

"No time for sun bathing!"Vanity spoke mockingly as he chomped down on a piece of bamboo.

"Will shut up you pest." Gay narrowed his brow in annoyance.

Vanity scoffed and stayed silent.

"One more and we win, not like there was a challenge anything!" Lech shouted proudly

"Maybe we should just forfeit." Nerd said.

"I'm happy as long as I don't get hit again." Crack shuddered.

Fighter got up and shook his head. "I know we all suck at this game, but let's see this through. Why give up when we're almost done anyway?"

"We're O and 4 this game was done before it began." Nerd replied.

Fighter scowled at nerd. "Your smart, do you have a plan?"

Nerd rubbed his chin. "Maybe. Let's move around a bit."

The three changed their position on the court. Fighter was in the back Nerd was in the middle and Crack was cowering in the front of the net.

"Switching places won't save you turd-" Evil spiked the ball into the back of Lech's Head. Nerd held his hand of over his mouth and giggled while held his head and turned to Evil annoyed.

"Totally an accident." He smiled with hands behind his back.

Evil served again. Crack cowered to avoid the ball while it hit nerd directly in the face. Fighter winched as he saw he was out cold. Prozac and Gimp walked onto the field.

"Time out for concussion!" Gimp held Nerd's lifeless body.

"That was so a dive!" Evil said

"He did that just cause we're winning" Lech said.

"What a wiener." Evil crossed his hands on his chest.

Prozac rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Where's the Ball?!" Crack shouted out in panic.

The balled rolled out further out in the sand. A white paw grabbed the ball from where it rested.

"Hey douchebags, looks like someone's got your ball."

The voice came from one of the large polar bears holding their ball across from them. Lech ran up to them in anger. He stared him down face to face.

"Look Butch! Or um...Hulk, or whatever your name is." He started drift a bit due to the fact three bears in front of them looked practically the same.

Hulk corrected him. "I'm hulk he's butch." He pointed to his cohort beside him.

"Whatever. You all look the same!" Lech said.

Three started at him confused at the statement.

"No we don't. You're Just stupid!"

Prozac pushed Lech to the side before the situation got worse."Well! Mr. Butch, Mr. Hulk and-"

"Steven." the last bear pointed to himself.

Odd. Prozac thought as he raised an eyebrow dubiously.

"Right. How about we all make an effort to get along! We are after the same species."

Hulk face narrowed a bit. Prozac closed his eyes and smiled. He had his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.

"So if you'd like-,we'd all love to have you join our game!" The rest of the bears didn't share his welcoming attitude.

Hulk raised an eyebrow annoyed. He held the ball toward his friend. "Steven?" He stuffed the ball in his mouth and chomped on the ball.

A smile crept on his lips. "Enjoy." He then handed deflated ball to Prozac.

"Goddammit!" Evil shouted in anger.

The three polar bears then preceded to steal from bears picnic. Butch looked at the Tanked and smiled. Tears were trickling down the poor bear's face as butch took the beer from the bear.

"What's the matter cry-baby? You want this?" He held the can of bear over bear's head, Tanked reached for it only for butch to hold it higher as he jumped over and over again. "Come on, oh, almost. Man you really don't learn do you?"

The rest of the bears observed this scene: There was anger from lech, Evil respectively, Worry from Prozac, Gay, Gimp and Vanity. Death remained indifferent but there was a hint of annoyance in his brow, but he looked away. Fighter shared this same indifference but for some reason he kept his gaze on the two he knew this feeling all to well. Tanked continued to jump for the can as Butch rested his head on his palm.

He sighed "This is stupid," He looked at Tanked

"Stupid little bear." He punted the bear with his foot toward the group. They all hovered over Tanked to see if he was alright. Tanked only had a small scratch on his forehead and a bit of dirt on his fur.

"Learn your place." Butch turned his back walked away.

"Hey!" Butch stopped walking and turned. He heard the voice from below him and stared down. He saw a bear staring up to him. It startled at first given the intensity of the glare this one was giving him.

"Well, Looks like someone here has a spine." Butch said as he chuckled.

"Shame. Couldn't say same for you."

Butch Growled and threw a punch. Fighter's head turned violently to the left. It was like a wrecking ball hit him. He landed flat on his back on the sand. Prozac quickly ran to Fighter's aid, but stopped.

"Weakling" Butch said as he looked at the fallen bear.

Fighter rose up and stared at Butch with same intensity he had before. Butch felt a cold chill on his back as he continued to stare at him. He punched him again. Butch smiled, then it quickly disappeared as he got back up again and continued to stare at him. HE did it again, the results were the same. Fighter reached his into mouth and pulled a loose tooth with his fingers, he threw it into the sand and spat out blood all while remaining eye contact.

"That's all?" He sounded disappointed.

Butch growled. He lowered his head to meet with the bear's...mistakes were made. He was lucky that Prozac pulled Fighter by the neck because the slash he went for would have left more than a scratch on his forehead and cut hair as he saw what was left of his bangs fall on the sand.

"Sorry to bother you, this won't happen again!" Prozac shouted. Fighter didn't break eye contact with polar bears he stared at them menacingly. The polar bears responded with annoyed expressions. Except Steven, who was just looking at the scene wide eyed and confused.

"Why? Why was that necessary?" Prozac held his arms openly in frustration.

"I won't stand here and let them push us around." Fighter said.

"Hell Yeah! Let's Take 'em!" Lech shouted "There's only three of them!"

"Yeah and two times for their size." Gay stated annoyed.

Tanked started to cry again he held his head down. Gay placed his hand on his head comfortingly. Fighter's brow softened when he looked at Tanked

"Ok guys. Let's all calm down here! If we attack them they will come back at worse. And so it will continue creating a vicious circle." Evil, Lech and Fighter Narrowed their brows at Prozac.

"I'm not comfortable with vicious shapes of any kind, we really should co-exist."

"What?!" Three of them shouted.

Evil pointed to the polar bears kicking sand at a lone hippo. "If that's co-existing then I want no part of it."

"No thanks, these meat heads are about as pleasant as bulldozer going through a house." Fighter said

Prozac ignored them both. "Besides, I've finished next month's schedule already and there's no room for vengeance." he pulled out a clipboard and smiled.

"I always leave room for Vengeance." Evil whispered coldly. The other bears shared the same annoyance with their overly friendly leader.