A/N – Scarlett Dragon is twenty chapters and split into two parts. Part one starts from just after school, while part two is set several years in the future. This story is set in a world where Voldemort is defeated shortly after his return at the end of fourth year, meaning the last few years at school took place without the war taking place.

After recent reactions to my stories and the break I felt I had to take, I would just like to remind people that if they don't like the story, they don't have to read it. There is no need for rudeness from anyone. With that in mind, I just want to point out that this probably isn't a story for fans of Harry as in this one he is a bit of a git.

For those interested in reading Scarlett Dragon, enjoy and updates will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Part One.

There was a distinct shake to Hermione Granger's hands as she reached for the muggle pregnancy test. Hermione had graduated from Hogwarts barely a month ago, and now she was sat in the bathroom at home, waiting to see if she was going to become a mother.

"Please be negative, please be negative," She whispered as she slowly turned the test over to see the results.

When her eyes fell to the word 'pregnant' in the result box, she let out a sob as she dropped the test on the floor. Burying her head in her hands, she let herself cry for the stupid situation she had found herself in. Here she was, not even nineteen, and she was pregnant with her best friend's baby. Her life as she knew it was over, and what was worse was that her news was going to change things for so many other people as well. Because Hermione wasn't expecting a child with her boyfriend of six weeks, Ron Weasley. No, she was pregnant with Harry Potter's baby. Her best friend, Harry, who also happened to be back dating Ron's younger sister, Ginny Weasley.

Without even having to look at the rest of the result, Hermione knew she was ten weeks pregnant. Because ten weeks ago, she'd ended up in bed with Harry. At the time, Hermione hadn't started dating Ron. In fact she hadn't even been sure if she'd wanted to change their friendship and take a chance on a relationship. Harry, meanwhile, was on another break with Ginny. The pair had started dating back in Harry's sixth year, when Ginny was only a fifth year, but their romance was rocky and they spent more time apart than they did together. Ten weeks ago, Harry and Ginny hadn't been together for a couple of weeks, and Harry was adamant that it was the end, there was no way back for them. However, they were now back together and happier than ever.

Hermione still wasn't sure how she'd ended up in bed with Harry, but until she's first suspected she was pregnant, she hadn't regretted the night they'd spent together. The sex had been amazing, and because they were already friends, there had been no awkwardness between them. Of course, they'd both known it was a one off, as too many people would get hurt by them getting together permanently. Even though Harry had been adamant he wasn't going to get back together with Ginny at the time of their night of passion, he hadn't wanted to hurt her by moving on so quickly with Hermione. Hermione hadn't wanted to hurt Ron by choosing his best friend over him, something which she'd come to appreciate as she'd since decided to give Ron a chance as a boyfriend and things were going well for them.

At least things were going well for them, but Hermione knew all that was about to change now she was pregnant. Like it or not, she and Harry would have to come clean about their night together. True, people were going to be upset at their news, but they'd hadn't cheated on anyone. It was before she got together with Ron, and Harry wasn't with Ginny at the time. In fact, Hermione knew that while Ginny and Harry had been apart during their last split that Ginny had been sleeping with Theo Nott.

Picking herself up off the floor, Hermione checked the test one more time, before she threw it into the bin. She then quickly got herself a wash and returned to her room to change. Leaving a note for her parents, letting them know she might not be back that evening, Hermione set off to The Burrow. When she arrived at the Weasleys house, she found Molly Weasley was alone in the kitchen.

"Hi, Molly," Hermione greeted. "Where is everyone?"

"Ron and Ginny have just popped down to the village to get some dessert," Molly answered. "I think Harry's upstairs preparing."

"Preparing for what?" Hermione asked.

"Didn't you hear, he's got a trial for the Falmouth Falcons next week," Molly answered with a large smile.

"That's great," Hermione replied. "I'll just go up and see him."

Molly nodded as she turned back to her dinner preparations. Taking a deep breath, Hermione hurried up the stairs to Ron's room, which was where Harry always stayed when he was at The Burrow. When she entered Ron's room, she found Harry sorting through his clothes, obviously deciding what to wear for his trial.

"I hear congratulations are in order," Hermione said as she leant against Ron's ancient desk.

"Thanks," Harry replied with a grin. "Can you believe, I've actually got a trial next week?"

"I can actually," Hermione answered. Harry had been by far the best seeker at Hogwarts, and with Voldemort taken care of a couple of years ago, he'd been able to spend the last two years honing his game and turning himself into the best quidditch player at Hogwarts.

"Have you made any decisions about your future yet?" Harry asked.

Hermione was currently mulling over her options, after acing all her exams. She had personal offers of employment from several departments at the Ministry of Magic, as well as several private firms, ranging from potions companies to libraries and museums, and even a curse breaking firm.

"I've narrowed down my options," Hermione replied. To be honest, she'd stopped searching through her job offers when she suspected she was pregnant. Right now, she couldn't even contemplate picking a job until she'd sorted something with Harry and the baby.

"Do you want to tell me about them?" Harry asked. "Maybe I could help you narrow them down further."

"There's something else I want to talk to you about first," Hermione said with a sigh. Walking over to where Harry was standing, she took hold of his hand and sat down on the bed, pulling his down with her. "It's about what happened before we left Hogwarts."

"Don't," Harry interrupted, giving Hermione a sad shake of his head. "I know what happened was amazing. The sex was the best I've ever had, but it was a one off. I can't give you what you want, Hermione. I'm with Ginny. I love Ginny."

"I know all that, Harry," Hermione said. "I'm with Ron, and I'm happy with him."

"Then let's forget about that night," Harry said as he stood back up. "Let's just leave it in the past."

"That's the thing, Harry, I can't just forget about it," Hermione said. "I'm pregnant."

Harry whirled back round to face Hermione, and she could see the genuine shock and horror etched onto his face. "Pregnant," He repeated in a hollow voice.

"Yes," Hermione confirmed with a nod. "And please don't insult me by asking if it's yours. I'm not a tart, Harry. I know who the father of my baby is."

"This can't be happening," Harry muttered as he roughly yanked his fingers through his unruly hair. "You can't be doing this to me."

"It's not like I planned this, Harry," Hermione snapped back. "We were obviously just careless."

"No, this isn't real," Harry moaned. "You're going to wreck my life."

"Excuse me?" Jumping to her feet, Hermione spun Harry around and gave him a slight shake. "Don't you dare put the blame on me. We were both involved that night. We made this baby together."


Harry and Hermione both whirled round at the cry from behind them, and found Ginny and Ron standing in the doorway. Both Weasleys were staring at Harry and Hermione in horror, and tears were pooling in Ginny's eyes.

"What's going on?" Ron asked in a hoarse voice, and Hermione could tell he was seconds away from snapping and losing his temper.

"My life is ruined," Harry wailed. "One moment of weakness. On night of temptation, and I've lost everything."

"Stop whining, Harry," Hermione snapped. "Grow up and take some responsibility."

"And just what is he taking responsibility for?" Ginny asked in a whisper.

"I'm sorry Ginny, but you weren't together at the time," Hermione apologised. "It was a one off, and will never happen again."

"You slept with her?" Ginny spat, turning her attention to Harry. "You shagged my best friend."

"Yeah, well, you were doing Nott," Harry shot back. "You're no angel, Ginny."

Ginny glared at Harry, before she turned back to Hermione. "And now you're pregnant."

"I am," Hermione replied with a nod.

"Tart," Ginny hissed as she rushed forward and before Hermione could react, she'd slapped the brunette witch in the face.

"I'm sorry," Hermione apologised again as she rubbed her cheek. "But as I said, you and Harry had split up. We didn't cheat on anyone."

"And what am I, mashed bananas?" Ron snorted.

"It was before we got together, Ron," Hermione said. "This doesn't have to affect us. We can still be together."

"After this?" Ron shot Hermione a disgusted look and she could see how much he hated her at the moment. "I wouldn't touch you if you were the last witch alive. We're over, Hermione. I want nothing more to do with you."

"Ron, please don't," Hermione cried as her boyfriend turned and stalked down the stairs.

"Leave him," Ginny ordered when Hermione went to chase after Ron. "Ron's right. We need to cut you out of our lives. Get out of this house and never return."

"Harry." Hermione turned to her friend, hoping that he was going to dive in and say something.

"Sorry, Hermione," Harry muttered, turning away and looking out of the window.

"Seriously?" Hermione exploded. "I'm carrying your baby, and you're just going to stand there and let me walk out of your life."

"I didn't ask you to get pregnant," Harry shouted, turning back and glaring at Hermione. "I don't want a baby, Hermione. Get rid of it, for both of our sakes."

"I am not aborting my child," Hermione whispered, her arms wrapping around her stomach in an automatic protective gesture. "Please Harry, we need to talk about this like adults. You can't just bury your head in the sand and ignore this."

"I don't want a baby, Hermione," Harry insisted harshly. "You do what you want, but it has nothing to do with me."

"I'll go, but this isn't over," Hermione vowed.

As much as she wanted to stay and get Harry to see sense, she knew she was better off retreating for the moment. Hopefully once Harry had time to come to terms with her news and sort things with Ginny, he would be more reasonable and open to an adult conversation. Right now, all that was going to happen was that things would be said that could never be taken back, and Hermione had no desire to get involved in a slanging match.

Leaving Harry and Ginny in Ron's room, Hermione headed back downstairs, wondering if she could find Ron and try and talk to him. However, the second she stepped into the kitchen, Molly was right in her face.

"You heartless cow," Molly hissed. "Did you really have to wreck two of my children's lives? Wasn't it bad enough that you stole Ginny's boyfriend, but then you had to go and get involved with Ron and break his heart too. I always knew you couldn't be trusted. At least now you've shown your true colours and Ron and Ginny have seen you for the little tart you are. Now get out of my house, and never return."

Blinking back the tears at Molly's hurtful words, Hermione pushed past the Weasley matriarch and rushed out of The Burrow. The second she was out of the Weasleys back garden, she pulled out her wand and apparated home, where she collapsed onto the sofa in floods of tears as she thought about how she'd messed her entire life up.

Hermione was still on the sofa when her parents returned from work, and tearfully she told them the entire story. She told them all about her night with Harry, and how she was now pregnant. She told them about how it had wrecked her romance with Ron, and how he didn't want to know her. She also told them how Harry had lashed out and refused to even talk about the situation.

"Give it time, Hermione," Her mother, Jean, soothed as she hugged her daughter. "It'll all work out."

"How is it going to work out?" Hermione sniffed. "Ron hates me, as will the rest of the Weasleys, and I can't even get Harry to talk about the baby."

"I say you leave it for a few days, and then try to contact Harry," Her father, Richard, suggested. "He acted like a git today, and I would like nothing more than to give him a good hiding, but it must have also been a shock for him. Let him digest the news, and then try and approach him again."

"And what if he still won't talk about it?" Hermione asked.

"Then we'll deal with that if it happens," Jean replied. "No matter what happens, Hermione, you're not alone. Your father and I will be there for you, no matter what. We love you, and we are going to love our grandchild."

Hermione gave her parents a smile and managed to thank them before she headed off to bed for an early night. It helped to have her parents on her side, but what she really needed was Harry. How was she supposed to make any sort of decisions if Harry was refusing to deal with their situation? She would just have to hope that in a few days he was going to be more reasonable and they could have a serious talk. Maybe then, she could finally make some plans and think about her future. She needed to know what was happening, not just for herself, but for her baby. She needed to know if Harry was going to step up and take responsibility for his actions, or if she was going to be a single mother.