Two years later.

When a beautiful grey owl soared into her kitchen, Scarlett untied the letter around it's ankle with shaking hands. She'd been fully expecting the letter, and she knew inside would be the final results of her healer training. Over the last few months she'd passed all the practical training, but to officially qualify she had to wait for her exam results of the last written exam she'd taken the previous week. Scarlett had been pretty sure the exam had gone well, but now the results were in her hand she was plagued with doubt. Suddenly, she wasn't as confident that she'd passed the exam and could take up the job offer she'd already received from the hospital she'd done the majority of her training at.

"If you want to find out your results, you're going to have to open the letter, Scar," A voice called from behind her.

Whirling around, Scarlett found her boyfriend, Liam, leaning against the kitchen door. Liam was a tall, handsome dark blonde wizard with sparkling blue eyes whom Scarlett had met nearly eighteen months ago at an art exhibit she'd been attending at her mother's museum. After dating for a year, they'd moved in together six months ago and Scarlett couldn't be happier. She'd fallen head over heels for the charming blond wizard and she very much pictured her future with him.

"Well, are you going to open it or not?" Liam pressed as he walked over to Scarlett.

"What if I've failed?" Scarlett whispered.

"You don't know how to fail," Liam said with an affectionate smile. "Just open the results and stop worrying."

Taking a deep breath, Scarlett tore into the letter. Opening it up, she quickly scanned the results, her face breaking into a wide grin as she saw she'd aced her exam. She was now officially a healer, and she could accept the job offer she had waiting for her. With an excited squeal, she threw her arms around Liam's neck and gave him a searing kiss.

"I passed," She declared excitedly.

"Of course you did," Liam replied with a grin. "I never had any doubt."

"Really?" Scarlett asked with a chuckle.

"Really," Liam confirmed, nodding his head. "In fact, to prove how much faith I had in you, I've got a present for you."

Flicking his wand, Liam summoned an envelope from his bedside drawer and handed it to Scarlett. When Scarlett opened the envelope she found a hotel reservation for a fancy spa hotel in the south of France for the weekend.

"You're taking me away for the weekend?" Scarlett questioned.

"I am," Liam replied. "I thought we could celebrate in style."

"That sounds great, but my family will want to celebrate my results as well," Scarlett said. "Knowing my Mum, she'll plan something the second I tell her the news."

"That's all in hand," Liam said with a grin. "Tonight we're all going out to your favourite restaurant to celebrate."

"You've already got this planned as well?" Scarlett questioned.

"I have," Liam said. "I've told you Scarlett, I had complete faith in you, we all did. The weekend away has been booked for a few weeks, as has the table at the restaurant."

"And just who is going to be at this celebratory dinner?" Scarlett asked.

"Everyone," Lima answered. "Your parents, your brother and sister, your grandparents and Blaise. All the family will be there."

"Wow, you really have thought of everything," Scarlett chuckled.

"Not quite, you still need something to wear," Liam said. "I'm afraid you'll have to sort that yourself."

"That I can manage," Scarlett said with a grin. "I have to go and give Mum and Dad the good news, but after that I can go shopping. I can also grab some things for the weekend. There's a new lingerie shop I wanted to try, maybe I can pick up something there."

"Sounds good to me," Liam replied with a wolfish grin.

Giving her boyfriend a quick kiss, and thanking him again for the weekend and the dinner he'd organised, an ecstatic Scarlett headed off to get dressed. Once she was dressed, she headed off home to give her parents the news. Even though it was the middle of the week, she knew her parents knew what day her results were expected, so she fully expected to find them both at home waiting for her arrival. Sure enough when she let herself into the house, she found both her parents were still at home. Scorpius and Cassiopeia were also at home as it was the summer holidays.

"Hey, everyone," She called as she entered the kitchen where everyone was gathered.

"Morning sweetheart," Hermione greeted with a smile. "Do you want some breakfast, I've made pancakes."

"Is that what you call them?" Scorpius muttered, poking at the lumpy pancakes on his plate.

"Thanks I'll pass," Scarlett replied with a chuckle as Hermione gave Scorpius a mock glare. "But a cup of coffee would be great."

"One cup coming up," Hermione said, waving her wand and getting the beverage made in twice the time it would have taken her to make manually. When the coffee was ready, she handed it to her daughter and gave her an expectant look.

"Put her out of her misery, Scar," Draco chuckled. "She's dying to find out your results. Even though we all know you've passed."

"Don't jinx it," Hermione hissed at her husband.

"It's not jinxing anything, Scarlett already has her results," Draco pointed out. "I'm just letting her know that we have every faith in her."

"Of course we do," Hermione said to her daughter, not wanting her to think that she hadn't believed she would pass.

"I know you've all been preparing for me to pass," Scarlett replied. "And I have, with flying colours. I am now an officially qualified healer."

"That's great, Scarlett," Hermione praised as she gave her daughter a hug.

"Well done, sweetheart," Draco said, also giving his daughter a hug.

"Yeah, way to go Scar," Cassiopeia said with a smile.

"Congrats," Scorpius added.

"Now we need to celebrate," Hermione said.

"Liam mentioned dinner tonight," Scarlett said. "It sounds great."

"And then he's taking you away for the weekend, isn't he?" Hermione checked.

"Yes, he's booked us into a spa for the weekend," Scarlett answered. "In fact, I've got some things I need to get for the weekend. I think a morning shopping is in order for me."

"Can I come?" Cassiopeia asked. "I've got some birthday money left and I fancy a new outfit for tonight."

"Of course you can come," Scarlett replied, before turning to her mother. "Mum do you want to come as well?"

"I can't, I have to get into work for a few hours," Hermione replied. "But you two have fun."

Half an hour later, Scarlett and Cassiopeia headed off to do some shopping, with them both having some extra money in their purses thanks to Draco giving them each a treat. Even though there was eight years between the two sisters, with Scarlett being twenty one and Cassiopeia just thirteen, the two witches were close and they had a great morning together. Scarlett helped Cassiopeia pick out a new dress that wasn't too old for her, but also didn't make her look like a child. As for Cassiopeia she watched what Scarlett was buying with interest, eager for the day when she was buying fancy adult clothes, posh perfume and designer make-up.

After a fun morning together, the two sisters had lunch before Scarlett dropped her sister back off at home. Although, instead of going home herself, Scarlett just dropped her bags off at the flat before she headed back out to a small café where she had a prior appointment.

Entering the café, Scarlett paused when she spotted the wizard she'd arranged to meet, her half-brother, James. The pair had been back in touch for just over a year, and James had come to visit her a few times over the last fourteen months. Initially things had been slightly awkward given what had happened last time they'd met, but they'd pressed through the awkward stage and they were now good friends. On his last visit he'd even brought Lily with him, and she knew Albus also wanted to meet her when he was seventeen. Scarlett wasn't sure if she would ever have a close relationship with her other half siblings, but she knew James would always be a part of her life, even if they were more like friends than siblings.

After events of two years ago, Scarlett had very much carried on with her life as though she'd never met Harry. As for James, the summer in France had changed everything for him and his family. By the time the rest of the family returned from their holiday Albus and Lily had known about Scarlett, albeit they didn't know all the gory details until they spoke to James as Harry and Ginny wouldn't tell them the full story. Albus and Lily were equally as disgusted with their parents as their older brother, and like James they were horrified that they'd had a half-sister that no-one had told them about.

In time the three Potter siblings had come to accept that Harry and Ginny had never set out to hurt them, but it was too late, the damage had been done. James had never fully reconciled with his family and these days he barely saw his parents. The second she turned seventeen, Lily also left the family home and Albus had made his intentions clear to follow in his siblings footsteps. Of course, Ginny and Harry had tried their best to stop their family falling apart, but it was all in vain. Two years after the revelations James and Lily were gone, and Albus would be following them in the next couple of years. The problems had also led to problems in the pair's marriage, but by this point James was past caring if his parents split up or not.

Making her way over to the table, Scarlett smiled as she saw James flirting with the pretty waitress. Unlike her, James hadn't settled down and it seemed like every time they spoke he had a new girlfriend. Initially Scarlett had been worried he'd been carrying torch for her, but she'd quickly realised that James had gotten over her, he just liked the single life and wasn't ready to settle down.

James smiled widely when he spotted Scarlett approaching him, and he got up to give her a hug. "How are you?"

"Excellent," Scarlett replied with a grin. "As of today, I'm officially a healer."

"That's brilliant," James replied, grinning back at his half-sister. "I take it you have a job lined up?"

"I do," Scarlett replied with a nod. "I'll accept it tomorrow. And how about you, how's your quidditch going?"

"Not bad," James replied.

Since returning to England and distancing himself from his parents, James had sorted some trials out for himself and thrown himself into chasing his dream of playing professional quidditch. He'd then signed with the Ballycastle Bats and begun carving out a career for himself as a chaser. Of course he was still compared to Harry, especially since his father had taken a coaching job with his old team, but slowly people were coming to accept that James wasn't Harry, and they were thankfully judging him on his own merits. Of course, rumours still swirled about the rift that had torn the Potter family apart, but since it was private family business, neither James nor Harry spoke about the problems in their family.

"I'm so pleased, Jamie," Scarlett said with a smile. "Let's hope you get the recognition you deserve. You never know, you might even make the national team."

"Now that would be great," James agreed with a grin. "You know, in a funny way I'm pleased you never got the chance to ask your uncle to fix me up with a team over here. I love playing for the Bats, and even though I enjoy the odd trip over to France, I think I prefer living at home."

"Anytime you change your mind, just let me know and I'll get Uncle Blaise to help you," Scarlett said. "You never know he could be even more help now that he's the manager of the Quafflepunchers. His team might need a new chaser one day."

"We'll see," James laughed. "Now enough about your uncle, I want to hear all about you. What have you been up to since we last spoke?"

For the next couple of hours, Scarlett and James spent their time catching up before Scarlett had to go. She had a family celebration to get to, and she wasn't going to miss it for anything.

"To Scarlett," Lucius cried, raising his glass in toast to his granddaughter.

"Scarlett," Everyone chorused.

The Malfoy party had taken over an entire corner of Scarlett's favourite restaurant as they celebrated Scarlett passing her exams and officially becoming a healer. Around the table was everyone Scarlett truly loved, her parents, her siblings, her grandparents, Blaise and Liam.

"Don't they look so good together," Hermione whispered to Draco as she watched Scarlett laughing at something her boyfriend had said and leaning her head on his shoulder.

"They do make an attractive pair," Draco replied with a nod.

"I'm just pleased she's so happy," Hermione replied as her husband snaked his arm around her waist.

"She'll be even happier by the end of the weekend," Draco predicted.

"Why?" Hermione asked, looking up at her husband. "What do you know?"

"I'll tell you, but keep it to yourself," Draco whispered. "We don't want to spoil the surprise."

"What surprise?" Hermione hissed.

"Liam asked me for permission to propose to Scarlett over the weekend," Draco confided. Sensing his wife was going to let out a lout cry of delight, he quickly pressed his finger over her lips. "Quiet, Hermione. Don't ruin his surprise."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Hermione asked.

"He only came and asked my permission this afternoon," Draco replied with a shrug.

"And obviously you gave it," Hermione stated, grinning widely as she looked across the table to where her oblivious daughter was sitting.

"Obviously," Draco retorted with a roll of his eyes. "Or should I have said no?"

"Of course not," Hermione replied. "Although I do want to know one thing. Did you ask my Dad's permission before you proposed?"

"Of course," Draco answered with a nod. "It was the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever had to do."

"Even more nerve wracking then the proposal itself?" Hermione teased.

"Well, if you remember the proposal didn't exactly go to plan," Draco chuckled. "I didn't have time to be nervous, because everything went wrong."

"Just because it wasn't perfect, doesn't mean it was wrong," Hermione said. "I said yes, didn't I?"

"And I'm thankful for that every day of my life," Draco replied sincerely as he leant down and pressed his lips against his wife's.

"Me too," Hermione whispered.

She was forever grateful that Draco had walked into her life and not only swept her off her feet, but Scarlett too. Her entire life change when Draco entered it, and Hermione couldn't be happier. Her adult years may not have gotten off to the easiest of starts with a teenage pregnancy and an absentee father of her child, but everything had turned out for the best. She'd ended up with a husband she adored, Scarlett had gotten the father she deserved and together they'd created a loving family which they'd added to over the years. All in all Hermione's life was very fulfilling, and with Scarlett getting married and her other two children rapidly growing up, a new chapter was only just beginning.

The End.

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