Author's Note: I have had this idea stuck in my head since I watched Descendants and decided to have it as a one shot. I realise this has probably been done before but it is something I wouldn't get out of my head. I didn't like how Mal just stood there and let Chad insult her and her siblings and how none of them stood up for each other. This is how I think it should have gone.

WARNING: This one-shot will mention abuse (both physical and mental).

Mal's POV.

I stood there looking at Chad not quite believing what was happening. I had tried to apologise to Audrey and her Grandmother for what my mother had done but Chad stopped me by standing in the way. I felt Ben take hold of my hand as he looked at Chad "Don't do this, Chad." Ben stated, squeezing my hand lightly for support.

"What?" He asked, clearly not believing what Ben had just said to him. "They were raised by their parents Ben. What do you think villains teach their kids? Love? Kindness? No way." Chad said before he turned to face me instead of Ben. "You stole another girls boyfriend." I couldn't believe Chad had brought that up when he was now supposedly in a relationship with Audrey.

"Hey, hey." Ben protested, throwing his croquet mallet on the floor behind him and stepping slightly in front of me. Chad however, just ignored him and turned to face Jay.

"You, enjoy hurting people." He told Jay making him look at the floor. How dare he say that! He's starting to anger me now. I didn't dwell on my anger much though as Chad then turned to face Evie. "And you," He said before looking around and scoffing. He carried on when his eyes landed on my sister again. "You're nothing but a gold digger and a cheater." He told her before he chuckled lightly.

Okay, that's it! Thankfully he had left Carlos alone. Sure he hurt me, Jay and Evie with what he said but Carlos was always more sensitive then us. But no one insults my family and gets away with it! "Who the hell do you think you are!?" I demanded. As I stepped slightly in front of Ben causing me to let go of his hand, Chad actually looked a little taken back but I carried on. "Who are you to stand there and insult us!? You know nothing about us or the lives we have led." I told him.

Chad just stood there with a smug look on his face that I would like nothing more then to beat off of him until Audrey spoke, "We know enough about you."

I couldn't help but scoff at this. "Oh really. So you know about us do you? You know what we have been through?" I questioned. Nobody moved except Audrey and Chad who were nodding. "You know nothing about us. You have no idea what it's like to be raised by a villain. To have someone treat you as more of a slave they tolerate then as a child they love? You don't have a clue what life is like on the isle and I honestly hope you never have to find out." I told them. I really shouldn't have said some of that but right now my emotions are controlling my mouth rather then my brain.

"Oh please." I heard Audrey mutter. She was obviously trying to not be heard.

"Do you have something to say, Audrey?" I asked her. She was seriously starting to annoy me now but not as much as the look on Chad's face. The response to my question didn't come from Audrey though.

"I'm sure things weren't that bad. What parent doesn't love their kids. I mean do you really expect us to believe this?" Chad replied to me. Why he butted in I don't know. I swear I actually heard a growl from behind me. I had of course told Ben parts of life on the isle and I know he wouldn't appreciate Chad calling me a liar about this.

"Mal, tell them about your name." I heard Evie say from behind me. I turned briefly to see her smiling encouragingly next to Jay and Carlos.

"What about your name?" Ben asked, quite confused by Evie's statement. Sighing I turned around to face Chad and Audrey again. I wasn't planning on telling them but once I saw their disbelieving looks my anger came right back.

"My name isn't Mal, it's Maleficent." I told everyone. I was expecting the gasps that came from the croud at the mention of that name. "My mother named me after her but told everyone my name was Mal as I had to earn the right to call myself by my full name. As you can guess, I never lived up to her expectations and never proved myself evil enough in her eyes." I explained. I didn't miss the look of sympathy that flashed across Fairy Godmothers face. I was fully prepared to leave it at that until Chad started running his mouth again.

"Do you really expect us to believe this. No parent would do that."

"Really!?" I shouted at the extremely annoying guy in front of me. "You do realise your talking about the villain known as the Mistress of all Evil, right!? As for my friends you do realise they have their reasons for being the way they are as well right?" I said. Chad however just rolled his eyes at me and I'm pretty sure he muttered 'doubt it' but I can't be sure. I couldn't help the glare I sent his way. "Don't you dare roll your eyes at them!" I shouted at Chad. How could this guy not see what they had been through!? I turned quickly to my friends/siblings silently asking their permission. When they all briefly nodded I turned back to face Chad and Audrey.

"Cruella controlled Carlos by telling him dogs were vicious, rabid animals. He only likes Dude because Ben helped him see the truth." I told everyone. I didn't even care right now. Chad could call me whatever he liked but over my dead body would he insult the others. "Yes Jay hurts people but like hell does he enjoy it! He had to hurt people and steal their stuff on the Isle or he was hurt himself and Evie. She was taught all she had was her looks. That she had to use her looks to get a prince and live happily. Thankfully while we have been here she has realised she can rely on her brains instead. So don't you dare say you know us and what we have been through." I demanded of the duo in front of me and anyone else who was listening, which was everyone.

Audrey had the decency to look ashamed of what she had said. She was actually looking pretty apologetic right now as were most other people. As I looked around and saw various emotions across peoples faces. Fairy Godmother stood there with tears in her eyes the same as Queen Belle was. Everyone else either looked angry or surprised.

"Mal, had it worse then any of us." Jay told them as he stepped a little closer to me. I knew if anyone mentioned my childhood it would be him since he has known me since we were five. He stood level with me and looked at me briefly, his eyes shining with an unspoken question. I nodded to him to continue, but my eyes started filling with tears before he even spoke.

"Like Mal said she never lived up to her name in Maleficent's eyes but every time she failed Maleficent abused her. Both physically and mentally. Mal still goes through that abuse when Maleficent feels Mal isn't evil enough. So don't you dare stand there and accuse Mal of anything after what she has been through." Jay told them.

I couldn't stop the tears rolling down my cheeks if I wanted to. This wasn't how I wanted people to find out about my past. Hell, part of me was hoping they never found out. I felt Ben place his arms around my waist, holding me comfortingly from behind. I quickly turned into him and cried into his chest unable to stop myself or get my emotions in check. Damn, what the hell has Auradon done to me. I never have shown my emotions like this before.

As I started to calm down a little I leant back and looked at Ben. His kind, reassuring face smiling down at me but the upset, hurt and anger showed in his eyes. As I looked at Ben I realised I was actually falling in love with him. That realisation got me thinking. Could I really betray Ben by stealing Fairy Godmothers wand? Could I hurt him like that? The more I thought about it, the more I realised I couldn't but I had to think of something since my mother wouldn't exactly be happy if I didn't get the wand for her. I had to think of something that meant I wouldn't have my mothers wrath but I didn't hurt the people of Auradon.

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