The Evil Inside

Author's Note

This is my new story The Evil Inside, the reason why it's so short is because it's just a prologue. I hope you like my new story. Here's chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Demon

Nobody's POV

An evil shadow blended into the darkness; its red eyes gleamed. The purpose of its existence was nothing good. For all it lived for, was to cause mischief to those around it. To bring out the evil inside.

The shadow darted across the rooftop, searching for its next victims. It picks a group of close friends and turns them against each other. He doesn't even need to do that, he just does it for pleasure. Once it's caused its mischief, the shadow chooses its favourite toy and destroys its soul from the inside.

The shadow looks similar to a person, with some differences. It was completely black but with glowing red eyes that got brighter with every soul it destroyed. It had gleaming white fangs and claws for fingers. The shadow lives purely to cause trouble.

The shadow suddenly jerked forwards … it sensed something. Four beings with bright, good hearts. Its mouth formed a grin as it started to think of all the fun it would have.

It searched the rooftops looking for these beings when he finally found them. They were each easily identified by their colours: blue, red, purple and orange. The shadow studied them closely, trying to decipher who would be best to go first. Finally, it made its decision.

The shadow turned into a cloud of smoke and put on a burst of speed; aiming for the blue one's heart.

Author's Note

Well there you go, that was chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it and please favourite, follow and review.

Wolfangel33 xx