Richard and Kahlan were nothing if not mature and civilized. They were full grown adults, who could take care of themselves.

Richard was the Seeker. He had responsibilities. The title in itself gave the essence of levelheadedness.

Kahlan was the Mother Confessor. She had responsibilities. Her title gave the air of sophistication, gracefulness, and womanhood.

So it's no surprise the pair displayed the same qualities in their everyday life, right?

As if.

Sitting next to each other, side by side around a campfire, the two were heavily invested in a game of "Who-can-cause-the-most-damage-with-only-elbows" while their companions were left pondering the mental stability of two of the people who held a rather sizable chunk of the worlds fate in their hands.


What started as playful nudge had (somewhat unsurprisingly) escalated almost into full body slams. Again.

Zedd and Cara stared.

"Did you just flick my nose?"



Their sparring match ended with the Mother Confessor sitting a few paces away from a suspiciously limp body normally inhabited by Richard Cypher.

"Spiced soup anyone?"

Cara shook her head.

The world was doomed.