The moon's rays gleamed through the leaves of the trees, lighting the way for Selene as she pushed through the undergrowth. As she came to a clearing she glanced up at the full moon. She could almost feel it's pull, telling her something, leading her further inland on Mako Island.

Soon she came upon a small water fall that tumbled over rocks and cascaded into a small stream that trickled lazily over rocks and twigs. Easy enough to cross. She thought. But before she made it even half way she slipped and felt herself falling. She landed with a thud at the bottom of a sloping tunnel.

"Ouch." She muttered. She stood and, rubbing her back, walked down some steps that led to a little pool lit by the moon. She looked up at the hole in the ceiling, the moon had just moved directly over the opening. As this happened the pool started bubbling, almost as if there were jets under the surface. Selene moved to the edge, dipping her hand in. The water was warm, inviting. She took off her shoes and jumped in. The bubbles massaging her legs and back.

She looked up, blinking at the bright moonlight that came through the opening. The moon passed over and the pool instantly stopped bubbling. Selene remained in the water for a few more moments before climbing back out and putting her shoes back on. She then climbed the stairs and headed towards the shore, where her motor boat was waiting.