A Right Royal Mix-Up – Uncut!

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The wedding of Prince James Philippe Potter to Lily Elizabeth Evans  was an international affair. Diplomats and heads of state came from all over both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds to join in the festivities. Luminaries from every field mingled with the ordinary citizens of Grandalia to celebrate the happy occasion. The parties were non-stop, some lasting until dawn.

            "I'll be glad when this is over and I can have you all to myself," James growled, when he and Lily shared a stolen moment together in her suite.

            "It's your fault," she teased. "If you weren't a prince we could have gone down to the nearest registry office and gotten married without all this fuss."

            "Do you mind, darling?" He looked at her searchingly. "I know this isn't the kind of wedding you expected."

            "Nobody expects to be married in front of thousands of guests, but how can I mind?" She smiled enchantingly. "It's the price one has to pay for marrying a prince."

            "I'll see that you never regret it, my love," James said tenderly. "I promise to make you very happy."

            "You always have," she answered softly.

            Newspapers and magazines all over the world filled columns and pages with every possible detail of the nuptials. They showed pictures of Lily's large canary-diamond engagement ring, and reported that her wedding gown was being designed by a famous French couturier.

            On the day of the wedding an army of photographers and reporters lined the route to the beautiful, historic church where the ceremony would take place. Excitement rippled through the crowd as they waited for the glass carriage that would carry the soon-to-be princess to her prince.

            Lily's suite was crowded with people helping her to get ready for the big event. Her hair had been styled and her face made up. Rosamund had briefed her one last time on proper protocol. Now all that remained was to put on her wedding gown.

            It was an exquisite creation of satin and lace with a long, graceful train. The rosettes of lace on the bodice were outlined with seed pearls and the design was repeated on the full satin skirt.

            When every hidden hook had been fastened, the queen placed a circlet of blossoms on Lily's head and arranged the attached tulle veil so her face would be visible to the spectators.

            "You look absolutely exquisite, my dear," Rosamund told her.

            "If I do, it's thanks to you." Lily smoothed her skirt gently. "You've done so much for me."

            "You make my son happy. That's thanks enough for me." Rosamund kissed her cheek.

            People cheered as Lily's coach travelled slowly to the church. When she stepped out in front of the venerable building, hundreds of flashbulbs flared, capturing for posterity the beautiful young woman who would someday be a queen.

            The church was filled with candles and fragrant bouquets of flowers. A hush fell as Lily started down the satin-ribbon-swagged aisle. The distance to the altar seemed endless. She clutched her bouquet of white roses and lilies of the valley, feeling her legs begin to tremble. Could she fulfil the expectations of the people who had such faith in her? All she was bringing to this marriage was love. Would it be enough?

            And then she was close enough to see James's face clearly, and all her doubts vanished. He held out his hand to her and she took her place beside him where she belonged.

            The service was very moving. When she was asked at the conclusion if she took Prince James Philippe Potter to be her husband, Lily answered in a clear, confident voice, "I do."

            At the end of the ceremony James took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly. That was when Lily realised this wasn't the end of the fairy tale – it was the beginning.

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