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You ever get that feeling?

The feeling you get when there's something looking after you?

I've had that feeling for as long as I can remember.

The feeling of a calming force that watches over me.

The calming sensation that tingles your body.

The touch of darkness.

A young boy of about 13 with black hair that spiked near the back and falling just past his neck opened his blue eyes and stared out at the pitch black space before him. A cool, calm sensation touched his skin as he floated down into the darkness. He landed on the bottom of the body of water he was in, dozens of doves taking off from the ground to reveal a brownish stain glass floor with a design that he swore he recognized.

"So, you're back here again."

The boy looked around, trying to find the source of the voice but failed.

"Well, let's get started."

Three pedistals rose from the ground, each with double of an item floating about an inch from the top. Two staffs, two shields, and two swords.

"Which will you embody and which will you give up?"

The boy closed his eyes and held out both his hands to the pedistals. All of the items vanished in three lights that went into the boy's chest. In his hands, two swords appeared and he opened them, glancing at each weapon with regret.

"Interesting choice. That will make your journey that much harder. Now, let's get started."

The floor shattered and the boy fell down into the darkness. He landed on another glass floor, this one being green, and took several deep breaths. The boy felt something approaching from behind and spun around, cutting a small black creature with yellow eyes. The creature evaporated in a black mist as the boy took a deep breath.

"Good. Your reflexes are supurb. But how would you deal with more?"

Several more black creatures appeared around the boy as he flipped the sword in his right hand into a reverse grip and got into a stance as all the creatures pounced. The boy threw his arms wide open and a clear barrier repelled the creatures. He jumped on top of one and stabbed it with the sword in his right hand, causing it to evaporate. He then struck another one and it did the same. He kept this up with the other four then relaxed.

A portal of dark energy appeared beneath him and he started falling in as his swords vanished. He tried to fight it but was dragged under and saw nothing but darkness. He didn't know when he closed his eyes but opened them to find his was on a silver stain glass floor. He stood up and turned around to find an ornate door right in front of him. He grabbed the handles and pulled it open then stared into the blinding white light on the other side.

After shielding his eyes, he found that he was in a desert with three people, each wearing long black coats with the hoods up, standing around him.

"Did you really think you could open the door that quickly? First, you must tell me more about yourself."

The boy went up to one of the people and they looked at him.

"What are you afraid of?" asked the man.

"Being indecisive," confessed the boy as the man in front of him disappeared.

He went to another person, who was about his height and probably his age.

"What do you want most out of life?" asked the other boy.

"To be strong," said the boy as the person before him vanished as well.

He then turned to the last person and frown at them. While he appeared the same as the last one, this boy gave off a dark and sinister presence.

"What's most important to you?" asked the last boy in a cocky voice.

"Friendship," replied the boy as the other vanished.

"You're afraid of being indecisive. You want to be strong. You want friends. Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one. The day you will open the door is both far off and very near."

Everything vanished in a white light and the boy found himself in a dark space again with a grayish stain glass floor. He walked forward a little but stopped as several more of black creatures appeared around him. His swords appeared in his hands as they creatures randomly moved about.

"You don't have to fight alone. The conflict inside you can take form."

Several blue creatures with red eyes appeared between the boy and the black creatures with their backs to the boy. They began fighting with the black creatures and took them out.

"But be careful. A sword can have two edges."

The creatures exploded in a blue mist and the boy grunted in pain as he fell to his knees. He took several deep breaths then shakily got to his feet just as a bridge of stain glass led up to another one appeared at the edge. The boy walked across and came to the blue stain glass floor. He looked at the woman whose image he swore he recognized. He then looked up at the light above him.

"However, you must be careful. If you get too close to the light, then the darkness grows bigger."

The boy looked over his shoulder and saw that his shadow was now huge. It began to lift itself off the ground and the boy backed away from the giant shadow with glowing yellow eyes.

"Run away and you will age. Be afraid and you will die."

The giant shadow reached down to the boy, who struck its hand with his swords. The giant pulled back as the boy ran up its arm and hit it in the head. The giant gave off a strange roar then grabbed the boy and threw him in the air. As he came down, the boy suddenly remembered about those blue creatures and focused. A screech of a bird reached his ear and he grabbed onto the legs of a black bird with red eyes that was large enough to carry him. The bird carried him back down onto the platform then circled high overhead.

The boy took several deep breaths as the giant reached down at him again. He ran up it again but this time, he jumped over the head and stuck his swords in the back of the head. His weight then pulled him down and he cut the giant from head to toe. The giant fell back on the boy and all he saw was black.

"You have changed a lot since I last saw you. You have grown. You have matured. But so have I. The time is fast approaching for when we shall meet again. Grow strong. For you are the savior of all worlds."

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