Magnolia 99th Precinct
9:06 AM

"Sup, losers!"

Natsu walked out of the elevator with a cocky grin, files in one hand and his morning coffee in the other. "Ready to catch some perps today?!"

"Oh shut up, it's way too early in the morning for you to be this annoying," Gray grumbled from his desk. He was already hunched over his paperwork, his head propped up by a hand, nursing a cup of coffee. "And you're late by the way, you know Captain is gonna pissed."

Detective Gray Fullbuster. Natsu hated that guy. Seriously, he thought he was so great with his stupid nice ebony hair and droopy eyes. Well jokes on him, he's not that great! He may be a really nice secondary on some cases and sometimes they got along pretty well on stakeouts but man, he fucking hated that guy. And despite what Cana said, they were definitely not friends.

"I am not late, here check it out." Natsu dropped the files on his desk connected to Gray's and whipped out his phone. "See, 8:55…am. Score!"

"Give me that," Gray growled, snatching the phone from his hand. He stared down at the device before flicking his thumb. "This is a screenshot of your home screen when it was 8:55, dumbass, no one's gonna fall for that."

"Well the Captain could!" Natsu argued, grabbing his phone back. "If he doesn't swipe right that is. If he does he'll just see some sweet pics of my Kacchan cosplay."

"I saw and it wasn't that great."

"How dare y—"

"Detective Dragneel! You're late." Captain Laxus emerged from his office. He shook out his right wrist and briefly glanced at his stunning, diamond encrusted watch. "By seven minutes too. That's three away from ten."

Captain Laxus Dreyar. Tall, big and one intimidating man. He hadn't always been the captain of the nine nine. In fact, he was fairly new compared to the other members but Makarov, their old captain decided to retire and his grandson came in to replace him. And this hunky blond captain was definitely not a pushover for anyone. Except maybe his boyfriend.

"Uh, I beg your pardon Captain, but there must be something wrong with your watch because I'm actually o—"

"Save it Dragneel, I heard Fullbuster." The blond captain crossed his arms over his broad chest and stared down at his detective. "You really need to start getting your shit together before I assign you to paperwork duty for a month."

"Oh come on," Natsu whined as he dropped himself down into his seat. "So I was late once, I don't think that calls for paperwork duty?"

"Mmmmm once?" Cana chimed in from her desk, "By my records, this would be the 57th time that you've been late."

Cana Alberona, their resident snarky civilian who somehow got dragged into being Laxus' personal assistant. Considering how much of an alcoholic she was, Natsu was half surprised she wasn't drinking out of a flask right at this moment. Then again, that coffee of hers did smell a bit odd.

"Damn, has it really been that much?" Natsu muttered to himself.

"I can't remember the last time Natsu came on time…" Gray said, leaning back in his chair.

"Not helping asshat."

"Start coming on time detective," Laxus pinned Natsu with a stern glare, "Or else."

"Nyeh nyeh, I'm sooo scared," Natsu muttered to himself, crossing his arms petulantly. "Maybe I was little scared but whatever who cares…"

"Now, everyone!" Laxus raised his voice so everyone could hear him. "As we all know, we'll be getting a new member for our precinct. Let us welcome them when they come in. Meeting room in fifteen. That is all." He nodded curtly before returning to his office and closing the door.

Natsu pouted. "Oh so the newbie can come in late and I can't? What a load of bull."

"Oh shut up flame-brain."

Magnolia 99th Precinct, Meeting Room
9:31 AM



Natsu, Gray and basically all the straight males of the nine nine stared as Laxus introduced their newest member.

And she was hot.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Detective Lucy Heartfilia." The blonde detective stepped up and waved, a pretty smile on her face.

"Hello everyone, please take care of me," she said before giving a little bow. Her sleek ponytail slipped over her shoulder as she did and Natsu's eyes followed the curve of her neck.

"Is this like, some kind of joke?" he hissed, leaning over towards Gray. "There's no way someone that attractive can be in this precinct. Well, there's me but I was the exception."

"I hope this isn't a joke, holy shit, she's gorgeous," Gray muttered back. "Also, you aren't the exception, you're pretty much the rule of ugly here."

"Oh shut up, you're just salty I don't think you're hot."

"I am hot."

"Besides, isn't her skirt a little too short?" Natsu eyed the hem of her skirt that flirted against the skin of her upper thighs. Her smooth, silky looking thighs. Fleshy, milky white thighs that could be wrapped around his hea—

Natsu dragged his eyes away from her luscious legs. "That can't be practical right?"

"Practical or not, those are some damn fine legs." Gray's head tilted as he took in the blonde newcomer.

"Detective Heartfilia," Laxus growled, shooting the chattering duo a glare that clearly said shut the fuck up, "Will be helping us out for the Wentz Street Drug Bust case. Fullbuster! Dragneel! You two will be joining her for the stakeout tonight."

"What?" Natsu abruptly stood from his seat. "No offense here to anyone here Captain, but you're gonna put a newbie on my case? It's bad enough that freezer burn here has to come with me although," he gave Gray an appraising look, "I did need him for our A Whole New World duet. Do you know how hard it is to sing both Aladdin and Jasmine?"

Laxus rolled his eyes. "Detective Heartfilia is anything but a newbie. She needs to get used to the people around here and this stakeout is the perfect opportunity. If she can get used to you two, she can get used to anyone."

"The Captain is right," Erza said from her position in the front of the room. "Detective Heartfilia is highly capable of being on this case with you. She was the brightest member of the one eight when she was there and we should be honored to have her here."

"But Erz—"

"Unless…" she interrupted him dangerously, "You don't…trust my judgement?"

Natsu felt a shiver run down his spine at her cold stare and he started to sweat. "Nope, nope, nope, I completely trust you there Erza."

Detective Erza Scarlet was probably the most terrifying person Natsu had ever met. Sure she was a gorgeous woman with her long red hair but she had threatened him so many times with her guns that his balls sorta retracted every time he saw her. He knew this happened to Gray too.

He turned to the detective and nodded at her, "Heartfilia, I look forward to having you on this case."

She smiled and tilted her head cutely, "Don't worry, I won't disappoint you."

Storage Unit on the corner of Westwood and Wilshire
1:28 AM

It was an hour and a half into the stakeout and Natsu was going a little stir-crazy. Not only was Gray starting to get on his nerves because the stupid stripper couldn't hit the high notes in his solo, Lucy was evading each and every one of his attempts to flirt and woo the pretty lady cop.

"Alright, it's been more than hour since we've been here," Gray started, looking at his watch, "You sure it was this place Natsu?"

"I'm positive," he said, "I did some research and apparently, Bora is a fake name. But, there were a bunch of mentions to a Serbian thug who went by the name of The Butcher and he was reported to hang out by this storage unit right here. My money is on him doing the transactions here."

"Well I hope you're right or else we'll be here all night," Lucy said from the passenger seat. Typically Gray, as his secondary, would be sitting there but Natsu had kicked him out from the seat in favor of the prettier detective.

"What, can't handle a long night of work?" Natsu snarked.

"Sorry if I have better things to do than be stuck in a car with a guy who can't stop taking his clothes off," she said nodding at Gray who was in the middle of pulling his pants down, "And a guy who thinks he's so much better than everyone." She pinned him with a glare. "Why do you think I'm some sort of princess? I'm a competent detective, just like you are and we've gone through the same training to get to where we are. I don't appreciate people underestimating me, you know."

Natsu leaned back, properly ashamed. "Whoa, I'm sorry okay, I-I'm really sorry," he said, scratching the back of his neck. "I don't mean to treat you like that, I just tend to push people away with sarcastic comments as a defense mechanism when I first meet them. I have trust issues."

"Well that got oddly deep," Gray chimed in from the backseat.

Lucy cleared her throat awkwardly and averted her eyes. "I…kinda understand where you're coming from. I have trust issues too. Well, daddy issues is more like it but a-anyways, that still doesn't justify you treating me like I'm some doll that can't handle regular police work!"

"You're right, you're right!" He hurried to say, "I promise you, I'm not always like this. I just…take a while to warm up to strangers. Although, I have to say, I'm liking you a lot faster than I did anyone else."

"It's true," Gray added, "It took him six months to stop stapling my tie to the desk."

"See?" Natsu shrugged weakly. "Just give me time and I'll warm up to you. I know you're a respectable cop, I'm just an asshole."

Lucy sighed, shoulders slumping before she hesitantly nodded. "Well, alright then. Guess I'm gonna have to prove it to you," she said, giving him a small smile. Then, she suddenly straightened. "And I guess my time is now because that's our perp right there!"

"What?" Gray and Natsu turned their heads towards the front of the car and sure enough, there was a person dressed in black trying to enter through the back gate of the storage unit.

"Shit, you're right!" Natsu shouted as he scrambled to get out of the car. "Put on your vests everyone, and Gray, your pants, let's go catch our perp!"

Storage Unit on the corner of Westwood and Wilshire
1:42 AM

"So this is what it feels like to be a hostage."

Natsu winced as the arm around his neck squeezed tighter and the shaking hand that held the gun against his temple pressed in.

"P-put your weapons down!" the guy behind him shouted, "Now!"

Lucy and Gray shared a glance before they slowly placed their guns on the ground.

"Now now, don't be hasty," Lucy soothed in calming voice, "You don't need to do this. Just let him go, and we can talk. Promise."

As soon as the three of them entered the building, they had split up, Lucy and Gray together as a team and Natsu alone but unfortunately, the perp had hidden himself well and had jumped Natsu. He was now being held hostage with a gun to his head.

"Lies!" Bora shouted, "You can't do anything right now, I'm keeping him right here!" He shook Natsu for emphasis and pink haired detective gritted his teeth at the rough treatment. They needed a plan and they needed one now.

"No no, I'm not lying," Lucy cooed, "Do I look like someone who'd lie to you?" Natsu would've laughed at her question had his attention not been caught by her hand. Her left hand, the one that was closest to Gray was tracing something on the outside of her thigh. It seemed like he wasn't the only one who noticed it either because he could see Gray glancing out the corner of his eyes at her.

He tried to recognize the stroke of her finger.

'Ok that's a definite line….and then a circle? No, a curve…is it a P? No! No it's a D. D for…d..d..d-distraction? Distraction! Oh she's asking for a distraction!'

Gray's face hardened with understanding before his expression morphed into one of pure surprise. "Oh my god, Bora! Behind you!" he shouted, pointing a finger at something directly behind him.


It only took a second of Bora being caught off guard before Gray and Lucy erupted into a flurry of movement. With a flick of her hand, Lucy flipped up her ridiculously short skirt and Natsu's jaw dropped. First of all, there was the pair of bright pink panties that almost immediately caught his attention, but more importantly, there was the gun strapped to her upper thigh along with the three throwing knives she had strapped to the other thigh.

Lucy whipped out the gun in less than a second and with a solid 'Bang!' she shot the hand that was holding the gun to Natsu's head. The perp dropped the gun with a pained scream and Natsu used that opportunity to twist out of his hold and sweep his feet out from under him. He grabbed the guns lying on the ground, threw the other to Gray, and then the three of them aimed their guns at the thug.

"Give it up Bora! You're done!" Natsu shouted, keeping his gun trained on the man on the ground. "Put your hands up!"

Bora shakily held up his hands, one gripping the other bleeding one and Natsu grinned. He nodded his head towards the perp and Gray stepped forward to cuff the guy. Natsu kept his gun trained on the thug just in case.

"So uh," Natsu's eyes slid to his blonde haired partner, "I definitely did not see that trick coming."

Lucy smirked at him, eyes flashing playfully. "The skirt is short on purpose."

"Maybe one day you could show me what else you keep under there?" Natsu joked, half waiting for her to turn the gun on him. To his surprise, she let out a short breath of laughter.

"Maybe one day," she purred, shooting him a sly wink before sauntering away to help Gray drag the perp outside

Natsu let out a low whistle as he watched her walk away with that deliciously short skirt swishing playfully against the back of her thighs.

'Man, I'm in love.

this is basically the brooklyn 99 au that no one asked for but i started rewatching it and the characters fit so well i couldn't help myself. hope you liked it!