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Tea Time



Sakumo Hatake ignored the stares of the people around him as he walked through the neighborhood. It was hard, seeing the judgment, the blame in all the people's eyes. Even his own team had ignored him for what he had done ― they were ready to die they said, but that's easy to say when you're alive and facing the consequences. He accepted the blame, but he wasn't going to regret his decision of saving the lives of his teammates.

He would never regret saving a life.

He only regrets the shame he brought upon his son who now hides his face.

Sakumo bit his lower lip, hoping the pain would distract him from his emotional turmoil.

"Mr Hatake right?"

A woman's voice interrupted his thoughts, and he turned to find himself staring at a beautiful face with bright green eyes that looked deeply into his own, head tilted to the side in question.

Sakumo sucked in a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever insult would come out of that pretty mouth. "Yes."

"Harianna Jamily Potter." She stretched a dainty hand towards him, long fingers made to seem even longer with the delicate manicured nails ― it was as soft as it looked when he took it in his own, being gentle as he shook it in greeting. "I've heard some terrible things about you ― did you want to come inside and talk."

"What?" He could only watch in confusion as Harianna bobbed her head to the side, gesturing for him to follow her in - the white picket fence gate already pulled open.

She smiled gently at him. "You're overdue for some pleasant company, so come on in."

He hesitated by the gate. "You said you heard terrible things about me, so…"

Her cherry colored lips pouted, a little crinkle on her nose. "I can judge people on my own, and you are not a bad man." She looked him in the eyes, a seriousness on her face that left no question or doubt to her words. "Saving people's lives, keeping in mind their safety, and the loyalty you had to not leave a friend behind, that's admirable, that's what a good man does."

Sakumo could only stare at her. Studied her from the brightness of the red of her hair; the light green in her eyes that sometimes gleamed blue under the sunlight; the soft spray of freckles at the bridge of her small pointed nose; the soft blush on the apples of her cheeks; the way her head tilted up at him, only having brushed the top of his shoulders in height; the soft way her cherry red lips smiled at him ― and it's been a long time since anyone had smiled at him.

She took him by the hand. "I would really like it if you joined me, I'd like a friend in this town."

"I won't be the best choice." But still he took a hold of her hand and let her lead him to her house ― this was what they were constructing all these months.

"You're the best choice, not every day you find a friend who'd risk everything to keep you safe." Her hair whipped behind her as she quickened her steps towards her home. "Now there's a tea brew I've been experimenting with and I'd like to know what you think ― I've been tasting it too long to tell if it's any good or not."



To get into the swing of things in writing again. A little fun with the 1st generation and Harianna, though it started off a little serious here, but Sakumo was going through some tough times. It will be non canon, and there would definitely be some changes because you can't have Harianna in the mix and not have her save people.