the rollercoster flew across the carnival at 1000 edgeworths per hour



the coaster turned but it hit a broken rail and the part phoenix and maya were in it jumped off the rails and flew across the lands.

"GOD DAMMIT MAYA!" shouted phoenix

then they crashed through a wall and passed the room and people looked at them weirdly and then they flew out the other wall and kept flying until they landed in a village

"OUCH" shouted phoenix "where are we"

"hello sir would you like a suvineer for visiting" siad merchant

"no i want info where are we"

"you are in castle town were named that because its a town and theres a castle over there"

he pointed at the castle

it was impressive

suddenly the castle FELL DOWN

"AAAAAAAAAAH" shouted everyone

they ran to the broken castle

phoenix and maya joined them to see what was happening

"alright alright this is the police" said the a guy and he checked the rubble

and underneeth a wall


"AAAGH" shouted police "HE IS DEAD!"

"NOOOOO" shouted everyone

the police turned to the broken castle and pointed at it

"YOU did this didnt you?!"

the castle remained silent

"heh heh heh. boys arrest it"

the boys picked up the remains of the castle and carried it to prison

"what the hell" said maya

"wow they arresting the guy" said phoenix "i guess i better defend it"

they ran after the boys and chased them all the way to the underground dungeon in the kings spare castle

"hello mr castle" said phoenix when he arrived at the cell which was full of bricks and stones

there was no response

"huh wonder why hes not talking" said phoenix

and he went to the crime scene to look for evidence

there was a guy lying on the ground and it was the prince

"oh no the prince is dead!" shouted phoenix

"back off" said a guard who came running at them with spear "this is crime scene"

phoenix took off his badge and show it

"but im an attorney"

"hmph fine but dont touch anything the prosecutor isnt here yet"

phoenix looked at the body and noticed it was crushed and full of rocks

"dammit how we gonna do this" said phoenix


"court is not in session" said the mystical judge

"i am ready your honor"

"i am also ready" said a voice and the smoke appeared and when it was gone PROSECUTOR JACOB GRIMM WAS THERE

"grimm what are you doing here this isnt a fairy tale adventure"

"i am here because barrylawn hasnt written a chapter of ace attorneys fairy tales for weeks lazy fuck no wonder jakkid166 is more popular"

"please make your opening statement" said judge

"the defendant is a castle named temple temple" said grimm "he was supposed to be a very well made castle that would never fall but he fell on top of the prince and killed him"

"OBJECTION" shouted phoenix

"SHUT UP" shouted grimm "the castle had no reason to fall because it was so well built so theres no reason it would

fall other than to murder."

"fuck" said phoenix and he was penilized

"now i call my witness to the stand" said grimm