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okay- I'll go with that, then. It won't have all the lyrics, mind you, since it'll give away all of that chapter, and besides, the song's too damn long, even if I love it…. Hell, who'd be crazy enough to be a Linkin' fan and then go and hate one of their songs? Is such a thing possible? Heh… probably… notes she's rambling again ; I'll shut up now…. Well, after the disclaimer….

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Directions: Insert the lyrics to "Figure.09" by Linkin' Park.

Mou Hitori: Tokushu na Ichi

The Other: Special 1

-insert 1st stanza-
Why did it have to be me? Why does everything in my life seem to go wrong? My family, my friends… Every aspect of my life it utter crap, when I think about it. And now, this.

Did the world just universally declare me their punching bag? Someone life can kick around any time someone else feels lousy? I've had enough to handle as it is, but now an ancient spirit comes and takes over what little life I have?

How shitty of a role in life is that! And why do I still dwell on these depressing thoughts when all they do is lead me to my own dark feelings?

-insert 2nd stanza-
Anything I try to do blows up in my face. I try to make things simpler by resigning myself to my fate; by doing as he instructed…. Does it work? No. I fail to do as he wishes and end up lying broken on the floor again, just like always.

Always… I can't believe how many times he's done that to me. And even worse, how I've seemed to just adapt to it instead of trying to resist him. I know I've always been a bit of a passive person, but that's too much! And yet…

I can't really bring myself to care. I mean, of course I want the pain to stop- for him to maybe treat me the tiniest bit better, but these rebellious thoughts… I may think them up all I like, but in truth, I'll probably never follow through with them. My mind and heart resist, but the rest of me is tired, worn. It's like half my spirit is crushed, while the other half's still burning.

But in the end, is that rebellious half really even me? Or is it someone else- someone I've subconsciously created due to the spirit's appearance in my life…? Someone who feels my hate in my stead… Whom is the embodiment of my hatred….

My God… I'm just like him. I've actually become as spiteful as the one who hurts me….

-insert 3rd and 4th stanzas-
Maybe it's better this way? If I have something in common with him, he'll treat me better like I want him to, right? But….

I don't like this. I don't like this at all. There's only one of me. One Ryou. There can't be another… No.

I can't let it go on like this-

Nigeru nda. NIGERU DAI YO! (Get away. GET AWAY!)

-insert 5th and 6th stanzas-
No. I can't let him take over like this. My new personality born of bitter hatred….. I can't let him win. I'll beat him, even if it takes every fiber of my being…

Then why do I feel like I've already lost?

-insert 7th stanza-
….Why indeed?

K: ; Did anyone get that? ; I think it may just go over people's heads there, if they don't think about the lyrics carefully…. Better give an explanation, just in case….

Okay- here's the deal:

Ryou is speaking the entire time, but the first part is in his more rebellious, emotional side of himself. Then he realizes how he's acting, and is angry at himself for it. After, his 'passive' personality comes out and sees what exactly it is he's doing to himself, and views the new, 'rebellious' side of himself as an entity created by his bitter feelings toward life, since he doesn't think himself capable of ever thinking of such things.

He then thinks that there are 2 people trying to take over his life- Bakura, and this 'New Ryou'. The 'New Ryou' came after Bakura started torturing him regularly, so he's more used to Bakura and views the other as more of a threat. In swearing to fight this 'New Ryou's influence, he is in fact acting exactly like him. Thus, he subconsciously feels as if he's already lost since he has been influenced by the same emotions of hatred.

BUT, because he's just as stubborn as his 'other self', he refuses to listen to what he knows is true, so he asks again why it is he feels like he's already lost.

That make it any clearer for you guys? It's all really philosophical and a lot of it has to do with psychology… Of course, if my analysis of it is all wrong, you'll have to excuse me for it, since I haven't taken Psychology at all. Thus, I guess it's more like logical, philosophical thinking, but is there even such a thing? Philosophy never seems to make all that much sense anyways, does it?

Ah, screw it… I gave you a step-by-step analysis of what things meant in this special, and that's what it's supposed to mean. If there's anything else there that you guys think should be added, go ahead and think that. I need to get back to work….