One early morning years after the Fourth Great Ninja War, there were five children at the training ground with the Hyuga Clan Head, Neji Hyuga and his wife, Tenten. He was going to spend the entire day with his children and his little cousins, Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki. The Seventh Hokage was busy with paperwork and Hinata wanted to have some free time. While, Hanabi was on a mission and Hiashi preferred his peace as an elder, so it was up to Neji and Tenten to take care of them as usual.

"Today, I am going to show you kids the Hyuga clan's Vacuum Palm. It's the technique I used to protect the Seventh from the Ten Tails." the Clan Head announced.

Neji took stance and thrust his palm forward to release a wave of chakra that sent a hole through a tree.

Boruto scratched his head, "That technique is really cool Uncle, but I thought pops defeated the Ten Tails and you got hurt?". He began to replied but his oldest son, Seiko, answered,"My Father used the wave to destroy projectiles hurling towards your dad. You are correct though, one stray pierced his left leg. Your father went on to defeat the Ten Tails after that happened."

A grin formed on Neji's face, "You've made a flying leap in your historical studies, Seiko. Let's see if you kids have done the same with your training ..."

He assigned his youngest child, Yumi to practice with Himawari nearby. His middle child, Gen would spar with Boruto in the woods, while Seiko would train with Tenten and Neji at the site.

"I'm ready for our rematch Gengen, this time I won't lose." Boruto ran off towards the forest.

"Why does he have to call me that?", Gen muttered and went after his cousin.

The girls ran off but stayed in sight. Tenten pulled out her scrolls, while Neji and Seiko readied their Byakugan.

"Ready, kids?!" Neji and Tenten called out.

"Ready!" they all replied.

It was just another day for Konoha's strongest clan, the Hyuga family.