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A few days later, Mikey knocked on Donnie's door but it didn't open. He sighed and put the tray outside of the door.

"Raph… I'm really sorry. Please come out… I'm really worried about you."

There was silence, as it had been, and Mikey went back to the wall of screens.

"Any luck?" Leonardo asked as he went through the screens.

Mikey deflated. "No. He hates me…"

Leo looked over and put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"That's not true. He's just processing."

"He only talks to Donnie."

"Well, Donnie's been treating him, so I would think he trusts him a little more. Give him time, Mike."

Donnie walked out and almost stepped on the tray that Mikey had left at the door.

"Damn it, Mikey!"


The door opened again and a peach-colored hand pulled the tray inside. The gesture was enough to make the youngest turtle smile. Donnie smiled too.

"He eats what you put out for him and he's getting his strength back slowly but surely."

"Does he hate me?"

"Nah, he's just trying to process the shock of what he's done. He won't tell me what happened but it makes him feel worthless. He didn't want to confirm the change that had happened but…"

Mikey nodded. "Yeah…"

"But it's technically a good thing. He'll eventually get tired of my company and want some different faces to look at."

"I hope sooner than later."

Splinter walked in and then went to Donnie's door, knocking on it.

"Raphael? May I come in?"

The door opened and Splinter walked in.

"Master Splinter."

"I came to see how you are fairing."

"I'm alright… Hanging out…"

"Your brothers are worried about you." He said with a knowing look.

Raphael sighed. "Yeah, I know. I hear Mikey all the time. I just need more time."

Splinter sat on the bed and pat beside him for Raph to sit next to him. He did and Splinter put his hand on his 'son's' knee.

"I know you feel ashamed about what has happened, but your brothers know that you wouldn't do this of your own accord."

"Puh, that's not what Mikey said. Leo thought I turned my back on everyone."

"Donatello and Michelangelo were pretty adamant that you would never do that. Leonardo has realized his mistake in doubting you. The fault-finding has finished and ow they just want their brother back. Peach-skinned or green."

"But I'm so different… I don't know how to act or what to say…"

"They have no changed, Raphael. Only the outside of you has changed, so nothing is as different as it seems."

"What about missions? Do you think they'd still let me come along?"

"That is something you will have to ask when the time comes. You're not ready for missions in the state you are in now."

"Well I meant when I was a little better."

"You will have to discuss this with them. I cannot make the decision for you."

Raph nodded as Splinter left the room.

"Looks like some Foot activity on the South side of New York." Leo said, pointing to a camera on the far left corner of the screens. "Move out!"

"What about Raph?" Mikey said.

"What about Raph?"

"We just gonna leave him?"

"Master Splinter can take care of him. Besides, he's too weak to fight right now. We'll have to give his body some time to recover to even think about letting him come along." Donnie said.

Mikey didn't like leaving his brother behind but he saw the logic in Donnie's reasoning. His brother's body was foreign to him and it would take a minute for him to even get used to it, lest fight with it. With that solace in mind, the three turtles left the sewers to go kick some Foot Clan ass.

While his brothers were gone, what Mikey had given him just didn't seem enough to fill him up. So he decided to order some pizza and surprised his brothers. Now that they were gone, he had more of a desire to get out of Donnie's room and be in the living room. When the pizza came it was really odd that he was able to go and get the pizzas in the normal way without whisping by the pizza man in a flurry. Although since he was coming out of the sewers, the man was a little taken aback, but Raph paid the man and then took them back to the house.

A few minutes later, he heard his brothers coming into the sewers.

"Man that was a close call!" he heard Mikey say, pumped.

"Too close. You never listen to what I say, Mikey." Leo complained.

"So what? I got 'em didn't I?"

"You almost died twice."

"By all calculations, his projection wouldn't have resulted in death in either instant of his barrage." Donnie said nonchalantly.

"Ha! See? 'By all calculations'." Mikey mocked to Leo.

The three turtles walked further into their home, the smell of pizza hitting their nostrils halfway down.

"I think I'm heading into heaven." Mikey said, his mouth beginning to water.

They opened the door and found the table covered in about six pizza boxes. Raph was sitting there and stood up when the door opened. He looked a little sheepish as he gave a small wave.

"Hey." They all waved back. "I couldn't remember what everyone like so I just kind of got what I thought it could be… I know that Leo always liked the veggie one…"

"Raph!" Mikey yelled, running to his brother and hugging him tightly.

"Gently!" Raph yelled.

"Whoops, sorry. Got carried away."

"My wounds are still in healing." He reminded him.

"Nice to see you up and about." Leo said.

Raph nodded as Donnie smiled.

"Thanks for the pizza, Bro. You going to join us this time?"

"If that's alright with you guys…"

"Of course!" Mikey yelled. "Man, we gotta tell you about what happened when we went to go fight the Foot just a moment ago!"

"Mike… Raph… I know you really don't want to remember what happened but… we kind of need to know. You never really explained anything to us."

"Leo, dude, have some sympathy." Mikey said.

"It's okay." Raph said to his youngest brother but he turned to Leo. "And I really can't say anything about what happened in there. Trying to recount it all is just too much for me right now. I'm just trying to come to grips with what's going on with me right now and being as normal as I can. Can you at least five me that courtesy?"

Leo crossed his arms. "I'm only going to say this once and I swear that I will drop this subject once and for all: are you really Raphael?"

Raphael bristled at the accusation, hurt flowing through him like an electric shock. I thought Master Splinter said they had already come to terms with my transformation… so they really haven't and still think I'm an imposter… he thought, crestfallen. Something suddenly brought him out of his reverie when he heard a crash and Mikey hit the ground on top of his brother, punching his brother with all his might.

"You liar! You said you believed he was Raph! You said you wouldn't doubt it anymore and leave it be! You promised to try! YOU PROMISED!" he screamed.

"Mikey!" Leo yelled, trying to avoid his punches.

"Mikey, get off of him." Donnie yelled.

Just as Mikey reared his arm back to give his oldest brother a good punch in the face, he felt something grab his hand.

"Don't." Mikey looked at his wrist and saw Raph holding it. "Michael, stop."

Not many people called Mikey "Michael" (actually most were forbidden to) except for Raphael. He and Master Splinter were the only two that he didn't get mad at when they called him Michelangelo. That being said, Mikey let off of his brother and turned away from Raph.

"It's not fair that he keeps saying that you are not you. There's so much evidence around here that suggests otherwise and then no one can deny it. But Leo just won't let it go! You're our brother! It doesn't matter what you turn into, you will always be our brother."

"Leo has a right to be suspicious. We aren't human and we wouldn't have any idea what we would look like as such. You know that if it were any of you guys, I'd question every avenue until I saw what was right."

"But he knew already! He's just being cruel!"

"I'm not trying to be. Just covering my bases…" Leo mumbled, grabbing hold of a veggie pizza slice.

"You're not doing a very good job of it." Donnie commented.

"Despite what you all think, I'm not doing this to cause spite. I'm just giving him the chance to show himself to us if it really isn't Raph. This is the last time he has a chance to surrender as an enemy, for if he betrays us as a friend, I know that I won't serve any mercy."

Raphael stood up as tall as he could against his now towering brothers. "I'm Raphael. I grew up in the sewers of New York with my three brothers Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo. I was raised by a rat named Splinter, where he showed us the ancient ways of the ninja and martial arts. We have two human friends named Casey Jones and April O'Neil. I hate when Mikey tries to make us use stupid catchphrases. We ended up having to yell out 'Cowabunga' all the time and I'm really pissed off that I have to prove myself to you guys."

Leo nodded. "I'm sorry I doubted you. I will never bring it up again."

"I'm not hungry anymore." Mikey said, heading for his room. Despite his love for pizza already, Mikey was a stress eater and so everyone was shocked to see he didn't even take a slice. A couple seconds later though he popped back in and took a box. "I don't want to eat in here with you people."

He left again and slammed his door closed.

Raph sighed. "I'm going to see what I can do for him."

"I'm really sorry, Raph." Leo said, genuinely sorry.

"It would be wise to keep your opinions out of things."

"Hey, Raph?"

He looked back at him and Leo smiled a little. "Welcome back, Bro... Officially."

Raphael smirked and went to go check on his youngest brother.

Mikey at his pizza in silence as he shoved the fifth piece into his mouth. He didn't care that it was the fifth piece of pizza or that he took a whole box and was going to eat it and most likely another box later all by himself. He was upset to a point that if Raph hadn't stopped him, he knew something would have happened. He would rather stuff his face with pizza all night to keep from doing anything. He heard a knock on the door but ignored it, figuring it was Leo.

"Can I come in?" he heard Raph ask.

Mikey set the pizza aside and went to the door. He let his brother in and sat back on the bed, Raph following him. They didn't say anything for a bit as Mikey nibbled the next piece of pizza.

"Do you want a slice of this?" he asked.

Raph decided to take it and they stayed silent again.

"You almost lost yourself back there." Raph finally said, finishing off his slice.

"It's just that he makes me so mad sometimes and that interrogation wasn't even called for! I'm so mad right now that it makes me want to scream. Aren't you angry about it?" Mikey growled, turning to his brother.

"Well of course I'm angry about it. I've been hearing whispers that Leo didn't believe I was me ever since you guys found me in the cage... I've had this lingering doubt that any of you actually believe me. I kind of knew it was coming though... but you have to admit that we're both right. We don't know what we would look like human and Leo's right in that if I was someone who wanted to fool you guys, once I gain your trust and I betray it, who would save me from the fate of you three?" Mikey nodded a little. "That would be if I were not who I say I am, but I am. The point is, I'm mad but I can't stay mad. I have to live what the skin I'm in and although I'm not the biggest anymore and I'm not green, I can still handle myself."

"I asked about you coming on missions with us. Donnie nor Leo really acknowledged anything about it. Well, Donnie said you're still recovering." Mikey looked at him sincerely. "You know my offer still stands." Raph turned his head. "You know, if you need to talk about whatever happened. I'll be a listening ear."

"I know Mikey." He looked at his hands. "There's a lot to say and a lot to remember but I can't. If I do..."

"It's okay. I'm not going to force you."

Raph nodded and sighed, laying back on Mikey's bed.

"It'll be really boring while I recuperate."

"Yeah... But hey, maybe you can start training again and join us soon."

Raph smiled. "That'd be nice."

They talked discursively for a while on the bed.