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Well, I have three notes to respond to, before I finally hit the "complete" button on my story. Shall we?

"I was not satisfied with the ending. Whether I forgot the storyline all together while you were in "didney worl" or it was confusing in general, I just feel like there's a giant hole.

- Allison"

Ha...! That's good...I've made you want more. I've made you want to have more Riddle Manor, and by God, I will GIVE YOU MORE RIDDLE MANOR!

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"Aww, thank you! But honestly, I'm really proud of your progress! From chapter 1 to the latest, this finale, it really shows your rate of improvement!
And of course we'd like a Riddle Manor 2! If you feel up to it anyways, we do still have that OTHER project, yeah? XD
Also, I vote A-

- Erin"

Yes, yes we do, Erin... :3

I'm always lookin' out for my beta! It's the least I could do, really. Without you, I never would've gotten this far! It's all thanks to you, Erin :3

One vote for A! Let's see what else we've got :3

"Wow, Unknown... that was so good to read. Yes, I want the sequel and I can't wait for it!
And I think I choose B. I want something to inspire you which I think will help the story better.

- Sakumira Agashi (Saku)"

Aw, thanks, Saku! It really means a lot to see you write that! :D

I promise you, it'll only take like a year for me to make the sequel XD

Hey, it's still better than my first one. That's been abandoned for a year now :P

(Psst, Erin, wanna help with a reboot? XD)

And one vote for B! The score is all tied up! Which side will win?!

(Riddle Manor will be the only story affected by this, my other stories will be made how I please, unless viewers decide otherwise :3)

Well guys, this is it. The final, final chapter of Riddle Manor 1. This story will not be updated after this is posted. Your reviews after this will not be answered in the sequel.

...Maybe. Haven't decided on that one.

Anyways, this is it. Riddle Manor's epilogue. Are you ready? Because it's Showtime, baby!

showtime to Showtime.

Perfect, dictionary. Perfect.


Phil slowly sat up in his bed. For some reason, he was unable to sleep lately. He glanced at the clock, which read 11:52 PM. Everyone was asleep.

Movements quiet, he hopped off of the bed, before creeping into the hallway. He walked down the stairs, into the foyer, where Tecton was passed out, a bottle of some kind of alcohol in his hand, and out the door.

There was a place he always went when he couldn't sleep, a ways behind the house.

Taking his time, admiring the starry sky, he slowly made his way to a hill about 300 meters away from his new home.

Looking down about halfway there, he saw a figure, sitting up, looking at the same sky. Even at night, from almost 492 feet away, he could never mistake that golden skin. Smiling softly to himself for the rest of the walk, he sat next to her once he made it. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" he asked, causing her to jump slightly.

"Y-Yeah, it really is," she responded, placing a hand over her heart.

"Almost matches yours," Phil said, smirking.

Smiley giggled, turning a light shade of orange. "Stop it, Philly," she said, lightly punching him in the arm.

"Aw, c'mon, Smile, can't a guy have some fun?" he asked, wrapping his arm around her.

The two laughed for a while, before beginning a chat about their lives. "It's been what, five months now?" he asked her.

"About that," she said. "Hard to believe what's happened to us, huh?"

"Yeah," Phil responded, staring at the sky. "Kidnapped, forced to live through school so aliens could experiment on us, kidnapped again by an alien testing ground, held captive in our own school, and kidnapped for the third time by a man who wanted to avenge my dad."

They had went to the police station to do background checks on the men and women in the pictures, and they were the children's parents. "Oh, yeah, about that," Smiley said, looking at Phil. "They say that all of the facilities associated with that incident have finally been shut down. Seems that Tecton really managed to keep him promise."

"Yeah...Tecton..." Phil said, releasing Smiley and laying down, hands behind his head.

"I'm...worried about him," Smiley said. "He's been...distant lately, not to mention how much he's been drinking."

"I'm worried too, Smile, but he's a grown man," Phil said. "Besides, he's got a lot of weight on his shoulders. He's still probably trying to cope with how he almost killed us."

"Yeah..." she said, trailing off, looking up at the sky.

Her view was cut short, however, by a playful boy pulling her down on top of him. "Ph-Philly!" Smiley exclaimed, before her lips were met with his in a delicate kiss.

It didn't last long, Phil breaking it, sending Smiley nearly gasping for air. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to do that..." Phil said, smiling. "I love you, Smiley Sundae, and nothing will ever change that fact."

Turning a bright shade of orange, Smiley replied, "And I love you, Phillip Eggtree. Nothing can ever change my mind about you."

The young couple smiled for what seemed to be an eternity, before Smiley rolled off of her boyfriend. The two layed next to each other, holding one another in their arms, enjoying the night sky.

"Never thought this would happen," Phil said, enjoying the night view with his girlfriend. "Especially not here. I never knew you knew about this place."

Earning no response, he raised his head and saw that she was fast asleep, head resting on his chest like a pillow. "Guess it's time for me to hit the hay, too," he said, closing his eyes. "Smile...promise me you'll never change."

"Sir, preparations are ready," a man said, walking up to his boss.

The man was wearing a black formal suit, with dress shoes of the same color to match. The boss, however, was wearing a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans, red racing gloves, and black sneakers, sitting in a chair with his feet up on his desk. "Good," the boss said, tapping his fingers together. "The only question remains, who to target...?"

"May I, sir?" the man said, pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket.

"Make it snappy," the boss said, snapping his fingers. "We don't have all week. Wait, we do."

"I've done some research, and I've figured out who would be the easiest target," the man said, giving the boss the piece of paper. "All we have to do is find and inject, sir."

"Ah, yes..." the boss said, smirking. "Perfect...why did I not think of that? You, Dominic, have earned a raise."

"Thank you, sir," Dominic said, bowing. "Now then, shall I initiate the project?"

"Yes," the boss said. "Initiate...Project Alpha-7."

"Very well, sir," Dominic said, leaving the boss' office.

Once he was in his own office, he looked at a picture. The picture had him, his deceased wife, and his only child, who was an infant at the time. "Phillip..." Dominic said. "I'm doing this...for you."

I guess you could call this the true finale? But, really, it's just a small little add-on I thought up in my spare time. I thought it was a good idea, and it initiates the plot for the second story, if not only by a small bit.

Now, for real, this is the end of Riddle Manor. Riddle Manor's sequel will be released God knows when, but I promise I will release it.

Until then, I think I should try to hit a wider audience with my stories, yeah?

Either way, this story is finally complete! Our journey through the Riddle Manor has been complete, and, until the next one, I'll be working on my other projects.

Anyways guys, my name has been Unknown, and, with the epilogue of Riddle Manor complete...

...I will see you all, in the next story! Ciao!