I hurt
I'm tired
I'm sick of it all

I'm not being rational
But I'm tired of making sense
Why can't I be like Oreo
And just say I hate everything every once and a while?
Oh wait, no, I'm a Christian
And I have to love.

Love is patient
Love is kind
I've been patient
I've been kind
But now I'm frustrated
And so sick of it all

Being a Christian is hard
Harder than you know
Because you are always striving
Towards an unattainable goal
Knowing it's unreachable the whole time

To be a Christian
Is to try to be like Christ
And we'll never be like Him
Because we are human
Sometimes it feels like
You're never moving
Trapped in time
And sick of it all

See through my eyes for a moment
Just a glance
Step into my mind
Just a step

Look around
Those that you love
And won't listen to you
No matter what you say

Feel my pain
A hurting heart
For the souls of the lost

Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
With tears in my eyes
Because I can almost hear them
Can almost feel them dying inside

You don't know
You can't know
Just what love is all about

Love is praying for hours
For that girl you don't really know
But that hopeless look in her eyes
Just triggered something in your soul

Love is wishing
That you could die instead of he
That you could just make all pain go away
Even if it meant taking it upon yourself

Love is pouring your heart out
In every word you write
To those who lost hope
To those who need faith

I've loved
I've cried
And I've felt the pain
And now I'm just tired

I could try to be an atheist
But God is too real to me
I've told myself God didn't exist
And myself refused to believe

So I tried to just ignore Him
But when I did
The pain of losing hope
Was just too much

So I stay a Christian
And evermore I will be
It's not the easiest way out
But there's nothing else I can be

I'm still tired though
And right now I'm asking Him why
I know I'll be better soon
Until then, I'm just sick of it all

So see me now, I'm human, flesh and bone
I have faith, but I do doubt
I cry, for others, or for me
Being Christian does not make me untouchable
Or forever cheerful, forever happy
You cut me, I'll still bleed
You hurt me, I'll still cry
I'm just like you, you're just like me

Now excuse me a moment
And I'll go make up with God
And then I'll be strong again
I'll read this over
And wonder at how I whine so
When I'm just sick of it all