Chapter 1

The sun sneaked in through the space between the curtains, illuminating the dark room. He stirred in his sleep, but he was awoken by a sound. It was a ring, one that he didn't know. He chose to ignore it, as his body felt heavy and tired. But then, it sounded again. Fed up, he deduced that it was a phone, he then reached for it, but before he could get it, it stopped ringing. With a groan, he got up anyway and stretched. That was when he noticed something…his room was different. As a matter of fact, different would be an understatement. It wasn't his room. Jumping up, he also noticed that his limbs were longer…he was taller; his bangs weren't blue anymore but were golden. Dashing to the mirror, he nearly died of shock. He was no longer Kuroko Tetsuya but Kise Ryouta.

"How did this happen?" Kuroko asked himself as he touched his ― Kise's cheek. Horror filled his now brown eyes as this was something that wouldn't have crossed his mind as possible. Quickly, he looked for Kise's phone and proceeded to dial his number. Holding the phone to his ears he waited for his phone to pick up.


Meanwhile, Kise was still sound asleep. The house was so quiet that he didn't even stir. However, he woke as he heard a sound. Refusing to get up, Kise pulled the sheet over his head, ignoring the incessant ringing. He groaned in misery, wondering what could've brought this on him on a Saturday sprang off the bed but as soon as he did so, the sleep was soon erased out of his eyes and was replaced by confusion. Looking about the room, he noticed that he wasn't in his room anymore. This room had a well organized book shelf and was painted in sky blue. He noticed that his bangs aren't golden anymore but…blue? He dashed towards the mirror and shrieked in absolute horror. The face that looked back at him wasn't his but Kuroko's. Kise then did something that he hadn't done before.

He screamed.

He screamed so loud that it sounded throughout the neighbourhood. He held his hair in shock almost ripping it out. "I'm Kurokocchi," he breathed out as he collapsed on his fours. Looking at his arms and legs, he realized that he was indeed shorter and Kise was now worrying about how he will deal with this. He was then taken out of his thoughts as the phone rang…again. He quickly grabbed it up and flipped it open; he silently prayed that it was Kuroko on the other end.

"Hello?" he heard the voice say. "Kise-kun?"

His face brightened at that. "Kurokocchi?" he answered. "That's you right Kurokocchi?!" he ended up shrieking. For once, Kise was scared. He didn't know how he ended up in Kuroko's body but at least, Kuroko was in his. He shuddered at the thought of having someone else in his body…someone like Akashi.

"Yes, it's me Kise-kun," Kuroko sighed in the phone.

"Do you know how this happened?" he asked frantically.

"I don't. But I'm coming over, don't go anywhere. We need to sort out whatever this is."

"Sure, how about in two hours time?" Kise asked.

"Alright," both boys hung up the phone and went to get dressed.


Not knowing what Kise's house is like, Kuroko had almost searched all the rooms before he found the bathroom. The bathroom was different from his. The floor was tiled completely and the walls were painted in golden yellow. He chuckled to himself, seeing that the walls matched Kise's golden hair. To his right, were four towels, all of which were golden. They hung off a rack, which was fastened to the wall. To his left there was the face-basin, pristine white and sparkling. He then stepped over into the shower and began to wash his new body clean.

After he was done, Kuroko went into Kise's room and changed. He looked for a simple jeans and T-shirt. He then took up a hat and went downstairs. He walked slowly down the stairs, not wanting to be taken by surprise at what lies at the bottom. When he finally reached, he looked in the kitchen and spotted a woman busying herself at the stove. She had long golden hair and was of a slim build. Taking another step, he saw that it was just him and the woman in the house. He sighed a relief.

"Ah, you're up Ryoutacchi!" the woman greeted when she realized that he was standing there. A smile played at Kuroko's lips when he heard what she called him. Looking at her, Kuroko realized that Kise got his looks from his mother, and the same naming sense. "You're just in time!" she squealed. But then Kuroko realized that he didn't know what Kise was like at home. He silently prayed that he was the same as always and with a breath, he then put on one of Kise's blinding smiles.

"Good morning Mom!" he made his way to the table and sat down.

"I see you're cheerful as always," she chuckled. "I made your favourite this morning,"

"Ahh, thanks Mom," Kuroko tried his best to pull off Kise's behavior. When she placed the plate in front of him, he cringed. The amount of food on Kise's plate is the same amount that his father would eat. Looking at the food, Kuroko felt like crying. But then again, it's not his stomach but Kise's…so maybe, it'll feel like normal. With that thought, Kuroko ate.

When he finished his breakfast, Kuroko clutched his stomach, as he felt like he was going to burst. Even after he was done, Kise's mother insisted on giving him seconds and thirds…which sadly, he ate it all. He leaned backwards in the chair, throwing his head back to look at the ceiling. That was brutal. That was hell. Kuroko didn't know if he should feel angry or sad…he just wanted his body back as soon as possible.

"Ryoutacchi, are you not feeling well?" Kise's mother then asked, seeing the expression on Kuroko.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why did you ask?"

"You ate less than you usually would. Being in basketball, you have to eat because your body needs those nutrients." She smiled. "I guess that's why you lost to Seirin at your practice match the other day." She then went into the kitchen with the dishes. Kuroko then tried to get up but strangely he felt like he couldn't move. Kise-kun, you really are a monster, Kuroko inwardly cried. He felt so uncomfortable, he was becoming miserable.

"Ano…Mother," Kuroko paused, as he realized that he just called Kise's mother ―Mother. Judging by her bubbly personality, he doubts that Kise ever addressed her in such formality.

"Heh?" she turned around smirking, "You only call me that when you want something, Ryouta."

"You know me too well," Kuroko tried his best at grinning, which luckily, worked out. "I have to meet Kurokocchi within an hour so could I go?"

"That's it? Of course you can!" she piped up. "You should bring him over some time, you always talk about him and never let me meet him Ryoutacchi," she pouted at that.

"I will Mom, thanks." he then got up of his chair and placed a kiss her cheek. He then ran out of the house, exhaling a breath. He felt relieved as he knew that he was bound to screw-up sooner or later. He then put on a cap and tucked Kise's golden hair upwards to be hidden underneath the cap. He knew he couldn't deal with his fangirls now.

Soon, Kuroko reached the station and boarded the train to Tokyo.


Kise was in same predicament as Kuroko. He had no idea where the bathroom was, but what surprised him was that the house was strangely quiet. He figured that he was alone in the house but doubt that Kuroko lived alone. Pushing those thoughts aside, Kise navigated through the house until he finally found the bathroom. He was almost blinded as he stepped in. Through the small window the sunlight crept in, the white tiles reflecting the light. Everything was white; the tiles, the face-basin, the towels that hung off the rack, the toilet…everything. Shifting towards the window, Kise then tipped up and closed it. A sigh of relief escaped his lips and he began his shower.

After he showered, Kise searched for clothes to put on. He found simple white t-shirt and shorts. Since he won't be going anywhere, he decided that he shouldn't wear any jeans. But he noticed that Kuroko was really small compared to him. He laughed as he went downstairs. Reaching in the kitchen, he noticed that there was a note on the fridge.


Your mother and I are bringing your grandmother to the doctor for the monthly check-up. Your breakfast is in the fridge, we'll be back soon. Please, don't boil any eggs.

He read it and sighed a relief. At least, he didn't have to face Kuroko's parents without knowing how to act around them. It was then that he remembered that his mother was at home. He wondered how Kuroko was faring but he would have to wait until the other boy arrived. He then entered the kitchen, and found his breakfast. Quickly, he placed it in the microwave and waited.


Kuroko exited from the train and swiftly walked towards his house. He walked so fast he almost began running, as he didn't want anyone to recognize him. Even though he had on a cap, no one could miss the strands of gold that escaped the hat. And then that height made him stand out stand out so much, Kuroko felt uneasy. Being a shadow for most of his life, Kuroko was used to people not noticing his presence, but being in someone else's body with an overwhelming presence is…frightening.

He made it to Maji Burger and a smile crept onto his face. He was almost home. He continued with his pace, but he remembered the vanilla milkshakes. He craved one now, but due to Kise's mother stuffing him this morning, made him feel sick. Then a thought came into mind. He decided to run.

"Running in Kise-kun's body feels so much different." He reached the stoplight and he felt as though he had barely run. If it was his body, he would've been panting for air. Continuing, he saw his house and he decided to pick up the pace. He was basically sprinting and within no time, he was knocking at his door.

The door then opened and a smile reached Kise's new face. "Kurokocchi!"

"Yes," Kuroko said, slightly panting for air. Kise looked at him and realized that he was sweating.

"Did you run, Kurokocchi?"

"Yes, being in the open in someone else's body scares me Kise-kun." He said as he entered. He went straight to the couch and sat. He then took off the hat and exhaled. Walking over to him, Kise had a look on his face that he would never have.

"What's wrong?"

"How can you eat so little?" he then collapsed on the couch beside him. "What you eat is like appetizer. I had to cook something extra to fill me."

"You're the one who's a monster! This morning I felt like I was going burst!" Kuroko countered. "How can you eat so much?"

"I'm a healthy high school boy who plays basketball, I need all my nutrients." Kise said with a shrug. "Your parents are gone with your grandmother to a check-up. They said they'll soon be back." He changed the subject.

"Ah, it's that time huh? Your mother is at home and what's with your nickname? Ryoutacchi?" Gazing up at Kuroko's face, Kise couldn't do anything but laugh. Kuroko's expression or rather...the lack thereof, was having Kise bust with laughter. Kuroko kept his face stoic, expressionless and saying something like that would usually spark even a little bit of a smile.

"Kurokocchi, if you're going to be me at least have some expression." He chuckled.

Kuroko made a face. "Kise-kun, that is difficult."

"I can imagine. Well around everyone, I'm the same." Kise said folding his arms. "I'm always flamboyant, cheerful, and full of expression…" he stressed the last word a little too much. "There's nothing for you to worry about."

"I see, but you have a lot to worry about." Kuroko said as he stretched. "I call my parents Mom and Dad; I use honorifics when I'm talking to my senpais. I still don't have a sense of humor so please don't try to make any jokes."

"Mou ~" Kise whined. "You're no fun Kurokocchi."

"Sorry Kise-kun," Kuroko said, making his way to the fridge. "So let's talk about how we'll get through training without either of our teams getting panic attacks." He then took a bottle of water.

"That'll be tough." Kise began with a sigh. "After all, I can't use misdirection like you can, let alone do those insane passes."

"Since it's the weekend, we have to practice. But I already have a lack of presence. Once I teach you what to do, you'll be fine."

"But Kurokocchi, you've never seen yourself in action!" Kise said standing up. "You're amazing and your passes are unbelievable! There's no way I'd be able to do that!"

"Kise-kun, all you have to do is pass." Kuroko sighed. "Imagine what I have to do in your body." Hearing what Kuroko said, Kise realized the magnitude of the situation. It's true that all he had to was pass, but he was Kaijou's ace. That's a huge gap Kuroko had to fill…and he had to be able to do something by Monday.

"Well then, what are we waiting for Kurokocchi? Let's go!" Kise piped up. He then headed to the door but Kuroko held him back.

"At least, put on something that hides your face. I don't want anyone to actually see us practicing." Kuroko said. "It wouldn't be a good thing if Kagami-kun runs into us."

"Yeah, that's true." Kise said in realization.

"Wait here," Kuroko said. He then went up into his bedroom, and rummaged through his clothes. He then found a grey hoodie, and went downstairs back to Kise. He flung the sweatshirt to Kise and then headed through the door. The two boys then walked down the street to the basketball court, Kise kept spinning the ball on his finger until they reached.

At the court, Kise couldn't help himself. Without a word to Kuroko he dribbled the ball down the court and dunked the ball. He dangled from the hoop for a couple of seconds before letting go. However, due to his new height, he stumbled afterwards and fell on his butt as his feet were not as close to ground as before.

"Kurokocchi, you need to grow some more." Kise whined. "I fell." Kuroko chuckled looking at Kise's face. He never knew what he would look like with these kinds of expressions and it seems that Kise was the right person for him to switch with. His facial expressions were priceless. His chuckles ended up becoming full-blown laughter. Kise looked at Kuroko in shock. He's never seen his Kurokocchi laugh like this before, not even when he's in his own body. Without even a second thought, Kise took out his phone and took a picture. He grinned at the screen.

"Well, isn't this a sight to behold?" he snickered. He quickly put away the phone, and threw the ball at Kuroko who was calming down. The other boy caught the ball, and looked at Kise. "So, when are you going to teach me how to do those insane passes?" he placed a hand on hips; standing akimbo.

"Right now." Kuroko then walked away from Kise. "First, what do you know about how I pass the ball?"

"You don't know hold the ball for too long." Kise started. "When you pass, you twist your entire body depending on the pass."

"You forgot two things – I use my palm to pass the ball and I observe where my teammates are." Kuroko said as he made a bounce pass to Kise who tapped it to send it flying back to Kuroko. "I look around at who's available before getting the ball so I know who I can pass to without hesitation." Kise only nodded. Kuroko then moved to the right, ending in a 45° angle from Kise. "Keep your body facing straight ahead. You're going pass it back to me, so catch!"

Kuroko chest passed the ball and then ran further down the court towards Kise to end up at a 90° angle from the other boy. Glancing to the right, Kise had seen where Kuroko had went so when the ball came near, Kise twists his upper body slightly to the left while stretching out his right hand. When the ball was in position with his right hand, he moved his hand to the right, twisting his body to right as well. The ball ricocheted over to where Kuroko was.

With a smile Kuroko flicked his wrists and passed the ball into an open space, prompting Kise to run after it. When Kise had reached the ball, the most he could manage to do was a bounce pass back to Kuroko. In responding, Kuroko did a simple tap pass and ran further up the court. "Try for a super fast ball Kise-kun!" he called out. Kise froze. He didn't know what to do. All he could remember was from the Teiko days when there were times when the ball cut across the court. Did Kurokocchi use his palm back then? Or did he punch the ball? Thoughts flooded Kise's mind, as he tried to think of how Kuroko would have done that pass. However, before he could do anything, the ball collided with his face as he was sent crashing to the ground.

"Kise-kun!" Kuroko cried out. He ran to the boy and helped him on his feet. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He mumbled. "By the way Kurokocchi, how am I supposed to pull off a pass like that?"

"With your palm. Here," Kuroko gestured for the ball and Kise gave him. With a hard enough bounce, the ball was in the air, a little over his head. When it came closer and connected with his palm, he spun very fast and released the ball to fly across the entire court, curving as it went to the backboard. Kise stood in awe.

"I call it the Cyclone Pass. What it does is that it curves around the players on the court as it heads to its destination. " He grinned at Kise. "Now you try. Pass the ball to me from up there." Kise nodded but deep inside he was worried. He didn't know if he could ever pass Kuroko could, after all, Kuroko is specialized in that field while he's an all-rounder. "Kise-kun, please don't worry about it. After all, you've seen how I did it, right?" with that Kise's mood lighten up and he jogged off to the ball.

At the other half of the court, Kise held the ball in his hands and took one more look at where Kuroko was standing. He noticed that the boy was standing on his left, so it would be best if he passed using his left hand. He then got into position. Closing his eyes, he remembered what Kuroko did not too long ago. Re-opening his eyes, a grin appeared on his face. He then spun with the ball in his left palm, and when he deemed it right, he then released ball, sending it flying towards Kuroko. He caught the ball, but the force of it stung him a little. Now I know what the miracles felt whenever I did this. He mentally cried. Kise on the other hand was jumping for joy, happy that he managed to get one insane pass down.

Kuroko then jogged up to him and smiled. "You're not bad Kise-kun. If we keep this up, I don't think anyone would get suspicious."

"Yeah," Kise then took the ball, ran down the court and proceeded to dunk. Watching Kise dunk the ball again left Kuroko stunned. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine himself dunking a ball. But then he remembered that's what he has to do in Kise's body. Not good. He was taken out of his thoughts as he saw Kise fall again.

"Kise-kun," Kuroko called. "Remember that I don't dunk, as a matter of fact, I can't shoot."

"I know that Kurokocchi," Kise grinned. "I just couldn't help myself."

"Kise-kun, I don't grin." He deadpanned.

"And I don't look so stoic, Kurokocchi," Kise sighed. "I think our skills aren't the only things that need working on."

"I know that," Kuroko said, he then took the ball from Kise, "let's continue, break's over."

"Eehh?!" Kise screeched. "That was a break?"

"To make it easier for you," Kuroko said as Kise looked at him with keen eyes. "You should rotate your hips; shift your weight on whichever leg as your palms connect with the ball."

Kuroko then passed the ball to Kise. He tap passed the ball back to Kuroko who then sent it flying in another direction. Running after it, Kise found that Kuroko had changed his position, making Kise have to twist his body to pass. This went on for a while, Kuroko passing the ball to Kise and then changing his position; Kise rotating his hips and looking out for Kuroko's new position before the ball reaches him. Kuroko grinned at himself as this was helping Kise to be more acquainted with his style of passing. What was is even more, both were having fun.

At the end of their ping-pong training session, both boys lay on the court panting for air. Kise had improved, both in speed and efficiency. They took another break, but this time around, it was Kuroko's turn to be taught. He groaned inwardly, knowing that Kise's moves are going to be a lot harder for him re-create. But nonetheless, he was determined to be the best that he could.

"Kurokocchi," he heard Kise groan, "You won't mind if I go hard on you right?"

"No, Kise-kun, I need to at least be convincing to your team on Monday."

"Alrighty ~" Kise jumped up and held out his hand for Kuroko to take it. When both were on their feet, Kise stood in front of Kuroko in a defensive stance. Kuroko moved to the left then right, but every time he did so, Kise would move to match him. Kuroko already knew that passing Kise would be a task as he's not in his rightful body.

"Kurokocchi, if you're being blocked, you have to move faster and smarter than that." Kise smiled at him. "Kise Ryouta would never be stopped by a simple block such as this." Startled at the statement, Kuroko paused a while and in that moment of hesitation, Kise snatched the ball out of Kuroko's hands. He laughed as he made his way to the net, and dunked the ball.

"That's not fair Kise-kun," Kuroko frowned.

"Life's not fair Kurokocchi," Kise shrugged. "I mean, look what happened to us." Kuroko rolled his eyes at Kise. In truth, he hated when his ball gets stolen.

"So how do you suppose I get pass blockers the way Kise Ryouta would?" Kuroko couldn't help but smirk. Even Kise had on an expression of surprise by looking at his own smirking face, but then it changed to playful grin.

"That's quite simple Kurokocchi," he began, continuing to dribble the ball. He dribbled until he reached Kuroko and looked at him dead in the eyes. "I would confuse my blockers," he said as he swiftly moved to the left and then to the right. "Moving like that, or…" he broke off, Kuroko seeing Kise's eyes look to the left. Seeing Kise shift a little, Kuroko thought that Kise would've moved in that direction. However, Kise went right. Kuroko was left there in shock. But then he heard Kise talking. "…I'd deceive them by making them think they know which direction I'm going."

"It's the eyes isn't it?" Kuroko asked.

Kise nodded. "In my case, my opponents are always looking at my face and not the ball as they want to know where I'm going to move next. A person's eyes often tell where they intend to go next, be it passing the ball or simply evading blockers. So if I look left, blockers are going to assume that I'm going to go left, so I go right instead."

Kuroko made a mental note of this. One way to get pass blockers is through the deception of the eyes. For Kuroko that seems easy enough but he knew that the trick won't work every time. He then brought his mind back to reality, as he felt a soft tap on his cheek.

"Kise-kun, what are you doing?"

"You spaced out for a while there."

"Ah, is there another way to get pass blockers? That trick won't work every time."

"Of course, there's the good ol' fashioned way." Kise perked up. "You force your way through."

"Force? Wouldn't that pick up a foul?"

"Nope, using my body's speed, you can easily get pass regular blockers. What you would have to do is continuously move left and right at a speed. Doing that, you build up momentum to make a break at whichever direction, leaving your opponents in your dust." Looking at Kuroko's face, he knew that the boy was trying to imagine it. "Much like how Kagamicchi gets pass when he's blocked." In this instant, he basically saw Kuroko's ― his ― face light up as though struck with a brilliant idea.


Both boys lay on the court, panting for air. Kise was the worst affected being that Kuroko's body isn't as strong as his original body. He was tired and worn out; he made a mental note to do some speed and stamina training. So far, he's able to use misdirection and pass to an extent but some are still not up to Kuroko's level. As for Kuroko, he's got the easiest of shooting down: dunking, being that he's now taller. In terms of moves, he's able to get pass a single block; he can do crossovers and such. However, since Kise stockpiled a good amount of moves, he'd have to re-learn them from Kise…before Inter-High preliminaries.

It was already late evening, and Kuroko decided to call Kise's mother. She probably is wondering where her son could be, especially at this hour. With Kise beside him to give him instructions, Kuroko was actually a lot calmer than this morning. Dialing the house number, after two rings, it picked up.

"Hello?" Kise's mother answered.

"Mom, it's me Ryouta."

"Ryoutacchi?! Where are you? Are you coming home soon? Did you eat?"

"Sorry, Mom, Kurokocchi was helping me study and tutoring me but we got a little carried away." Kuroko said, imitating Kise as best as he could. Kise then took the phone and spoke.

"I'm extremely sorry Kise-san. It was never my intention to have Kise-kun stay this late…but he needed help." Even though Kise pulled off a near perfect imitation of Kuroko, he was trembling. He didn't want any slip of the tongue to occur, especially since he usually talked about Kuroko at home, she had an idea of what the boy was like.

"Ah, at least he was with a friend. Thank you Kuroko-kun."

"You're welcome Kise-san." Kise said. After the phone hung up, Kise let out a breath he hadn't realized that he'd been holding. The two stayed at the court a little while longer, but then a thought cut cross Kise's mind.

"Kurokocchi, could I stay at my house with you for this week?"

"Huh?" Kuroko asked, totally surprised. "Why Kise-kun?"

"I was thinking that we should stay with each other until we can imitate each other." Kise smiled. "And plus, Kurokocchi, there are many things we need to fix, if we're apart, we won't make that much progress."

"You do have a point," Kuroko said tapping his chin. "How do you propose I talk to your mother about this?"

"You could always say that 'Kurokocchi's helping you with your studies'." Kise smiled. "My mother is hardly at home during the week anyway…so there's not much to worry about in terms of parents."

"Fine," Kuroko got up and walked towards the exit of the court. Kise followed closely behind him. "But you better tell my parents."


Kise walked through Kuroko's door, and was greeted by a hug. When the person released him, he saw that he was staring into big blue orbs and he realized that it was the first time that he'd seen Kuroko's mother. She had blue eyes just like Kuroko; her hair was a flood of light blue behind her. Kise then realized that if it weren't for the hug, he probably wouldn't notice her. She was shorter than him, and Kise laughed to himself, saying that Kuroko probably got her height.

"Welcome home, Tetsu-chan." she smiled.

"Mom," Kise began, "Could I stay over at Kise-kun's for a week?"

"Huh? Where'd that come from?"

"I was helping Kise-kun with his studies and so we decided that it would be more effective if I stayed at his house."

"Well, you can. Ask your father and see what he thinks about it too." She then walked away from Kise going further into the house. Kise followed her and saw a man sitting around the table. He had milky brown hair which was done in a sweep to the left; his grey eyes clearly had worry filled in them. Kise deduced that it was probably due to him and Kuroko practicing so late. He looked warm and welcoming, as he wore a pleasant smile on his face.

"You're home Tetsuya." He smiled. "You had me worried,"

"Yes Dad." Kise bowed. He went to sit beside the man, and strangely, Kise felt at ease with Kuroko's father. Even his mother, there was something about the two that Kise liked. "Ano, Dad?"


"Could I stay for a week at Kise-kun's? I was helping him with his studies but we need more time and he's hopeless if it's not basketball related."

"A week at Kise-kun's? Just to study…" he tapped his chin in thinking. "Alright. But if you say that he's hopeless, doesn't that mean you're going to need more than one week? It's good that you want to help Kise-kun that much so go on ahead."

"Thank you Dad. I'm going to pack my things." With that, Kise dashed towards Kuroko's room without even looking back. Kuroko's father was about to say something, but because the boy had disappeared so fast, he held it back. Upon reaching the room, Kise dialed his phone number to speak to Kuroko.

"Yes, Kise-kun?"

"Kurokocchi! Your father agreed!" Kise squealed with joy. "We'll be living together!"

"Isn't that great Kise-kun."

"Kurokocchi, can't you be at least a little excited?"

"I am."

"Fine." Kise sighed and hung up the phone. He was beaming with joy when he remembered what he would be doing. He grinned, knowing that he'd learn Kuroko's passes. He's always admired Kuroko's passes, and the one time he'd actually be able to do it. He'd often time wondered how Kuroko how did it, but right now he's getting a 'front-row seat' to it. But he couldn't help but worry for Kuroko. To be able to play like him ― Kise Ryouta, Kaijou's ace and a member of the Generation of Miracles would be tough indeed. He clenched his fists and made his made his resolve. He decided that he would make Kuroko Tetsuya the best imitation of Kise Ryouta. He the sighed as he knew it wouldn't be no easy feat and what's worse, Inter-High was right around the corner.

"Shit, we have to work fast." He mumbled. Then he heard a knock on his door. "Come in." he said in his best Kuroko voice.

"Tetsuya, this is the first I've seen you in such a rush to something that's not basketball related."

"Sorry, but I'm just a little excited." Kise chuckled nervously.

Kise saw Kuroko's father's face lit up. "And why's that? You don't talk that much about Kise-kun since you left Teikou. I've heard all about Kagami-kun and Hyuuga-senpai and the rest of the team."

"Ah, to be honest, Kise-kun is my best friend. I don't really talk about him because we don't go to the same school anymore." Kise looked down to the floor, not wanting Kuroko's father to notice that he just lied about 'Kise-kun' being Kuroko's best friend. Looking into things, he began to wonder if Kuroko actually had a best friend.

"You surprised me there Tetsuya. When last did you talk to Ogiwara-kun?"

"Ah, Dad…" Kise started. He began to worry as he didn't know who the hell this 'Ogiwara-kun' was. Kise still didn't reply, as he was drawing blanks as to how to answer the question. "It's been a while Dad. Because of basketball and such…"

"You should keep in touch. But I hope you have fun at Kise-kun's. I'll give you two weeks."

"Yeah, I plan to." A smirk played on Kise's lips as he heard the last part of the sentence. Two weeks, huh?


At Kise's house, Kuroko found it hard to ask Kise's mother. The two were sitting around the table having dinner, Kuroko once more wanted to cry. Kise is a monstrous eater…Kuroko shuddered at this. He'd have to stuff his stomach with food for the second time.

"Ryoutacchi, is there something bothering you?" his mother asked.

"Ano, could Kurokocchi stay over for a week?" he finally asked.

"Hmm, why Ryoutacchi?"

"Because we never finished our study session and I thought that it would be best if he stays and continues to help me. If we're apart, we won't make much progress." He actually spoke like himself this time; he silently prayed that Kise's mother won't think he's out of character.

"It's fine with me." She said. "It's good to have Kuroko-kun over some time. I'm actually glad that you're taking this seriously Ryoutacchi." she smiled. "Kuroko-kun can stay as long as he wants. As long as it's to improve your grades, I agree with him staying over."

"Thank you." Kuroko said, eating his dinner.

"But, could he come over tomorrow?"

"Sure Mom, but why?"

"You forgot?" she chuckled. "I'm going to be leaving you for a month and I want to meet him before I leave."