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Chapter 46

Kuroko got up and stretched, while he did so, he looked at the clock. It was ten minutes after ten o'clock, and the boy wondered what caused him to get up so late. Quickly, he sprang to his feet and headed into the bathroom and wondered if Kise was still sleeping. More than likely, he can't do anything while my parents are home. He thought.

When he had reached into the bathroom, he headed straight into the shower. Since the window was open and the sunlight was pouring in, making the bathroom blinding, Kuroko decided to close it. He reached for the window and noticed something strange. He couldn't reach the window.

"Did I shrink overnight?" he asked himself aloud. And then it hit him as though struck by lightning. He dashed to the mirror and when he saw the reflection, he couldn't help himself.

He shouted in joy.

He was looking at his face. His eyes were blue once more; his hair was the same colour. He pinched himself, hoping that he wasn't dreaming. Thank the Heavens, he wasn't. Kuroko didn't know what to do. He wanted to scream and shout, he wanted to climb on top of his roof and tell the whole world that he's back to being Kuroko Tetsuya.

But then, he saw the door bust wide open and a very disheveled Kise stood in the doorway. His face looked worried, and swiftly, he dashed towards the blue-haired boy.

"Are you alright, Tetsucchi? I heard you scream."

"I didn't scream. It wasn't even that loud." Kuroko replied. He stared into Kise's brown eyes and subconsciously he touched his cheek. It was then that Kise's eyes widened with shock.

"We're back! We've got back our bodies!"

"You're a bit late on that, aren't you?"

"I heard you scream Tetsucchi! That's more important."

Kuroko chuckled. But then he realized that he was standing naked right before Kise. With a blush Kuroko quickly reached for a towel and covered himself. It felt a bit strange, of all the times when he was in Kise's body and they took showers and baths together, it didn't seem like a problem but now…

"Hmm? What's this?" Kise purred as he closed the door behind him. "Have you forgotten who was in your body for these past months?" before Kuroko could counter, Kise grabbed the towel and threw it aside. He smirked dangerously at Kuroko and the boy knew what was coming next. With swift movements, Kise had pulled Kuroko closer, and caught him in a lip-lock.

Kuroko had then wrapped his hands around the blond's neck, seeming to be pulling the boy closer to him (not that he could have gotten any closer). They were then engaged in a passionate kissing session that both boys knew would lead to something even more intimate. Not that they minded.

The blond then trailed his hands down Kuroko's thigh and brought it up to his waist. This prompted the smaller boy to put up his other foot which Kise caught, hoisting the boy upwards. Kise then moved the wall, so that Kuroko could rest his back against it. They deepened their kiss even more, Kise seemed as though he wanted to devour Kuroko.

Kise then trailed his tongue to Kuroko's neck and then down his chest. He circled his tongue around Kuroko nipple earning him a sensual moan from the boy. This was music to Kise's ears. Kise then took the nub into his mouth and sucked on it gently. Kuroko gasped out loud at this.

"Ryou…ta…" Kuroko felt like he was overheating. With every touch, there was an explosion of pleasure erupting within his small body and he honestly felt like he was going to burst. It was driving him insane. Using his legs, he then started to push down Kise's shorts and this earned him a looked of surprise mixed in with lust.

"Impatient aren't we…?" Kise whispered into his ear. His voice was laced with lust and wanton. But, not wanting to disappoint his beloved, Kise then began to pepper the boy's chest with fiery kisses, in which Kuroko had to grab onto his hair.

Then suddenly, Kise pushed one finger into his being. Kuroko gasped out loud at the action, but nearly screamed when he inserted another. His small hands dug into Kise's shoulder, back arching from the pleasure. Kise stretched his fingers wide inside Kuroko, like a scissors preparing the boy for what was to come. He continued his probing, until he heard Kuroko cry out.

Kise smirked at the boy's reaction.

"Ryouta…" Kuroko whimpered as yet again, he tried to use his feet to lower the boy's shorts. It was becoming effective but Kise decided to make things quicker. After all, they were inside the bathroom and well…Kuroko's voice echoed.

With swift movements, Kise pulled down his shorts (more like almost tearing it off), took hold off his own member and positioned at the smaller boy's entrance. With a gentle thrust, he entered Kuroko, slowly, the smaller boy biting his lip so as to not cry out from both the pain and the pleasure. Plus, if he did, he just knew that his parents would come storming in here.

Kise then pulled back and pushed forwards gently at a pace which was enough to make Kuroko dug into shoulders once again to prevent himself from crying out. He didn't want to be rough but really, he wanted to take the entire time in the world to make love to his beloved.

Changing the movements of his hips, Kise then began to thrust a bit faster and faster. With every thrust Kuroko squirmed and writhe as his body was filled with electrifying pleasure.

"A-Ahh! Ryouta!" Kuroko couldn't contain his voice any longer. He cried out loudly in ecstasy. Hearing that, Kise lost all his sense of reasoning. The only thing that he could register right now was to please his Tetsucchi.

With a primal grunt, Kise pulled out and slammed into him hard, causing Kuroko to hit a note higher than Celine Dion. Kise's movements increased, pounding deeper and harder into Kuroko, constantly hitting that spot that made him weak from the pleasure.

He quickly grab hold of his legs and brought them up to his shoulders to enable ease of access. When this happened, gripped the blond's hair so tightly that it seemed as though he wanted to tear it out. He kept calling Kise's louder and louder, whilst the blond was drowning with the feeling of fucking his Tetsucchi.

Kise then smashed his lips onto Kuroko's, to quiet down the screaming boy. However, due to both boys being in the throes pf pleasure, they failed to notice that Kuroko's murderous parents are yet to knock on the door. Kise's tongue explored Kuroko's mouth once more, so too did Kuroko.

Kise filled him up with such pleasure, with such ecstasy that Kuroko wondered if he was able to keep his mind sane. Sweat rolled off both their bodies, their hearts raced as the feeling within them soared to new heights, taking them to cloud nine. A couple of screams and few more thrusts later, both Kise and Kuroko felt their release. Kise slammed into Kuroko, spilling his love deep into the other boy, while Kuroko fell lax against him…both boys panting.

"I love you Tetsuya," he breathed into his ear. "I love you so much." He then looked in his eyes and then placed a kiss on his lips.

Kuroko smiled at this, before putting a kiss on Kise's cheek. "I love you too."

The two then moved over the shower, Kise carrying Kuroko as the boy complained about leg cramps. They freshened up and then headed downstairs. It was then that they realized that the house was empty.

"Thank God." Kise sighed in relief. "I don't know how I would have explained your screaming."

Kuroko chuckled but made no comment. He then went towards the fridge, where he saw a note. He removed and then read it, but he was soon taken out of his thoughts when he felt hands snake around his waist.

"Since, it's just us, why don't we continue this, hmm?" Kise said huskily in his ear. Without a doubt, the blond's voice turned him on, and somehow, without realizing, Kuroko found himself leaning into the blond. Kise then nibbled on Kuroko's ear getting a low moan from the boy.

"Hmm." He hummed. Wordlessly, Kise scooped up the smaller boy and made his way to the bedroom.


The following day both boys headed out to school, Kuroko dragged himself as he was still aching from yesterday's exploits with Kise. On the court, he knew that the boy was a beast but in bed, he's nothing short of being a demon. His legs had ached and wobbled so much that he couldn't even stand. Luckily, his parents hadn't arrived until mid-evening…God help Kise's soul if they hadn't.

But as soon as he entered the schoolyard, he realized that there was more noise than usual. Students were chatting and laughing more than usual…or he wondered if it's because he hasn't been to Seirin in such a long time, he wasn't used to their normal.

He quickly made his way up to his classroom where he sat, and he sighed a relief. No one notices like usual and he was glad for that. No more crazy fangirls chasing him, no more people staring at him…yes being back in his own body was bliss.

Just then, the door opened to revealing Kagami, seeming to be muttering something angrily. The class erupted in cheers, Seirin was number three in Inter-High and well, anyone who watched that matched could tell that they were a force not to be taken lightly.

After the cheering died down, Kagami had made his way to his seat. "Yo, who are you?" he asked Kuroko. The blue-haired boy was taken aback by this. "Are you still that bastard Kise or are you Kuroko?"

"Kagami-kun, please don't ask it like that. You gave me quite a scare." He deadpanned.

"Ku-Kuroko!" he shouted with glee and lunged over the desk at the boy.

"Kagami-kun, I can't breathe."

"I don't care! You're back!" while he was still suffocating Kuroko, the door opened to reveal the Seirin team. When they saw Kagami embracing the bue-haired boy, no one needn't to tell them who it was.

"Kuroko!" they all shouted. They dashed in the classroom, pushing both students and desks aside. They (Hyuuga) dragged Kagami from Kuroko and they gave him a bear hug. Due to everyone talking at the same time, Kuroko didn't hear a thing they said.

"It's glad to have you back." Riko said. "Even though we have a basketball match to prepare for." She then sighed.

"You were serious about that?" Kuroko asked.

"Of course! We aren't you up without a fight!" Koganei said. "Plus, we kinda understand if you felt like you'd stay with Kaijou. After all, you've spent three months with them."

"Okay." He responded, he couldn't find anything else to say at this point.


At Kaijou, Kise was a ball of sunshine. Yesterday had been a blast, he was so happy that he hadn't noticed the huge banner which said 'Well done, Blue Elites'. It hung off the main administration building, so the first thing one should see upon the school should be that. But Kise had other things on his mind.

He made his way to his class merrily, totally ignoring the calls of the fangirls and the other students who were just congratulating him. When he finally sat in his class, even then, he managed to tune out the cheers and everything. He looked slightly giddy, and some were beginning to wonder if the blond was alright.

After couple minutes, the entire school was then called to the auditorium. Kise knew what this meant, and so he slowly made his way there. But before he could reach, he ended up running into his coach who stopped him.

"Come with me," the former basketball player said. Without a word, Kise followed him inside the gym, where upon seeing Kise, the boys immediately erupted with cheers. They hooted, they hollered and surprisingly, screamed as well. After it was the blond who led them to victory, it was only sad that it wasn't this blond.

It was then that he felt something in his chest. All this, it wasn't meant for him. Tetsucchi was the one who made everything possible for Kaijou. He was the one who gave formations, he was the one who made them champions, not him. Kise felt like telling them what had happened, but he knew that they wouldn't believe him.

"Ahem," Takeuchi's voice resounded. Immediately, they were quiet. "Kasamatsu told me something and I agreed with it. Come this Saturday, we'd be having a match with Seirin. This match is life and death."

The boys gasped.

"If we lose, we lose Kise. If we win, we gain Kuroko as well." He smiled at that. "We all know that Winter is coming up, and all those teams are coming back at us with vengeance. We need all the firepower we can get."

"Kise isn't going to play?" Shinohara asked.

"No. Neither will Kuroko. Get ready. Now let's go to the auditorium."

Everyone filed out, Kise was still in a state of shock. He knew that they were talking about that match, he didn't believe that they were actually serious about it. If Seirin lost, Kuroko will really transfer. Somehow, Kise started smiling. He'd see his Tetsucchi every day, he'd play basketball with his Tetsucchi…his mouth started running water. Happiness then oozed out of him, as many scenarios of Kuroko attending Kaijou with him enter his head. He now really wanted Kaijou to win.

The rest of the school week ran off quickly, Seirin and Kaijou drilling themselves with training. Kasamatus and the others who were at the training camp replicated the training, killing off most of the boys there, but improving themselves further. They were not letting Kuroko go. Nope. Never.

Over by Seirin, it was the same thing. Riko drilling her boys so much, but no one complained. If they should win this match, they'd get to keep Kuroko but they'll also gain Kise. That's like gaining all five of the miracles on the team. Yes, they were not going to let this opportunity slip. Nope. Never.

But apart from that rigorous training, Riko had actually planned something for the two boys, and by some stroke of fate, while she, Kiyoshi, Hyuuga and Kagami were out shopping, they had encountered Kasamatsu, Moriyama and Kobori. And it just so happened that they were thinking of doing something for the two boys as well. And thus, the two teams decided to work together to make this a huge success.

However, throughout all this, neither Kise nor Kuroko were present at their training sessions. Yoshino ― their manager had called to inform them that they had shoots to do. There were many requests and due to them going on a month's training camp in June plus Inter-High in the first two weeks of July, they had work piled up. And what's worst, they were asked for specially.

So, the two thought that they'd take that week to get rid of all that work, and surprisingly, none of the coaches minded. They had started on Tuesday, and by the time it was Friday, they still weren't done.

By the time Saturday came around, the two boys had dragged themselves to work, they had gone from nine thirty in the morning, and hadn't left until minutes after two o'clock. Not wanting to feel the wrath of both coaches (they were told that they were having a joint practice at Kaijou before the deciding match), Kuroko and Kise had made Yoshino drop them off at the school.

However, when they opened the gym doors, confetti rained down upon them, and cheers were sung. Both boys looked lost at the sight of the decorations and the huge banner that hovered above the stage. It read 'Thank you' in a beautiful font, the background was a light blue while the edges were lined with golden yellow.

"What's all this?" Kise asked.

"You two both worked your asses off for us and we just wanted to thank you properly." Kasamatsu said.

"I don't know what to say." Kuroko said. "This is all…"

"Yes, for you two." Riko said. To the far left of the gym, the two could see two long tables lined with food, sweets and anything one could think of, the two raised an eyebrow at this. They both wondered where they got money from to buy all that, to do all this. Kise then held Kuroko's hand and pulled him towards the table, simply because he wanted to feed him. But he stopped in his tracks.

"Hold it!" Hyuuga shouted. "We'll eat, after the match!"

"Oh right. They were still having that." The blond mumbled.

After some minutes, the court was cleared and the five boys lined-up in front of each other. Kaijou's players were Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Kobori, Hayakawa and Nakamura while Seirin's were Hyuuga, Izuki, Kiyoshi, Kagami and Koganei. Even though they were smiling at each other and such, everyone present could feel the tension coming from the boys. Takeuchi then blew his whistle, Riko threw the ball upwards, Kobori and Kiyoshi facing off for the tip-off.


"Game over!" Takeuchi shouted. The entire gym was silenced, as not only was the match as breathtaking as before, it was win by a narrow margin. No one could believe what had happened, but still, the score was proof of it.

Kaijou had won.

By a basket.

It wasn't until the realization had struck that the Blues started to cheer, even Takeuchi was left frozen. It was two seconds left, and everyone thought that Seirin was the winner. However, within a split second the ball was flying across the court and landed squarely into Nakamura's palms. Without hitch, he made a shot.

"Damn it!" Kagami shouted. "So close."

Kasamatsu had collapsed onto the ground, his arms feeling like jello. It was then that he began to wonder how the hell did they beat Seirin and they had Kise at the time. The team was full of monsters, vicious and savage they were. But when he looked back the finals with Rakuzan, he began to think that Seirin was stronger than they were. He shook his head to rid the thought.

He then saw a hand stretched out to him. He took it and looked up.

It was Hyuuga.

"Nice play." The shooter commented. "Neither of us should have any complaints now."

"That's true." Kasamatsu said. But then he looked across to Kise and Kuroko. "But how do you think they'd feel?"

Hyuuga shrugged. "Even though it hurts to say this, but I think that some part of Kuroko was glad that you won and some part of Kise was sad that you did. After all, they spent the most times with either of us, so I'm pretty sure that some bond was created."

"You're right about that."

At the sidelines, it was just as Hyuuga had said. The two boys were torn between emotions. They were both happy and said that Kaijou won and Seirin lost, so neither spoke. Kuroko found tears welling up into his eyes and strangely, Kise looked indifferent. Being in each other's bodies for so long, rubbed off.

"Cheer up! We'll still beat you come Winter!" Kagami shouted as he pat Kuroko's head. "There's no way I'm confessing!"

"We'll see about that, Kagamicchi." Kise smirked. The sulking teens slightly livened up a bit, but it was still clear that Seirin was upset. Riko then walked over to the blue-haired boy and gave him a bone-crushing hug.

"I'll miss seeing you in Seirin's uniform Kuroko-kun."


"Yay! Everything's working out! All we need to do now is get married and have blond-haired blue-eyed children!" Kise snatched Kuroko and spun around with him.

"Excuse me?" came the unison response.

"Oh, I never told you? My family is planning our wedding!" He perked. There was silence for about a minute or so, but then the entire gym busts out in an unearthly screech. All the sulkiness was gone from Seirin but was replaced by shock.

"Do my parents know about this?" Kuroko asked.

Kise paused. "Well, Papacchi said he was planning on meeting with them sometime soon."

"Just tell me when because I don't want to be there."

"Wait, this is a serious thing?" Moriyama asked. "It can't be right? Kise's family was just pulling your leg, right Kuroko?"

"They seem pretty serious to me."

"Shit." Nakamura emphasized the word too much. "Seriously?"

"Well, we ―" Kobori didn't get to finish his sentence, Shinohara's stomach growled so loud that it echoed above the noise. The boy looked highly embarrassed by it, as everyone burst out laughing.

"Well, that seemed to be the cue. Let's eat!" Riko said. "Men, charge!"

With that said, the boys dashed off towards the table, stuffing their faces, losing themselves in conversations that spanned different topics, so were even playing cards. But when all was said done (and eaten), the teams returning home, with a new mission in their minds, Winter Cup. Since summer vacation was next month, they had gotten a scary announcement stating that once more, they'd go on another training camp. Unison groans had echoed, but both coaches knew that they were glad for it, and this time all of Kaijou will be going.

As for Kise and Kuroko, it was the start of a new beginning, they had gotten their bodies back, but Kuroko had to transfer. He was a bit sad that he won't be able to keep his promise made with Seirin, but they reassured him that it couldn't be helped.

But he couldn't help but smile. He'd get to play basketball with them many times as he wanted, whether it is an official match, a practice game or just at a street court. They'd get to play the sport that they love many times over…They were friends after all.

As Kise, he was just glad that he'd see his Tetsucchi every day, play basketball with him and many other things. Yes, life was beautiful. That is, until Kuroko got a phone call.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Tetsuya, is Ryouta-kun nearby you?"

"Yes." He gave the blond the phone and indicated that it was his father.

"Good evening Kuroko-san."

"Ryouta-kun, you don't coming home with Tetsuya this evening, right? There's an urgent matter that I need to discuss with you."


"Yes, your father is already here."

Kise blanched. Maybe life wasn't a crystal stair after all.

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